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Marijuana Stores Prohibited In Alaska’s Capital Until October


alaska marijuana legalizationAs I’m sure you are well aware, Alaska voted to legalize marijuana during the last election. The successful initiative made it legal to grow, possess, consume, and if you want to, sell marijuana (with a license). Effective February 24, all Alaskans over the age of 21 can possess and consume marijuana, and each household can have up to six plants. But retail sales will have to wait until rules and a licensing process are in place. And if you live in Alaska’s capital, Juneau, you will have to wait until at least October 19 before you can make a legal purchase at a store or get a license to open a store. Per Juneau Empire:

After extensive testimony Monday, the City and Borough of Juneau Assembly approved a moratorium that prohibits marijuana-related businesses until Oct. 19, six months after the end of the Alaska Legislature’s scheduled end.

The text of the moratorium states that city officials will not consider any land use permits or other documentation until the moratorium expires. As a result, marijuana-related businesses will not be able to establish farms or prepare for retail sales.

Fortunately Juneau residents can still grow marijuana themselves, and obtain it for no consideration in February. But it’s unfortunate for people in Juneau that don’t have the means or skills to grow their own, and don’t have a way to obtain marijuana. It’s unfortunate for people wanting to get in on the next great American industry, as Juneau is the largest city in Alaska. Hopefully this doesn’t lead to more moratoriums in other areas, but sadly, I’m sure it will.


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  1. Being from Anchorage. Juneau resident’s are unfortunately accustomed to being considered that they’re living in that “other” Alaska, by those living further North. Juneau is a beautiful and fun city. I look forward to going back for a visit soon after the stores open (after, or prior to lower 48 cruise ship arrival).

  2. If a person buys weed in another Alaska city, where it is legal, can it be taken to Juneau without fear of arrest? And let’s not even think of the repercussions of half of Juneau residents going to the nearest legal town every day. But it’s a moot point; the whole state will follow that stalling tactic and bleed it to death.

  3. this article is wrong, its just a moratorium on land use permits. there is no commercial production until may 2016 when regs come out, so this it a pointless moratorium.

  4. The fleet’s beginning to break up.

    We will be seeing more and more cracks as Prohibition falls apart.


    Hemp would blow a very big hole in pot taxes and regulation. Hemp will not be profitable if it has to be guarded like medical/recreational.

    No more taxed or regulated than tomatoes.

  5. Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska, it is almost ten times larger than Juneau, the capital. It’s still a shame they’ll have to wait.

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