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Marijuana Sales Set A Record In Colorado For Third Month In A Row


colorado price legal marijuanaThe marijuana industry in Colorado is booming. The ‘green rush’ is on, and there are a lot of people in Colorado that are benefiting from the next great American industry. January and February of this year both set records for legal marijuana sales in the state. The numbers have been released for March sales, and the upward trend appears to be continuing. Per The Joint Blog:

There was roughly $74 million worth of legal cannabis sold in Colorado in March, setting a record for the third straight month.

In total, consumers spent more than $42 million on recreational cannabis, up from the $39 million they spent in February, and the $36 million they spent in January (both figures set records at the time).

In additional to the $42 million in recreational cannabis sold in March, there was $32 million worth of medical cannabis purchased. This is according to data released by the state’s Department of Revenue.

It’s like I always say – why isn’t every state doing this? While some states are doing everything they can to keep marijuana prohibition in place, Colorado is benefiting greatly from allowing legal sales of a substance that is safer than alcohol. April tends to be the biggest marijuana sales month of the year, so I expect this trend to continue in Colorado when the April numbers are released.

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  1. It can’t last forever. Sooner or later other states will have to follow suit. In the meantime, Colorado is sort of like Nevada was to gambling in the 60’s, only without the Rat Pack to entertain us.

  2. Colorado is kicking butt compared to other states. Its welfare payments are $400 per capita vs a $700 per capita average for all the states. CO’s growth rate is 3.6% vs 2.1% for all states. Unemployment is 4.2% vs 5.5% nationally.

    It all sounds very unvexing:)

  3. Smoke weed every day!!!! Great job Colorado! Show all these other states how it’s done!

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