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Maryland: Majority For Marijuana Legalization


Maryland medical marijuanaBy Phillip Smith

The latest evidence that marijuana legalization has reached the tipping point comes from Maryland, where a newGoucher Poll has a slim majority for legalization, as well as strong support for decriminalization and overwhelming support for medical marijuana.

The poll found that 51% supported marijuana legalization, while 90% supported medical marijuana if prescribed by a doctor.

The poll also asked whether marijuana possessors should be jailed, subjected to drug treatment, or fined. A near majority (49%) supported fines (or decriminalization), while 34% supported drug treatment, and only 6% supported jailing pot people.

“When it comes to marijuana use in the state, a slight majority of Marylanders support legalization for small amounts, and a large majority support the drug’s use for medicinal purposes,” said Mileah Kromer, director of the Sarah T. Hughes Field Politics Center. “Citizens of the state also seem to support the decriminalization of marijuana, favoring policies that focus on rehabilitation and fines, rather than jail time for possession. This will be an issue to watch for the upcoming legislative session.”

This year, the legislature approved a bill that authorized academic medical centers to distribute medical marijuana, but a decriminalization bill died in the House after passing the Senate.

The poll was conducted using both cell phones and land lines, with pollsters contacting 655 Maryland residents in late October. The margin of error is +/- 3.8%.

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  1. Very few polls are accurate when it comes to sex and drugs. Most people lie due to fear of police or stigma from family,friends and employers. I think many more people smoke pot or have at some point in their life than ever admitted in a poll. Weed went out of favor in the early to mid-80s when cocaine use spiked and crack use exploded. Weed came back again in the very late 80s and early 90s when all those coke heads went through rehab and realized that weed was a safer more controllable option for the user. Now all those 80s coke heads are retiring and the 90s potheads are hitting middle age and they all got educated about the real truths concerning marijuana. The current crop of young people learned too . Now with the internet and social media the message is spreading to the ears of even conservatives. With the lousy economy and unemployment people want real change and marijuana reform is a good cause and by pushing for that change people are spitting in the eye of the government who have gotten quite out of control violating people’s rights.

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