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Massachusetts Poll: 57 Percent Support For Legalizing Marijuana For Adults


king kush marijuana strainMassachusetts has been in the news a lot lately for marijuana policy. There is a campaign working very hard in Massachusetts to legalize recreational marijuana for adults. Opponents have been very vocal, especially lately, in their opposition to the campaign. If Massachusetts legalized in 2016, it would become a hotbed for cannabis because of where it is geographically located. A poll was released yesterday which found very strong support for such a public policy change. Per MassLive:

Massachusetts voters today strongly support a 2016 ballot question to legalize recreational marijuana, according to a poll released Thursday by the Western New England University Polling Institute.

On the marijuana question, the poll found that 57 percent of respondents favor legalizing recreational marijuana for adults, with just 35 percent opposed and 7 percent undecided.

Democratic and independent voters support legalizing marijuana by large margins, while Republicans oppose it. More men than woman support legalization, and the strongest support for legalization comes from young voters. Among voters age 18 to 39, 74 percent back legalizing marijuana. Geographically, support for marijuana legalization was strongest in Western Massachusetts and Greater Boston, which are also regions that are heavily Democratic.

Massachusetts is one of a handful of states in the Northeastern part of the country that are very close to legalizing marijuana. Some are doing it via initiative, some are trying to achieve legalization via legislative action. Because the states are so close together in that part of the country, and the population is so large, legalizing marijuana in the area (even one state) would have a huge impact. Some efforts are running up against more roadblocks than others, so it will be interesting to see how it plays out.


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  1. Charles Davy on

    “t’s illegal under federal law to grow Cannabis (just like distilling alcohol as a hobby for consumption is illegal under federal law) yet 24 states have medicinal Cannabis so what is your argument?”

    Those things literally have nothing to do with each other. Simply because its used medically does not somehow change the dynamic of government limiting self production like they do to many goods.

    Secondly it is “good enough”. Weed isn’t going to be some free for all do whatever you want. There are a lot of restrictions on the consumption, sales, and production of alcohol and the same will be true for weed.

  2. The inaction took place when the MA residents didn’t get enough signatures on The Bay State Repeal. This “Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol” got the signatures required from people with MONEY to back it and pay promoters.
    The people with $$$ Win huge when this initiative passes because it limits EVERYTHING one can do with the plant. I refuse to promote this initiative no matter how many people tell me this is a good thing. Their website literally says
    ” It creates a tightly controlled system of licensed marijuana retail stores, cultivation facilities, product manufacturing facilities”
    ^^^^^^^^^^^ that right there is the beginning of the end. Under this movement a licensed grower isn’t even allowed to sell their own product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every farmer I know on Cape Cod sells their own SHIT! . Why should some store get to make capital off of MY PLANT/EDIBLES/CONCENTRATES because the fucking law was written saying a goddamn farmer can’t sell to a consumer? YOU simply don’t get that America is supposed to stand for FREE ENTERPRISE and the people really do have a say in how this all plays out.

  3. I do not grow four or five harvests a year. And nor do I care to. so I ‘blah, blah, blah..ed’ my way through that portion of the law but I do know that the regulation portion of the law is in the hands of a commission. If you are already growing four to five harvests a year indoors somewhere in MA illegally isn’t it more beneficial to legitimize, at least a portion, of your harvest and sale through the commission? Of what serious benefit would keeping your entire efforts illegal or how much damage would actually be caused by the proposed law that is not already harmful through the current law? Insulting this initiative because it doesn’t fully correspond to your interest is not being an advocate for weed or “legalization”, it is being self.

