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“Marijuana Stocks Are Booming” Says Investment Newsletter


marijuana stocksIn an article titled “Growing Marijuana Stocks”, the energy industry newsletter ‘Energy And Capital’ declared stock market investments in marijuana companies to be on the rise. The newsletter also cautioned about certain segments of the industry that may not be good investments.

Swagato Chakravorty’s article uses Easton Pharmaceuticals (OTC: EAPH) as an example. This company has announced plans to enter the American and Canadian marijuana market.

Chakravorty writes that, “Easton designs and develops a range of topical healthcare products for commercial purposes. The burgeoning marijuana sector is a highly attractive one, and that’s why Easton will employ third-party consultants to help it open up boutique clinics in Canada and the U.S. Within the latter, Easton hopes to start out with the relatively “friendly” states of Michigan and California.”

Easton’s press release on Business Wire quotes their President, John Adams, as saying:

Easton has chosen to participate in this industry that has slowly over the last few years received recognition for its medicinal benefits. The United States congress was to have made a final decision approving the use of medical marijuana in limited ways, but recently adjourned the final decision for later in the year.

The Energy and Capital article declares medical marijuana is becoming ”a major industrial sector” that is growing from $1.7 billion in 2011 to a projected $9 billion industry in just a few years.

Other success stories are cited in the article. Colorado’s CannLabs tests smokables and other cannabis products; they are projected to double their sales and open a second location during 2013.

Washington State’s Privateer Holdings purchased Leafly in 2012. Leafly is a product review website for the marijuana industry; Privateer turned the company from unprofitable to a $3-$4 million annual revenue website whose traffic grows by 20% every month.

Author Chakravorty does give a caution to the investors reading his article. “(I)t’s much safer to remain on the periphery of the sector—I mean businesses like software development for product supply chain tracking—than to dabble directly in growing and dispensing. Banking and legal representation still remains problematic.”

Source: The Compassion Chronicles


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  1. For Leafly: Instead of general database of strain names, why not focus the database on strains by region? Or even by dispensary? You have a different Blue Dream strain in every dispensary, so what good is it to just have one entry for a Blue Dream strain, as if they were all the same?

    If I am looking up a strain name, first I want to go to the name of the dispensary where the strain I am inquiring about is located. I want to see the history of the strain, where this dispensary grower obtained seeds, how it was grown, and the results of recent testing. Then, the people who comment and add reviews on each strain will be the actual consumers.

  2. I am a Patient and I have a few

    1) I am currently service by a
    Compassion Club, For the last year I have tried a variety of Strain and have
    found that Purple Kush works the best for my Fibrormyaliga, My license will be
    renewed In Oct will you have a Crop ready by then?

    2) I have Spoken with
    Prairie Systems about Health Canada’s Regulation that all product
    be “Milled” that is, ground to powder, will this still be in effect and will my
    meds look more like spices rather then Cannabis Bud when It is shipped to me Canada
    Post? Personally I don’t want grinders near my Meds, How Can that
    be safer then growing and handling your own Medication?

    3) Like I said Purple Kush works the
    best but if I am tight for money I can get a cheap Locally bred Kush at my Compassion Club, Will you offer 5-7 dollar strains for the patients that are on a fixed income.

    4) I have a small
    prescription , so small that I have been turned down more then once from the
    large Designated growers, Can you guarantee this will not happen through the new
    Commercial growers like yourself. And please be aware this will be our only
    source of Medication and legal right to reasonable access to Cannabis.

    5) Since I am losing
    my Personal production license next year, I am looking for a Cannabis growing
    job at one of Harper’s massive Pot farms, I have a portfolio and want to know If
    this ridicules Health Canada plan includes first chance at the jobs that will be
    available as WE are the ones that are already growing quality Cannabis

    Looking forward to you response

    Bob Carter

  3. This is a guaranteed massive cash cow business, fear can keep some people out but they will be the ones to miss out later on for sure.

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