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Marijuana Supporters Need To Elect Ellen Rosenblum For Oregon Attorney General


ellen rosenblum marijuanaVote For Ellen Rosenblum For Oregon Attorney General 2012

The 2012 Oregon Attorney General election is the most important race on the entire ballot. In the 2008 election, I actually submitted a question that was asked to then Oregon AG candidates John Kroger and Greg Macpherson on a public radio show. It was an odd race because they were both Democrats; the Oregon GOP didn’t field a single candidate (Oregon is considered liberal I hear, from those of you that call it ‘Oregone). My question was ‘as an Oregon medical marijuana patient, I want to know how both candidates would handle federal intervention. Would they let the federal government treat us like a police state, or would they respect the will of the Oregon voters and stand up to the feds.’

The answers were quite different. Greg Macpherson answered first and basically said that he admittedly didn’t know much about the OMMP, and pointed out that the federal government has the right to step in and override Oregon. John Kroger then said that the OMMP was approved by voters, and clearly Oregon wants it to be protected, and he would step up. Needless to say, Mr. Kroger received my vote in 2008.

Everything was good in Oregon until about a year ago. The Obama administration pulled what now is the biggest scam in medical marijuana history, by first declaring that the US DOJ would not prosecute people that are in compliance with State law, then doing the exact opposite and going on a western state crusade raiding people like crazy. Based upon a conversation I had with Oregon dispensary owners, the raids are going to continue. Where has the Oregon Attorney General been in all of this mayhem? Where was he when a co-op in Southern Oregon was raided? Other Oregon politicians have gone to MMJ farms in Southern Oregon to tell the feds to back off, why hasn’t he? Or at least send someone from his office, or a letter, or at the very least a damn tweet!

I recently sent an e-mail to both Oregon AG candidates – Ellen Rosenblum and Dwight Holton. I told them, ‘2012 Oregon Attorney General Candidates, beware the Oregon muckracker. In 2008 I didn’t have this blog to get the questions on record. Now I do, and believe I will be asking many of them!’ Dwight Holton has yet to respond, and when I called his campaign, they refused to answer any of my questions. Expect another article shortly explaining how I feel about Mr. Holton. But for now, I would like to OFFICIALLY endorse Ellen Rosenblum more Oregon Attorney General in 2012. Not only was she kind enough to answer the questions below (?’s in bold, answers below in plain font), but she had some answers that show why she is the CLEAR choice for Oregon Attorney General in 2012:

Q: If marijuana is confiscated from a medical marijuana patient, and it is determined that the patient committed no crimes, would you instruct law enforcement to return the medical marijuana that was seized?

Yes. The law on the books in Oregon currently requires the return of seized marijuana under certain limited circumstances. As Attorney General, if those circumstances exist, I would advise law enforcement agencies to return marijuana to card-holding patients.

Q: Last year many medical marijuana gardens were raided, and many threatening letters were sent to medical marijuana businesses. Should we expect similar actions if you are elected, or will you take a different approach?

I will take a different approach. I strongly support the right of patients to obtain the medicine they need to help them cope with their medical conditions. The voters of Oregon enacted the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act (OMMA), and I support their decision. Additionally, I do not see the enforcement of laws against marijuana an effective use of our limited public resources. The priorities of the next Attorney General should be protecting children, families, and the elderly from abuse and fighting for consumers by taking on criminals, scammers, and corporations that break the law — not marijuana enforcement.

Q: Oregon will likely join Colorado and Washington with a marijuana legalization initiative on the ballot in the 2012 election. What are your thoughts on this type of initiative?

Marijuana should be the lowest priority of law enforcement. My position would of course depend on the language of the initiative, but I support directing our scarce public safety resources towards other purposes.

Q: If Oregon voters approved marijuana legalization at the ballot box, would you respect the will of the voters, or would you uphold the will of the federal government?

As Attorney General, I will defend the laws of Oregon adopted by the voters or the Legislature.

Go to NotDwightHolton.Com to find out why you should not vote for Dwight Holton for Oregon Attorney General, and ‘like’ the Not Dwight Holton Facebook Page!


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  1. I don’t believe Cannabis is a “drug”.  It is a Phytomedicine or more commonly known as a “PBM” (plant based medicine).  Cannabis does not need any manufacture/formulas/processing/alteration of any sort to be usable and efficacious.  It is no more a “drug” than Chamomile Tea.

