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Medford, Oregon Votes To Ban All Residential Marijuana Grows

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By Keith Mansur – Oregon Cannabis Connection

Medford Oregon’s City Council, a few weeks after approving medical marijuana dispensaries in the city, voted to ban all growing of cannabis in residential zones in town. Mayor Gary Wheeler had threatened to veto the controversial dispensary ordinance even though it had passed with a overwhelming 7-1 vote. A compromise was reached that creates a complete ban on growing in residential zones, medical marijuana included. The ban passed the first reading with a vote of 6-2, with Council members Clay Bearnson and Kevin Stein voting in opposition.

Medford and the local police have a long history of resisting marijuana access, going back to the Memorial Week 2013 raid of Southern Oregon NORML, Puffin’ Stuff, and the Green Compass. Later, the city fought in court to deny business licenses to state authorized medical marijuana dispensaries after the legislature voted them in. Coincidentally, with legal dispensaries in Medford looming on he horizon, Chief of Police Tim George recently announced he would retire in December.

Councilman Tim Jackle, who voiced the strongest opposition to the original measure allowing medical dispensaries, encouraged others on the Council, and the Mayor, to consider a ban on residential growing. The final reasoning was that the residents who wanted marijuana would now have legal access points to purchase their medicine.

During the meeting, Lt. Kevin Walruff of the Medford Police gave a presentation about recent crimes related to marijuana, and also told the council that 27 complaints were filed due to marijuana issues since September 1st. Some councilors thought that was not very many… in a town of over 76,000 people.

“We’ve gotten 27 complaints, and we say, ‘Oh, this is such a huge problem,'” Councilor Stine argued.

Mayor Wheeler explained during a previous City Council meeting, “It’s not the community I envisioned…I don’t think it really does ensure a safer community.”

That point of view did not sit well with at least one member of the council.

“It’s not our job as public officials to impose our vision on the people,” Councilor Bearnsen explained. “Rather, it’s our job to implement the vision voted on by the majority of the people.”

Bearnson, who has filed for a dispensary license in the city, has been at loggerheads with the council since his election last November. Oregon’s first marijuana entrepreneur to serve on an Oregon city council, Bearnson has faced a lot of resistance from fellow council members.

“This issue’s being dealt with from a myopic point of view,” Councilor Bearnson explained during the meeting. “It will potentially cost the city a lot of money, not just legally, but the staff time to enforce it, as well…how much money are we willing to throw at this.”

The council has been discussing the issue for the past few months during their meetings, and their agenda clearly showed the ordinances were being considered, yet not a single person showed up to make comments regarding the ban. Not one.

Beyond the obvious lack of leadership in Jackson County (a void never filled once Lori Duckworth was arrested and SoNORML was raided…see Five Southern Oregon SAP’s Raided – Jun/Jul 2013 OCC), Anthony Taylor of Compassionate Oregon thinks it could be a couple of reasons for the apparent apathy.

“It’s partly because [patients]just aren’t paying attention and city councils aren’t exactly publicizing it,” he explained. “I think it’s also partly a lack of engaged citizenship on part of a culture that is still reeling from the last legislative session.”

“If somebody would have gotten up and spoken a word, it might have helped a little,” Bearnson said in dismay.

The council previously adopted a measure to place on the November 2016 ballot that lets residents decide if they want recreational retail sales facilities in the town. Medford’s vote split on Measure 91 with only 48 votes deciding against the legalization initiative. Next Thursday will be the second, and final reading, of the ordinance and it is expected to pass with a similar vote.

Source: Oregon Cannabis Connection


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  1. Dude. I’m part of that “older” demographic – and these guys are pissin’ me off! They for sure are NOT representing me.

  2. Cannabis is the root of all evil! Haven’t you noticed how close the word is to “cannibal”???

  3. They did. What Medford did is illegal. Their rationale for doing so is that the state laws are illegal themselves, due to federal law supposedly trumping local law.

    Naturally they’re all on the OTHER side of the issue of federal law trumping local law if its a local law they like.

    It won’t last, but the problem is that they are so hell-bent on denying cannabis to their citizens, they’re going to just keep causing trouble. The local LEOs already harass and do everything they can to raid, steal, and threaten people who are obeying this law that the LEOs don’t like.

  4. I’d vote for you! Except I can’t, because I refuse to live in Medford. I am allergic to jack-booted thugs.

  5. You did not read any such thing. You continue to demonstrate a lack of understanding and a level of ignorance that is not exactly casting you in a positive light.

    What you read was that there was a FEDERAL study which showed:

    “In the federal study, which was based on roadside surveys of drivers nationwide, 12.6 percent of weekend nighttime drivers tested positive for THC, up by 48 percent from the same study in 2007.”

