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Marijuana Rescheduling Tabled By Iowa Pharmacy Board


Iowa MarijuanaThe fight to reschedule marijuana in Iowa has taken a very long time. When I started this blog, I met a guy named Carl Olsen online who had been fighting for years to get marijuana rescheduled in Iowa, and that fight continues to this day. Last week the Iowa Pharmacy Board was supposed to vote on marijuana rescheduling, but instead chose to punt the idea down the road. Per the Des Moines Register:

Three members of the Iowa Board of Pharmacy recommended Wednesday morning that the state take marijuana out of the strictest classification of drugs, but the full board decided to wait until at least January to discuss the idea.

A board subcommittee recommended Wednesday that legislators take marijuana out of Schedule I, a classification that bans almost all uses. But other board members said they wanted to go slow on the proposal. “I think we should take our time here,” said board member James Miller, a Dubuque pharmacist.

One of my biggest pet peeves is the ‘let us wait awhile’ delay tactic that marijuana opponents always use. I would like just one true, valid reason for delaying marijuana rescheduling. Classifying marijuana as a Schedule I substance is a slap in the face to science and logic. If anyone can read the definition of a Schedule I substance, and provide a valid explanation as to how marijuana fits in that definition, I would absolutely love to hear it. There is a mountain of scientific evidence that shows the ridiculousness of marijuana being classified as a Schedule I substance. However, when asked for a reason as to why that scientific evidence is being ignored, all we ever hear is, ‘we should take our time here.’ Ludicrous.


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  1. if you want the rights of the cannabis community returned, you just need to insist on the honoring of our religious rights to use cannabis as an integral part of our religion per the constitution of the united states of america
    25 billion is spent for drug control programs like and like enforcement, 10 billion goes to prevention and treatment, that money is wasted money, that money could feed and house the homeless, not line prisons with innocent people, to pay off the owners of the prison industrial complex with cheap prison slave labor, and just because they happen to use cannabis that they are somehow thought to be undesirables, and tossed away, like newman said on seinfeld, “And yet, it’s perfectly legal to take a man’s soul and crush it out like a stale Pall Mall” its akin to murder to put innocent people in those cells, what kind of life does the usa embrace? how can the fabric of this country continue as it is, it is a disgrace the monster of humanity that exists in these states, well, some of them anyway
    Mr. Cohen is wrong when he says that no one wants a kid to use marijuana, i could have used it as a kid, yeah, but he is right that until the federal government stops with their lies, no kid is going to believe them, and that every time someone is arrested for marijuana, the arrest its self is a crime that goes against our constitution, where is the funding to arrest those who commits the crime of going against the constitution of the united states of america?
    Arrest the purpeTRAITORS that breaks constitutional laws that guarantee our rights to liberty, religion, and the freedom that the soldiers fought and many tragically dies apparently in vain for, i was going to mention Judge Francis Young’s finding on marijuana, that his finding were that marijuana is the safest substance known to man paraphrasing,
    but then i realized that this video is edited, so i found the full video here, which i have not seen yet, so maybe that is mentioned, and even if it is mentioned, the man in charge of the nations drug control policy is Michael Botticelli, and he seems quite comfortable being ignorant of anslinger, and marijuana, as well as the rights of the cannabis community to hold jobs and take part in a FREE society, or else he would not be for their encarceration ever, the only non truth i saw so far is in the assumption that kids can not benefit from its use, i know i could have benefited as a kid through the use of marijuana, here is the original video mr cohen is seen in, its titled Marijuana Policy, and its original running time is 1 hour and 45 minutes, so this is just a small clip, will watch it, as soon as i refill this mountain dew, i am alone for a couple of days, so i finally have some time to myself
    representitive of who? not the cannabis community, more like rep of the pharmaceutical industry, cause he said he is fearful that people will line up like they do at liquor stores, and he fears what? commerce? danny davis, illinois what does he fear? a line of people fears him, he can get over it, danny davis, a true sissy, and all out ignorant, or just bad guy, illinois? why do you vote up people like that? he is afraid, the minds of those who would rather see people in prisons is what the cannabis community should fear, and danny davis does not represent the cannabis community, the hearts of those in the churches that have no rights is something else in illinois he should consider, just look at the lack of moral, the murder rate in chicago alone, that is what should fear him most, it makes a battle zone in other countries look like a playground at times, despicable people he is afraid, of what, a run on cheetos? so lets everyone lock everyone away, idiots, i dont know if i can listen to any more of this nonsense, i am only at the 31 minute mark and already ignorant people are comparing cannabis with alcohol, alcohol kills people, marijuana does not, so his fears, he i noticed he made no claim to fears of all the pill addicts lined up in all of his chicago pharmaceutical outlets, and those pills do kill, that scummy, oh, really all those against marijuana should not even be representatives at all, as they do not represent all the people, including the cannabis community, as they legally and morally should, as they have no inclination to even know about the history of the war in which they wish to promote, who anslinger is, or hurst, that hurst’s castle in san simion, california between san francisco and los angeles, must have cost some money, did hurst think he was king of his castle of lies? the idiots, they know not history, they and due to you know, i wonder just who it is that have lead the churches astray, thousands, or lets see, the dates, many years ago, when they removed cannabis from the bible, forgot the date of the lets see, google says the Septuagint, which is the early translation of the hebrew bible, google of wikipedia: …”The Septuagint is the basis for the Old Latin, Slavonic, Syriac, Old Armenian, Old Georgian and Coptic versions of the Christian Old Testament, need to re-up, so i am not too uptight to think about this important topic, but it looks like the texts for the bible was written maybe 300 years before christ, but i read somewhere of texts that go back much further, seems 3 to 5 or 6 thousand years, or is that gnostic? – oh, not into looking for the info now, after i reup i will

