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Maryland Gubernatorial Candidates Discuss Views On Marijuana


Maryland marijuanaThis week, Maryland gubernatorial candidate Heather Mizeur (D) released a plan to regulate marijuana like alcohol. “Marijuana is safer than alcohol and tobacco,” she told the Baltimore Sun. “It has been a failed policy for us as a nation to criminalize the use of this substance.”

Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown (D) — who is leading in the polls — has not said he supports legalization. However, he appears to understand that law enforcement should focus on more violent crimes and he “welcomes a continued discussion and analysis” of decriminalizing negligible amounts of marijuana.

Meanwhile, Attorney General Doug Gansler (D)’s spokesman said, “There does not appear to be a groundswell toward full-scale legalization here in Maryland nor does the attorney general feel that unrestrained legalization would be appropriate.”

On the Republican side, current Harford County executive David Craig opposes legalizing marijuana. Del. Ron George of Anne Arundel County was also opposed, though he appeared more open to reform. “I just don’t think you’d be able to control it, so I’m not for the version that [Mizeur] has spoken of,” George said, noting he isn’t necessarily opposed to the concept of allowing adults to use marijuana.

A third Republican candidate, Charles County business executive Charles Lollar, said he is undecided.

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  1. I am 100% for legalization of marijuana and other recreational drugs too, for that matter. That said, if the way you cast your vote is determined by marijuana legalization opinions; a) you should be voting Libertarian, and b) your priorities are a little screwed up. Just sayin’…

    Really, though, you should just be voting Libertarian anyway. Trust me.

  2. Heather Mizeur has the courage to tell the truth and should be rewarded for her effort. The other candidates sound too wishy washy for me and undeserving of my vote.

  3. How can you be undecided is this day and age, you would have to live under a rock. playing the wind and smelling which way to the bacon. I hate pandering politicos, take a stand

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