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Massachusetts Senate President Creates A Special Marijuana Committee


Massachusetts Medical Marijuana regulations public hearingsMarijuana legalization is coming to Massachusetts sooner than later. Anyone who has studied polling and is aware of the effort on the ground knows that marijuana legalization in Massachusetts isn’t a matter of if, but when. I have Massachusetts high on my list of states that could legalize via the Legislature before the 2016 Election. And if the Legislature doesn’t step up, Massachusetts is very likely to legalize on Election Day.

It appears that Massachusetts Senate President Stanley Rosenberg realizes that the winds of change are picking up around him, which is why he has created a special committee tasked with researching marijuana legalization in Massachusetts. Per the Boston Herald:

Senate President Stanley Rosenberg says lawmakers have to be prepared to do a “deep dive” into the debate over legalizing marijuana, saying both legislation and an expected 2016 ballot question push are coming whether they like it or not.

“The point of this exercise it to do a very deep interdisciplinary dive into the subject matter,” the Amherst Democrat said on the Boston Herald Radio show “Morning Meeting” today. “If we’re going to participate appropriately in the debate as the legislation moves through and the ballot question (is prepared), we have to do a deep dive.”

Rosenberg, in structuring the Senate and his leadership team this week, created a special committee, headed by Sen. Jason Lewis, to study the legalization of the recreational use of marijuana, moving a topic many pols on Beacon Hill have dodged for years quickly up the list of priorities for the Senate.

It’s encouraging that Massachusetts politicians are pulling their heads out of the sand on this issue. So many state legislatures act like the strategies of the past can still be pursued, and that if they just ignore the marijuana issue it will just go away. However, almost every state in America is now in play when it comes to marijuana reform. The sooner politicians realize that, the better off they will be, because the anti-marijuana politician is going the way of the dinosaur.


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  1. They are panicking!
    The genie is out.
    Just like the prohibition of Alcohol
    State by state.Until FED caves in
    And reschedules
    Gw pharma will shoe up
    With FED Lube “epidolex”
    The Pink elephant has
    Transformed into a 500 lb
    Even the REd Herring will attend
    This TEA Party.
    Just hope they dont throw a bunch of weed in the harbor!
    That would be ” drug abuse”
    When these slithering drinksters see the
    Positive aspects ($) of
    Decriminalization and re legalisation of Cannabinoids
    They will have no soapbox!
    Think Sunami!
    Go Boston!

  2. Looks like Kevin Sabot will have to move when Medical Marijuana is legalized in Massachusetts.

  3. Kevin Sabet lives in Massachusetts. You think liberals are gonna make an exception for marijuana when it comes to their hatred of private business? I hope so but dont count on it.

  4. Majority Public Support for marijuana legalization WONT BE HERE if Kevin Sabet continues to spead his propaganda. It worked with Jimmy Carter, remember how he betrayed us by endorsing Project Sam a year ago? Nobody in the drug policy reform movement is prepared to fight Project Sam. Just look at how sleek and sophisticated their website is (learnaboutsam.org) compared to NORML and MPPs website. Whats happening now is just like the 70s. Everybody said it was inevitable then too, only to end up losing all the gains made with decrim in the 80s.

  5. Their state medical society has formally requested that Marijuana be removed from Schedule 1.

  6. The Massachusetts Medical Society, along with the AMA and the ASCO support the removal of Marijuana from Schedule 1. Please call and write the Whitehouse and Congress. So many people, in so many kinds of pain and suffering in so many ways are depending on you. Kids with seizures, and people of all ages with Cancer need your help.

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