    it was warned that anyone who alters or changes the bible would be cursed with all kinds of dis-eases, isnt that what has happened? or was that added after cannabis was taken out by warmongers? cause every sense we have been listening to the mentality of those like adam and eve? they always speak with fear of life, the demons they see, their hate for the world they were in, not the love of, and today, it has all morphed into their preparedness of war against all that they fear, and they call themselves normal, well rounded people?!
    oh i will watch this later after i re-up, too disgusting hearing them boast of this and that, and absolutely no remorse for the wrongs done by those who enforce, disgusting, got to be something else to do besides listen to traitors, i really think the liars, the ignorant in suits should be indited for inciting war against the cannabis community, they refuse to allow us work for heavens sakes

  2. Exodus 30:22 it says in the good book not to change the formula… shame Monsanto shame Even if u put 1% of carbon back in the soil it could do wonders for the earth. Hydroponic farming , GMO etc is not doing nothing for the planet but changing it …. the earth, air, man and animals. Bees dont no where to go with all this GMO bs. And it is bs, look at what they’ve done to the tomato, That hard white bit in the middle never use to be hard , its probly cancerous . Unless its organic who would want to consume a supermarket yuk, sour , no taste tomato. Apricots can sometimes be pretty lethal, what r they spraying. Man messes with nature & nature bites back. Farm organic and put carbon back in the soil and help save this beautiful planet of ours. Its the garden of eden not the garden of the laboratory. .. Hemp should be grown world wide again.. It was the first plant to be cultivated 10,000yrs ago. Now that its medicinal use has been established (again), large scale development can help the planet. to reduce greenhouse gases and help repair the ozone. They can use the whole plant, and left overs can be made into paper,toilet rolls, tissue boxes etc. & let the trees grow . so they can filter the air and induce what comes out of our cars. . Hemp seed oil has the most nutrition of all oils,( for salad only). It can help balance cholestrol .It should be in the supermarkets except nowdays its infested with oils we shodnt cook with eg.sunflower & safflour oil. Olive oil,butter,milk were staples for millenia. Dairy prevents diabetes, low fat is replaced with double the sugar instead . Diets kill so does excess calcium , Hyper calcemia leading cause of death in women 2011 with cardio vascular . My mum has it. She went with all the cons,Soy milk,margarine & now has diabetes & bladder cancer. ., Asia use soy milk as a base for hot soups not cereal. They got us eating unhealthy & wonder why diabetes,obesety and cancer rise.& rise. 40 year olds rnt meant to get stomach cancer. Its so easy tho to imply the word fat and run with it . Most of the brain is fat and we have fat cells that require essential fats. So people went from a normal balanced diet to being scared and started eating who nose what. . We need to pick organic apples

  3. Grassley is a swear word to me. I won’t get started on him but thanks for bringing up that pukes name. He should be in prison or a mental ward.