  4. Weed is not legal and the Massachusetts ballot initiative, nor the people of Massachusetts, are not attempting to legalizing weed but regulate and tax it. I can’t speak to other state weed laws or their attempted laws, but, weed being federally illegal, I can say no one in MA is trying to legalize weed. We are trying to Tax and Regulate it. It is up to The Federal Government to legalize weed. I for one would rather grow my allotted amount under the proposed law and purchase, as well as pay my tax, to personally enjoy weed recreationally under this law than scrap it and wait for the Federal Government or push for a less achievable goal of statewide lieze fair absolute legalization, subject to Federal scrutiny, and not be able to grow any plants and continue paying drug dealers and hide my personal use at home. Give me a petition to federally legalize weed and I will sign it. Offer me a national referendum or a favor candidate and I will vote for it. But do not tell me to turn my back on less restriction, commercialization, and wider acceptance because it is not the ultimate perfect option. It is progress and I refuse to vote for anything less. Inaction is not an option.

  5. Weed is not legal and the Massachusetts ballot initiative is not attempting to legalizing weed but regulate and tax it. The people of MA aren’t trying to legalize weed, they want to tax and regulate it. I can’t speak to other state weed laws or their attempted laws, but, weed being federally illegal, I can say no one in MA is trying to legalize weed. We are trying to Tax and Regulate it. It is up to The Federal Government to legalize weed.

  6. Ohio: Issue 3 11/3/15 and California: prop 19 11/2/10, unlike the MA initiative, were not held in presidential elections years when turnout is at its highest. In off years, like 2010, a more conservative electorate succeeds in winning the national platform. Special elections, like off year elections, are even less apt to produce the more liberal electorate, even in traditionally liberal areas of the country, needed to translate into votes. Also, the regulation and taxation law in question in traditionally liberal MA is a perfect fit for the state, who has a higher per capita income and an ever growing opiate problem. As a registered Democrat in a traditionally conservative voting district in MA myself, there are over 1.5 million registered Democrats to the little less than 500,000 registered Republicans in the states 4 million rolls. Although opposition grows as the vote nears, the recent polls reflect the states lopsided voting ideology and, if the overwhelming margin of victory, 63% to 37%, of Question 3 in 2012 is any indicator, the opposition has alot of ground to make but not much room maneuver.

  7. Ohio: Issue 3

    September 25th 2015
    Kent State University Poll.
    56% Support
    36% Oppose
    10% Undecided
    Sample Size: 500

    University of Akron Buckeye Poll
    October 1st 2015
    46% Support
    46% Oppose
    8% Undecided
    Sample Size: 1,074

    Bowling Green State University Poll
    October 16-17, 2015
    44.4% Support
    42.9% Oppose
    12.7% Undecided
    Sample Size: 782

    Election Day: November 3rd, 2015

  8. California: Prop 19 polls.

    April 20, 2010 SurveyUSA
    56% Support
    42% Oppose
    3% Undecided
    Number polled 500

    July 23-25, 2010 Public Policy Polling
    52% Support
    36% Oppose
    12% Undecided
    Number polled 614

    September 19-26, 2010 PPIC
    52% Support
    41% Oppose
    7% Undecided
    Number polled 2,004

    Election Day: November 2nd 2010

  9. An alcoholic can drink themselves to near death any day of the week they damn well please. As a matter of fact they can get piss drunk then hop in their car on the way home from the bar, and justtttttt MAYBE that cop will get them before they accidentally KILL SOMEONE. But god forbid someone smoke as much pot as they want. F*CK this movement giving all the power to anyone who has the $500K-1Million to start a fucking dispensary so they can ravage my a$$hole for all this cash I’m shitting out every day!!! It’s a fucking plant so comparing it to alcohol, something you must process & use chemicals to make, doesn’t even have a just argument.

  10. Just sayin? You’re one of the people I was referring to that is so easily persuaded into falling for the first legalization movement because it sounds good enough (right?) Your math is complete off on growing cannabis so I’m assuming you’ve NEVER grown 3 or 4 harvests of cannabis IN ONE YEAR (INDOORS!) ever in your life. Also have you done the math on how much those lights cost to grow/run? You plan on having 6, 600-watt lights running 12-24hrs a day for an entire year? That alone in MA costs $10k to RUN the f*cking lights (doesn’t include any other electronics like a heater, dehumidifier, air conditioner, etc) for a year. It’s illegal under federal law to grow Cannabis (just like distilling alcohol as a hobby for consumption is illegal under federal law) yet 24 states have medicinal Cannabis so what is your argument?

