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Marijuana University Receives Full Accredited Approval From Department Of Higher Education


clover leaf university marijuana cannabisClover Leaf University Makes Marijuana History by Receiving Full Accredited Approval from the Department of Higher Education

Clover Leaf University sets cannabis business curriculum standards by receiving full formal state approval for 4 accredited cannabis program certifications and sixteen stand-alone course certifications from the Department of Higher Education.

Clover Leaf University received formal state approval from the Colorado Department of Higher Education, marking yet another marijuana industry milestone. Clover Leaf University received the approval for sixteen stand-alone course certifications and 4 full medical marijuana, state approved program certifications.

“The university hopes to not only educate cannabis consumers, but to offer cannabis training for cannabis business entrepreneurs,” says CEO, Chloe Villano. State approved courses range from Cannabis Business 101, Master Cultivation, Infusion Laboratories, and Concentrates. There is also legal education and advanced cultivation courses that set the standard for a higher level of professional education for the entire medical marijuana industry.

“We are eminently thankful to the state of Colorado for allowing us the liberty to educate the nation on one of the fastest growing most profitable businesses in America. This historic decision further validates our progressive thinking messages of education, professionalism and industry leading curriculums,” said Villano. This marks yet another historic landmark for the Cannabis industry.

As legalization of marijuana continues, Clover Leaf University is anticipated to continue expanding across the United States. “Soon we could see national legalization, as the first recreational Cannabis bills in the world are implemented into legislature with Amendment 64 in in Colorado and I502 in Washington,” said Ms. Villano. According to an article in the Denver Post, published February 2nd, 2013, Jared Polis from WA has released a national bill to decriminalize Marijuana, and has created high hopes of it passing nationally.

Clover Leaf University (CLU) is planning to launch April 6, 2013 with its first student orientation at Auraria Campus, a college campus located in Denver, Colorado from 2pm to 6pm. CLU will present the cannabis industry’s most elite hash makers, cultivation masters, breeders, and business entrepreneurs in the industry, releasing class schedules and taking student enrollments.

“We at Clover Leaf feel education is the key to understanding an industry that is still in its infancy. Our goal is to set a scientific standard that will help educate all members of our community,” said Villano.

CLU’s world-renowned cannabis board consists of CEO Chloe Villano, along with leading Cannabis attorneys Charles Houghton, Warren Edson, and Robert Corry Jr.; expert grower Scott Reach from Rare Dankness Seeds; expert grower Adam Dunn from THSeeds; CannaStaff’s Neil Demers; and the master grower himself Ed Rosenthal.

Clover Leaf University will film their online classes in world renowned cannabis cultivation facilities that are licensed and approved by the State of Colorado, and plan on a national launch and full schedule of national seminars by fall of 2013.

Clover Leaf will also provide job placement training and assistants to hundreds of licensed Colorado Dispensaries. “One of our goals is to allow job seekers to become more competitive in the job market. It has become increasingly difficult to find a job in the cannabis industry without prior knowledge and experience. We will offer the tools needed to become successful,” said Ms. Villano.

In Colorado, the recent passing of HB 13-1061 created a responsible vendors program for cannabis businesses. This proves even the state legislature has seen the need for cannabis education and industry standards. “I feel we are well qualified to fill this position,” said Ms. Villano. “I plan on submitting full curriculum for approval.”

Clover Leaf University will hold its first class, Green House Certification 101, hosted by Ed Rosenthal, and Scott Reach from Rare Dankness Seeds on April 18, 2013 at Casselman’s, located at 2620 Walnut St, Denver, CO.

Clover Leaf will offer sample demonstration classes April 17 – 21 for Cannabis Tourisms First Tour, “World Cannabis Week,” the 420 Rally, and America’s first annual Cannabis Cup. The sample demonstration classes will not provide certification, however students can sign up for the certified class at the demonstration. The upcoming 420 holiday will be one of the most historic cannabis events in Denver’s history.

You can find more information at http://www.cloverleafuniversity.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CloverLeafUniversity?ref=hl

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CLULeaf

Instagram: http://instagram.com/cloverleafuniversity

Website: http://www.cloverleafuniversity.com/

Course Catalog: http://www.cloverleafuniversity.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Clover_Leaf_University_Catalog1.pdf

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  1. I have been a grower for over 15 years. I cant remember the last time I learned something from the ask ed column in high times mag. The last thing we need is more redundant basic information, much less to pay more then what 5 yrs of subscription costs would be for a magazine you only learn basics from, and thats just for a 4 hour prerecorded class. I work in the mmj industry in colorado as a growers assitant to a master grower who has never even taken a basic botany class,and who has less education then I do not even in marijuanna, and the pay is horrible. The average starting pay for even “master growers” wouldnt be worth paying for these coarses. Lets face it old growers like Rosenthal need to make money still and this is how theyre going to make it. This is just going to push the people who are passionate about growing away from the industry by causing licensing costs to rise. The dispensery i work for would rather sell bud covered in powdery mildew then loose money by throwing it out or even solving the problem all together. Its time we push these individuals out and get quality medicine, if thats what you like to believe, back in. I moved to co 2 years ago and have come across bud one time since that was worth buying. Disappointing, just like this “college”.

  2. Greenway University was actually the first Cannabis institution to be accredited before they went out of business.

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