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Marijuana Spray Will Never Replace Raw Cannabis


Dank Marijuana NuggetKeep Your Marijuana Spray, I Will Just Stick With Raw Cannabis

I meant to blog about this last week, but once again life got in the way. Apparently, there is a new spray out there that will help alleviate marijuana withdrawal symptoms. Anyone who has consumed marijuana day in day out for a long time knows that when you quit consuming marijuana for whatever reason, withdrawal symptoms include lack of appetite, irritability, and the desire to avoid all things that remind you of marijuana. However, when compared to substances like tobacco, caffeine, or sugar, the withdrawals are pretty tame.

When I hear of someone having problems with marijuana withdrawals, I always think of the skit on the movie Half Baked where Bob Sagat stands up and says, “I used to suck d#ck for coke, now that’s an addiction man, you ever sucked some d#ck for marijuana?” It also reminds me of when my friend Matt had to go through diversion for a Minor in Possession offense when we were in high school in the late 90’s. The first time I consumed marijuana with him post diversion, he said, “This is what my counselors call a ‘relapse.’ After we ‘relapse’ we are going to go on a ‘binge’ because we are such hopeless ‘addicts.'” He used the finger quotations and everything to emphasize his sarcasm.

The fact of the matter is, I don’t think that marijuana withdrawals are significant enough to warrant a marijuana withdrawal spray. I think it’s sad when people are forced to quit consuming marijuana for whatever reason that is being forced upon them (often by courts). However, I don’t feel that marijuana is that addictive, so kicking the habit shouldn’t require a synthetic alternative (spice included!). The only way I picture myself using this marijuana spray is if I’m far from home, can’t find marijuana, yet have access to the marijuana spray. At which point I will probably cover my entire body with it in order to ride the higher high. Maybe there are TWB readers out there that disagree, and think that marijuana spray, or anything that helps marijuana withdrawals, is a good invention. Below is an article that was posted by ABC News that talks more about it:

EMILY BOURKE: Smokers have nicotine replacement options to deal with withdrawal symptoms while they’re trying to kick the habit.

For those dependent on marijuana, there’s no equivalent.

But a team from the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre at the University of New South Wales will trial a spray to help with easing marijuana withdrawal symptoms.

The centre’s director Professor Jan Copeland is speaking here with AM’s Timothy McDonald.

JAN COPELAND: There is about 200,000 Australians who use cannabis daily, about 1 per cent of the population who currently meet criteria for cannabis dependence.

TIMOTHY MCDONALD: So how will this drug help people who are going through withdrawal symptoms from marijuana dependence?

JAN COPELAND: Well, this is rather like the nicotine replacement therapy for cannabis smokers. It is a really exciting new development in the management of cannabis withdrawal and it is a pharmaceutical extract of botanical cannabis so it is a natural whole plant organically growth product and it is used as a mouth spray.

So this removes all the smoking related problems association with cannabis and it also has an optimal balance of the two main components of cannabis because of course there is about 500 chemicals and 80 of those are different kinds of cannabinoids.

So has a low dose THC because we don’t want people to get stoned, we just want to help them settle down with their levels of cannabis use and also relatively high doses of CBD which is the good cannabis which reduces anxiety and has anti-psychotic effects.

So in that way we can fully activate the body’s cannabis receptors and smooth down the peaks of withdrawal to allow people to then engage in the available medical and psychological care.

TIMOTHY MCDONALD: Just in terms of people who actually try to stop smoking cannabis, are the withdrawal systems something that often stop them from doing so?

JAN COPELAND: Yes, in fact it is one of the main reasons that people have problems stopping. It is like tobacco withdrawal but different and of course we all know people that say it is easy to give up tobacco, I’ve done it a thousand times. It is a similar kind of situation here.

It is not a life threatening withdrawal such as alcohol but some people have extreme problems with their sleep, they have problems with feeling really irritable and in fact outbursts of anger. Their appetites are disturbed and things like that and it really is enough over a few days to you know, drive them back to using again.

Helping people manage withdrawal is really going to set them on the pathway to long-term abstinence.

EMILY BOURKE: Jan Copeland from the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre.


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  1. There are some small minded people right here!

