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Women For Measure 80 Press Conference


Roy Kaufmann (Measure 80 Campaign Director), Amanda Rain (Measure 80), Madeline Martinez (NORML / LEAP), Anne Witte (attorney), and Serra Frank (Moms 4 Marijuana) hold a press conference from Downtown Portland highlighting the need to pass Measure 80 in Oregon.


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  1. How did this crap go on this long? Cannabis laws were made with lies and this government has lied for 75 years. I don’t see how anyone on trial for breaking a law based on lies can ever get a fair trial. Every dollar fined to anyone for breaking this stupid law is a dollar stole. Every day anyone spends in jail for this stupid law is a day stolen from thier lives. Its not a far streatch (matter of fact I think its right on the money) to call this government a bunch of lying thieves. Stop bullying the American people and stop your lying. Enough BS is enough allready “Stop the Lies and Legalize!” I’m so glad for the states that have stood up to this federal government and research has started, so far everything I have read has proven everything the government has said about cannabis is a lie. No wonder the rest of the world hates us if a government will lie and inprison its people with these lies then… What lies have been told and what has this government stole from the rest of the world. I’m going to use cannabis I don’t care about this stupid law. I do believe that if we could give this government a good enima then afterwards we could burry whats left of them in a match box!

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