  4. stellarvoyager on

    Ugh. A real classy politician there. Thanks a bunch, Iowa, for giving us the craziest of the crazies.

  5. Good luck then! Hope things loosen up a bit. I was busted back there in 67 so it’s easy to think nothing will change there.

  6. This congress was not going to reschedule cannabis anyway. They all take too much money in donations from big pharma

  7. How about Iowa’s new “Hog castrating Senator Jonie earnst? She certainly nutty enough to give ol grumpy- Gus (Grassely.) a run for his money on the crazy

  8. Captain Obvious on

    I think this issue is largely related to the agricultural inclinations in Iowa. Historically, Iowa has been a hemp power house for our country necessary to win war. Notice how great the soil is today. Legalizing hemp will result in more tillable land and better soil in other states with poor soil that wouldnt be used for anything anyway. That doesnt help farmers in Iowa today.

    Farmer’s in Iowa are already pulling in lucrative GMO profits with that great soil not wanting hemp in other states to compete with them as they engineer and cash in on GMO entitlements they paid politicians for. The tide will change when hemp is more profitable that forces them into the market, and they know it. They would be smart to legalize soon to get in on the action and innovation to stay competitive with other states that legalize freedom.

    However, I am not certain if we want cannabis on Iowa farms. That is pretty much asking for more unnecessary freak GMO cannabis strains to continue the 3 ring circus sideshow narrative of death. Bad enough we have spice in this world. It looks like this is the strategy of Marlboro and Monsanto as they have the 1st GMO cannabis ‘product’ to be ready in 2015. I am sure those 2 companies will responsibly resolve any freak accidents as a result of their lucritive GMO death experiment, right?

  9. I wish I could but, I have the most beautiful 3 year old girl with someone I’m no longer involved with. My kiddo is more important at this time. Trust me I love and believe in the cannabis plant but I love and believe in my little girl more.

  10. Do you think accusing them of mass murder would help?

    Cannabis cures cancer. Cancer kills 586,000 Americans every year. Every Prohibitionist is complicit in mass murder.

    Pass it on.

  11. Bot parties are complicit in mass murder.

    Cannabis cures cancer. Cancer kills 586,000 Americans every year. Every Prohibitionist is complicit in mass murder.

    Pass it on.

  12. Cannabis cures cancer. Cancer kills 586,000 Americans every year. Every Prohibitionist is complicit in mass murder.

    The only reason to go slow is to continue murdering the sick.

    And yes. Carl has been an activist for a very long time.

  13. And instead of removing cannabis from schedule I, what did the current democrat-controlled senate do in the limited time it has during this year’s lame duck session? Did they use that limited time to try to accomplish something worthwhile for the nation, such as removing cannabis from schedule I? Nope, they squandered that time by scheduling a losing vote on Keystone XL just to try to save Mary Landrieu, who will be defeated next month anyway (good riddance). And which the GOP senate will then promptly pass next year. Sheer political cowardice. Nice going, democrats. You’re pretty useless, too. No wonder you took such a thumping at the polls.

  14. What is to be expected from the state that foisted the execrable Senator Chuck Grassley upon this nation? Who, by the way, will become chairman of the senate judiciary committee in January, thanks to the new GOP senate majority, so we can now kiss any hope of removing cannabis from federal schedule 1 goodbye. I wonder how all of the GOP apologists will make excuses for that outcome.

  15. Move, life is too short except if you live in that waste land. I got the hell out over 20 years ago and I don’t ever look back.

  16. If we ever even have medical we will be state #50. Even if the iowa board were to recommend (which it did 4 years ago unanimously) it won’t pass legislation in the state. If it ever did our governor said he will never sign any marijuana bills. It’s saddening. I personally know 3 people who would benefit from this…. Illegal plant.

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