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Maui Waui Marijuana Strain Review


maui waui cannabisMaui Waui Medical Marijuana Strain Review

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From: Apothecary of Colorado

Grade: B+

Type: Hybrid — Sativa dominant (The famous Hawaiian Sativa, known for a later harvest and vibrant Fall colors).

Price: $50-$60/8th plus tax (member/non-member)

Appearance: Beautiful light-green colored nugs with hues of deep purple and green. Abundance of milky and amber trichomes surround its tropical looking leaves and buds.

Aroma: Sweet and earthy aroma — a mild pungence.

Taste: Tastes a lot like a typical Maui strain, a bit of holiday spice. Very thick sweet smoke with good expansion.

Buzz Type: Very uplifting buzz. Kicked in instantly and gave me a numbing sensation in my head — tingly face. Makes on feel very creative and energetic and gave me very antsy legs when trying to stay seated. This is not a good evening strain.

Buzz Length: Medium. 1.5 hours

Medicinal Use: (We are NOT doctors — personal opinion ONLY) Great for headaches and nausea. Mild relief of muscular pains, but doesn’t last verylong.

Overall: This strain is spelled in many different ways (Maui Wowie, Maui Waui, Maui Wowi, Mauwie Wauwie, Maui Wowee) but it all refers back to the old skool strains that many of us highly prized back in the days. Very popular in the 80’s along with Acapulco Gold, it should be grown outside in an ideal environment and harvested a little late. A great Hawaiian strain that is definitely a strong sativa high and the smell is just lovely. You want to use this outside on a nice sunny day if at all posible, it’s quite enjoyable.

maui waui cannabis


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