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Marijuana-Sniffing Police Dogs No Longer Needed In Oregon

k9 marijuana dog

(via ci.bend.or.us)

Drug detecting dogs have been used for decades by law enforcement in Oregon. That will continue to be the case when it comes to many substances. But with marijuana legalization only months away from becoming law in Oregon, most police agencies are no longer using them to detect marijuana, which is a huge shift in enforcement policies. Per Oregon Live:

It took Springfield police decades to get their own drug detection dog. And when Danner finally arrived last September, she could sniff out heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine, but not marijuana.

The 2-year-old black Labrador is exactly what they wanted.

“I think we saw the writing on the wall after marijuana became legal in Washington and Colorado,” said Springfield Sgt. Rich Charboneau, who helped train the drug dog and the department’s other four patrol dogs. “We thought it could possibly happen here, so we decided we probably should not even train for it.”

I have been on the receiving end of a drug dog search on multiple occasions. With the exception of one instance, there was no marijuana in the vehicle I was riding in (although there was a lot of residual marijuana odor in the car). Those were scary experiences, and all ended with my friend’s cars being completely torn apart. In the cases where nothing was found, the officers didn’t help put the car back together or even apologize. I’m glad that in the future I will never have to endure and experience like that ever again. Go Oregon!


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  1. This sux , I wanted to see if they could retrain dogs to detect delta 9
    “CbD” strains get the Ok
    While delta 9 gets flagged!
    Its ” medical CANNABIS” not marihuana
    Think about it .
    Post office . Dogs would smell mail from cannabis users on thousands of
    Envelopes , anyone who is around cannabis knows how those terpenes are!
    Im immune to this!
    Other people tell me I reek!

  2. Law enforcement wins are so nice to read about. Remember, voters said yes and the police are complying. The rule of law is still a powerful thing that extends to all and it is respected. That and a ton of police know the war was lost a long time ago; They can now forget having to worry about that portion of their job. Kind of nice of voters to give them a break, don’t you think?

  3. The truth is the shepherd new that Marijuana prohibition is stupid and didn’t bother learning. I would love to bring home that pretty animal but I have two wonderful intelligent German Shepherds in my family now.

  4. Yeah, I saw the inside of a cell once because of the ‘smell of burning rope’ that the officer described. Frightening, indeed.

    It is true: de times be changing. I hope it lasts through future political changes.

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