  11. Producing hard liquor is illegal too, just saying. 6 plants should be plenty for home growing considering a 600-watt HPS lamp will produce 5oz of weed per plant. It takes 3-4 months to grow a plant and have it produce weed (of course there is a huge range but 3-4 months is average).

    If you are planting 6 plants and harvesting every 4 months thats 120 oz a year. That works out to smoking 9 grams a day. Then you wouldn’t be allowed to sell any of the extra because of taxes and lack of a license. So 6 plants is plenty for even the most seasoned smoker.

  12. the sad part is all of you people who believe this initiative to legalize is actually a good one. You are FOOLS if you think restricting how much you can GROW & POSSESS is a good way to start off legalization. NOWHERE does it say you CANT have more than 10 bottles of booz in your house. So how the f*ck can this BS initiative decide how much weed I can have. Because a bunch of morons don’t want to stand up for whats actually right? BY ALL MEANS everyone jump on the first opportunity to legalize because it has presented itself. F*CK this initiative! its asinine and completely EXPLOITS anyone who wants to grow. You’re all so trained to be told what to do and how much of this and that you can and cant have! you forget it’s your fucking right to grow however much you want YOU DECIDE. Why should some bullshit initiative tell me what I can do with MY CANNABIS once it’s LEGAL?

  13. @Nate, It was illegally being grown, as in not permitted. If you make 100 gallons of whiskey without permits, it’s illegal, Same type of law applies to black market weed growers in Colorado.

  14. Then again… Cali passed prop 8 and they just may NEVER have a form of legalization that uses the word “recreational”

  15. Historically speaking, Massachusetts has passed marijuana questions with flying carpets – around 63% for both decriminalization (2008) and medical (2012) – both during election years. Considering that this is also election year, my money is on this passing by a comfortable margin.

  16. @Donkey Hotay – They were growing illegal weed, not licensed by the state of Colorado. Please keep in mind, about 60% of Mexican Carrel income is from weed. Do you really want to support their ugly violence and corruption? As for Massachusetts, thanks for the poll. I hope it passes!!!

  17. So far, no legislative bodies have legalized cannabis. Legalization was just killed in Vermont. Even in Canada, where the Libs promised to legalize, it has not been carried out. Just listen to the Massachusetts pols howling about how this decision is just TOO BIG for the rabble to decide, it must be done by responsible adults, who need more time to study after 70 years of prohibition, Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper went around the country warning Governors not to let the population make the legalization decision. It sends a bad message to let them know they can take the power away from the legislature. He failed to mention that Amendment 64 got more votes than he did
    If you want it legal, you will have to do it yourself! There is not much upside for a politician to push legalization. Very few will take a leadership role. Maggie Hassan from NH said she would veto legalization in NH because she’s “A MOM!” Teh CHILDREN!” it is all too true.

  18. I think you should reread the comment. For whatever reasons cannabis was
    illegalized, decades of prohibitionist propaganda have ensued. Many people, especially over the age of 65, believe that cannabis is a dangerous, addictive gateway drug. Obviously, no prohibitionist says “I support prohibition because THC can replace dangerous pharmaceuticals” or “I work for the prison industry and legal cannabis will reduce prison populations,” or “I am a prosecutor/police and I want to keep my prerogatives to bust anyone at any time and seize their assets.” They say “The highways will become death traps,” or “We can’t afford to have a lazy population that spends its time watching cartoons and eating Doritos,” or “Taxes collected on cannabis will not cover the addiction and social problems,” and finally “WE HAVE TO PROTECT THE CHILDREN!.”

  19. Ohio is an outler. The law was extremely controversial and I would have voted against it. Maybe it just time for people to become educated that this was granting a “monopoly” to a small number of players.

