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Marijuana Sales Top 92 Million Dollars In Colorado In February 2016


colorado price legal marijuanaColorado’s marijuana industry sales continue to climb. In January 2016, Colorado sold roughly 88 million dollars worth of marijuana products (both recreational and medical). That number grew in February to over 92 million dollars in sales. If those current trends persist, Colorado would easily top the one billion dollar mark in 2016. Considering that sales should continue to climb throughout the year, I don’t think it will be a problem at all breaking that mark.

February sales in Colorado were significantly higher year over year. Per The Cannabist:

Colorado cannabis shops sold more than $58 million of recreational pot products in February, a 3 percent jump from January and a 48 percent leap from February 2015 — making it the state’s third highest month for retail sales since they began in January 2014. Medical marijuana sales in February totaled $34 million, up 7 percent from January and up 17 percent from February 2015.

In total, Colorado shops sold $92.7 million in marijuana and related accessories in February, making it the fifth most lucrative month for cannabis sales in state history, according to Cannabist calculations and state data.

February’s pot sales totals represent a 35 percent increase from February 2015 and a 5 percent increase from January, “which is more like a 10-12 percent rise, all things being equal, as February had two less days than January,” said Roy Bingham, founder of Boulder-based cannabis industry data group BDS Analytics.

Colorado’s industry is considered by many to be the best example of what other states should mimic when creating their own cannabis industries. So many jobs are being created in Colorado, large amounts of tax dollars are being generated, and most importantly, adults aren’t being arrested for possessing and responsibly consuming cannabis. That not only saves money, it also saves people from having their lives ruined. Every state should be doing this!


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  1. Neither any individual(s) or entity is going to stop this train !
    The opponents and prohibitionists are finally taking a back seat to The Movement to stop this madness. A civilized society does NOT take its citizens’ freedom away simply because they want to live their own life on their own terms that does not impinge, impede, impose, victimize or even threaten any human or animal —- PERIOD.
    This is what EVERY law that will potentially incarcerate and remove an individual’s freedom should be based around —– NOT what a select few what to jam down the Public’s throat.
    Democracy is such a beautiful thing ————— getting there is one hell of a fight ——— but the fight WILL go on ————- until there is VICTORY.
    Mired in Tyrannical NYS

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