    I’m 27 and have been smoking daily since I was 12/13. I have been trying to quit for years, and to hear these obviously uneducated and presumably very low grade smoking people claim that it isn’t addictive, and easy to quit “easier than caffeine and nicotine” one person said!!?

    You are not of this generation.

    In the past ten years alone the levels of thc in weed has doubled. This is why addiction is widespread (even if it is overlooked)

    From around the age of 19 I had realised that weed was really becoming a permanent part of my life, and so I went to the doctor off my own back and he said there was nothing he could do to help, I should just quit. I remember thinking that if I was a heroin addict or a crack head I would of been helped, but because I made the right choice when I was offered those drugs and said go fxxk yourselg, in the long run I was being penalised! Wtf, right!

    So I end up carrying on smoking weed, I cut nicotine out (surprisingly easily, in less than a month using patches) and also stop drinking caffeine (also fairly easily-simple paracetamol helped with headaches)
    But the weed has stayed! I have tried many many many times to stop but I jus keep finding myself getting more.

    I love the taste of weed the smell the look the instant stress relief tool after a hard day, but sometimes it messes with my mood in a negative way, leaves me depressed, unenthusiastic and, maybe the worst thing-I hate the fact that I can’t bloody give it up!!

    This isn’t a joke or a gimmick post, so that a company can sell a ‘unneeded product’ (ffs, some people are so self righteous, regardless of actual intelligence or knowledge)

    If this can help to succeed in weaning somebody off cannabis that has built up a high amount of thc (from quality high grade 21st century bud) over years of use, then thank you!!! Please get this to a doctors our pharmacist near me asap! Please!

  2. “Organically grown” in an ex-weapons research facility under artificial light in a hydroponic medium, if Jan gets basic facts like these wrong then there’s no hope that anything she says is true.

  3. in my 40 plus years of smoking grass I have never had any withdrawal symptoms when I had to go without. I must admit I missed it when the federal government imprisoned me for growing in 2000, but alas I felt better when another inmate’s wife smuggled in a few buds for “her boys”.

  4. I don’t find there to be any withdrawal symptoms when I stop. I do notice a change in myself and my personality. I much prefer the Joe on marijuana to the sober Joe because I’m more outgoing, fun and friendly. I’m still a very nice person regularly but I keep to myself mostly. When I use marijuana I like to experience things and interact. This is from the perspective of someone who had a permit when living in HI (epilepsy) and was a daily toker. I think the spray is a joke, there can be no replacement for the real thing. Who actually drinks non-alcoholic beer? If I’m not drinking a beer I’m definitely not going to drink something that tastes like beer but without the kick, it just seems silly to me. Creating a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist in an effort to make money from it.

  5. It will never replace raw cannabis. I believe this because anytime you have something natural and try to make a synthetic in my eyes we fail. Mother nature is way better at making these things and they are here for a purpose. All people may not consume or use it as it was intended but it was intended for human use. I’m not a very religious person but it’s even stated in the bible. “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.” Genesis 1:29. We have cannabinoids in our bodies. Alcohol shouldn’t be a factor in this cannabis is nothing like it.

  6. I agree with it being mental,. as for this MJ spray i rather keep my mind off anything related and fall asleep.

  7. Depending on the situation i would think it’s harder to stop, quit or even cut back voluntary then it would be, if assigned a probation officer. Just the fact of a dirty UA could possibly put me behinds bars,. I wouldn’t have a problem stoping. ( for a couple months or so :)
    I been looking for a job pass couple months and family along with some friends been telling me to cut back ( basically quit) “to open my self for more job opportunely” HA now we have a problem.

    But to talk about withdrawals., hell with out a wake&bake toke&poke in the morning i’m not myself all day.,
    I respect all those that say they quit on the terms i Tried

    I have not found a good alternetive yet. i smoke for a day of freedom “One Love”

  8. Charles Patrick Queen on

    I’v been using marijuana on and off since I was 14 and I’ll be 60 feb 15.I have found that withdrawls or more mental than physycall as is the so called addiction the gov.propoganda machine try’s to make people believe.Marijuana is much more mentally addictive than it is physically addictive

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