  20. I don’t think marijuana is harmful, I am just saying what some people think. Agreed, many politicians know that it is not harmful, and realize the only reason its illegal is for political reasons, as well as crony capitalistic reasons. Many people, however, who are NOT politicians, actually think its still illegal because they are looking out for our best interest. LOL. Painfully naive I know.

  21. “Mass is educated, progressive, and not falling for this shit anymore.”
    And this is what BERNIE SANDERS is ALL about !
    Your observation and your position so accurately emulates Bernie’s position on LIFE ISSUES. I also hold your and Bernie’s position, as do millions upon millions of others.
    I’m 61 years old, so I am at the other end of the “spectrum” but nevertheless, internalize everything that Bernie stands for. I join my (two-generations-removed) progressive friends in making the most sizeable change in this country’s history ————— A MASS EXODUS FROM THE CROOKED ESTABLISHMENT AND CORPORATE CONTROL OF U.S. CITIZENS.

  22. ” It’s because they view marijuana as a harmful substance that needs to be restricted from the general public. ”
    WTF? Where the hay are you coming from ?
    All these crooked politicians DON’T think it’s dangerous. This “war” was not initiated, nor continued for 80 years based on HEALTH ISSUES !
    This was an attack on the minority community of blacks and musicians and an attempt to keep the DuPonts and Hearses in their powerful positions, protecting their corporate interests and financial and political control. It was all about plastics coming on the scene for the DuPonts and control of the wood pulp market for their newspapers for the Hearses. Cannabis was a HUGE threat to both of these Empires as was the (perceived) threat from the colored community.

    There were also many other undertones that drove this crooked 80-year-old sham.
    You need to get the shovel out and dig a bit deeper than the surface where the grass grows —— no pun intended.
    Do some real research and fact-finding, my friend…

    The East Coast is gaining momentum ! Finally, the tide has turned. Denial by the Powers is one of the toughest “wars” that we, as citizens, can wage. There are only a SELECT FEW that truly represent us.

  24. Yep, it got trounced. Voter turnout was 42% in OH in 2015. The figure was 70% for 2012. Young voters always have greater turnout during presidential election years vs non-presidential.

    Also, the Quinnipiac poll sampled adults in OH, rather than registered or likely voters.

  25. The only damper here is that these were registered voters, as opposed to likely voters. Young voters are overwhelming supporters, but they are also least likely to vote. Still, the 57% is encouraging.

  26. I think you are correct, in Colorado the approval for cannabis legalization has increased after legalization.

  27. It’s because they view marijuana as a harmful substance that needs to be restricted from the general public. Where as the right to marry who you please is a mater of personal liberties. That’s how they see it. States that passed constitutional bans against same sex marriage (that have now been overturned) are the same states that will be the last to legalize (if ever).

  28. Spirit Of Bruce Lee Roy on

    yeah…if you ask me I’m not surprised at the 57% but I don’t see why it isn’t 70%. Regardless its more than half. Maybe when its legalized people will think differently. I get tired of dealing with someones ignorance, one says weed is bad for you that same person is at the bar getting drunk after work. But alcohol is legal? How many times have you heard of Deaths caused by alcohol poisoning or driving under the influence? How about deaths caused by marijuana poisoning or overdose?

    Everything comes down to money, Marijuana has medicinal properties and if it becomes widespread such as gay marriage (a useless contradictory concept may I might add) people would turn to weed over many of the medication you get from big pharmacies. (Poison)

    Speaking of gay marriage, isn’t it funny that gay marriage was legalized before Marijuana ? Really think about that.

  29. I am always surprised not to hear Massachusetts mentioned as one of the most weed-friendly non-legal states. Its decriminalization is the one of the strongest in the country, and the reefer madness mentality of our dear elected officials is very rare among the general population. Growing up there, I smelled it in public constantly. Mass is educated, progressive, and not falling for this shit anymore. Unless Walsh and Baker outright block the ballot somehow, legal marijuana in the Bay State is almost a sure thing.

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