  2.  Actually there IS one safe drug. Cannabis. Not a single credibly documented case of cannabis use killing its user since the dawn of time.

    Not even tap water has that record of absolute safety.

  3. I met Ellen Rosenblum at the Demo Forum meeting at Kwan’s where she spoke.

    After she spoke I was the first to be allowed to ask questions and mine centered on Medical Cannabis, the OMMP, SB 5529 from 2011 and Obummer’s War on Medical Cannabis.

    While she was not as educated on the subject as a multi-year OMMP patient like myself is, she was one of the most well informed politicians on the subject that I have come across and she indicated a desire to learn more.

    Her answers, and her competition’s track record and refusal to answer such questions, told me I am voting for Ellen (as she said she prefers to be called) for Oregon State Attorney General.

  4. Cannabis Prohibition is a nonsense fiscal drain upon society.  Tax payers get a Zero Return from their tax dollar investment for society is Not made safer as a result of investigating, arresting, prosecuting and incarcerating/probationary supervision of Cannabis consumers.  Period. There is no threat to society arising from its use; the laws, rules and policies that govern its use hold real harm both to individuals and society as a whole.
    Cannabis fails the LD-50 test as well.  There is no established “lethal dose” and is currently graded at 1:20,000-1:40,000. In other words a person would have to consume 1500 Pounds of Cannabis with-in 15 Minutes to induce a fatal dose. Yet since Nixon’s WoD’s we tax payers have invested more than $1 trillion tax dollars to eradicate drugs, focusing on Cannabis.  Cannabis fails all tests for being a harmful narcotic.  It is in fact a Phytomedicine.
    Like Big Oil Subsidies, Cannabis Prohibition subsidizes Billions Annually to LEO, PIC, preserves monopolies for Alcohol. Tobacco, Big PhRMA, Drug Testing Facilities, Drug Treatment Facilities etc at the expense of funding education and other beneficial programs.

    Law Enforcement logically and sensibly have No Stake in Medical Cannabis Programs nor any other Health Care Program, unless called upon for assistance if laws are violated. Those precious resources are purely wasted.
    Imagine how just a few of those tax dollars could fund Harm Reduction Programs to educate children and the whole society; arm us with the truth about all drugs to allow for informed decision making before consuming any substance.  There is No such thing as a Safe Drug whether it’s OTC, Prescribed or Illegal.  Good solidly funded treatment programs could make such a difference, reducing both crime and budget demands while simultaneously Increasing public safety. 

    I appreciate Ellen’s logical approach to this issue.  I want my elected officials to stand behind their constituents on all matters.  Her position in this most contentious issue portends her overall ability to be fair, make good judgments, exercise common sense and be fiscally responsible.

    Ellen’s willingness to openly discuss matters of Cannabis is remarkable and refreshing.  
    Historically any candidates mention of Cannabis is usually considered “political suicide” especially during an election year.  This discussion is long overdue and like many other problems in our society, this conversation needs to happen. 
    She places her State and her People above politics and special interests. Personally, I like the notion of Being “the special interest” for a change.
    Ellen demonstrates a level of transparency and unbiased communication that we have waited decades for.  All considerations of Cannabis aside-those qualities alone have earned her my support. 

  5. “As Attorney General, I will defend the laws of Oregon adopted by the voters or the Legislature.”

    Somehow that sentence seems unfinished to me. I was expecting a “however…” or “as long as…”

  6. Sorry to appear so negative but Attorney Generals flip positions all the time. Now’s a good time to document every word she says to hold her accountable for her promises. BTW, Attorney Generals work for the feds, and follow orders from the feds according to the law interpreted by the feds, not the districts that vote for them. Asking a DA if she’ll stand up against the feds is ludicrous. As DA, she would have the ball in her favor with no reason to keep any earlier promises and no reason to be held accountable. Most DAs have aims for bigger and better positions in Fed Govt. These local positions are just stepping stones and she would need to impress the big guys if she wants to advance.
     I could be incorrect, but, other than the threatening letters, I can’t recall any “dispensary” raids in Oregon that were deliberated by the feds. I think they have all been local county and city police involvement. .

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