    That means that this number was, in 2007, 8.5 percent of weekend nighttime drivers tested positive for THC.

    Then the next time they checked (and I forgot what year that was, maybe 2011? Had nothing at all to do with Seattle, WA, OR, or anything else anyway) that number had gone up to 12.6%. That was a 48% increase in the NUMBER of people testing positive for cannabis.

    I actually do not know what test they were using, or whether there was consistency between years – eg did they test for cannabis via the metabolite testing, the now-discredited saliva tests, or something else? There ARE some fairly accurate blood tests – but we still have no data for what levels of which substances constitutes impairment.

    I had read this study when it came out but I don’t remember which study it was, not even the year. And I’m not interested enough in trying to educate you to go look it up.

    Recently some money-hungry testing labs have been pushing saliva tests for delta-9 THC – the problems are many. But this is the test I assume they were using as it is the simplest and least invasive – though unfortunately nevertheless meaningless. Anyway. PROBLEMS with whatever method they actually used to test:

    1. There is no data outlining what constitutes impairment. These tests use an arbitrary number, and none of the ones I’ve checked out myself use the the same testing procedures. I doubt that even if 2 labs use the same procedure that they are using the same arbitrary number. Regardless, we don’t know what those numbers mean as far as impairment for ANY method of testing for cannabis use. There is very little data yet.

    2. The saliva tests specifically have already been called into question and discredited. Even the U.S. Department of Justice, which declared that saliva tests “[do not] indicate… frequency, or amount of use, or impairment,” don’t like these tests and do not use them.

    3. Because 1 and 2 are true, no conclusions can be drawn regarding impairment regardless of whether 8% of some drivers tested “positive” for cannabis use (whatever “positive” means) or whether 12% are testing “positive”. Whatever that means. We are not only NOT testing for the “right” things, we don’t even know what the “right” things ARE.

    There are probably other issues but those right there knock the whole thing down.

    You have no idea what you are even talking about. You have no idea what you have actually even read, LOL!

  6. In CO they have already shown that traffic accidents have gone DOWN – not increased – since legalization. There’s not enough data yet to show anything one way or the other in OR, its only been legal since what, July? They’re still getting growers and dispensaries in place.

    It’s not a 48% increase in THC levels. It is a 48% of increase in people testing positive for delta-9 THC – which I think they were testing using now discredited saliva testing. And only some people – only some drivers – nighttime weekend drivers? I think – at that.

    The fact that most police departments still only test for metabolites and not anything that would show actual impairment due to cannabis makes those tests meaningless anyway. They were SPECIFICALLY implemented the way they are BECAUSE they sweep up everybody who has smoked anything at all for the past several weeks. The way they do these tests and the substances they are testing for is aimed at “catching” illegal drug users, not proving impairment. Impairment didn’t matter at all to the folks who put this stuff in place. It’s all about “catching” you.

    It is perfectly natural that more people will be testing positive for metabolites – it’s LEGAL at some level in a lot of states now. It just doesn’t mean anything at all about impairment, though.

    Furthermore, if more metabolites are showing up (eg higher levels of metabollites) in people’s blood – again, that only shows PAST use, not current impairment. Testing for metabolites is a waste of time – unless you’re trying to catch people for any cannabis use at all.

  7. You are the one with the problem interpreting data from traffic accidents.

    FACT: Marijuana metabolites stay in the body for WEEKS – even months.
    FACT: If you are a medical marijuana user, you will ALWAYS flunk the MJ test because they test for metabolites that stay in your body for weeks or months (see above)
    FACT: All the drug test done after car accidents show is that you have used MJ in the last month or more. It doesn’t test for impairment in any way, shape or form.
    FACT: Alcohol is, always has been, and will likely continue to be THE major cause of driving impairment.

    What the antis do is they take the statistics for traffic accidents and present them as if MJ is the cause, when they actually have no information about that at all. They do not test for impairment due to cannabis use. They only test to see if you smoked a joint any time in the past couple of months. A person may be totally unstoned and still test positive for the metabolites. You may not have smoked at all for weeks, and still test positive for metabolites.

    However not being stoned doesn’t prevent you from being DRUNK. Or impaired in some other fashion.

    So anybody who has a traffic accident or gets any sort of ticket who has used any marijuana any time in the past 4 to 8 weeks (sometimes even longer for some people) will test positive for the metabolites EVEN THOUGH THERE WAS NO MARIJUANA involved in the impairment at all.

    They did this back in the Reagan era to fool people in to voting marijuana illegal in Alaska (it was legal there to grow I think 3 plants at a time, until sometime in the 80s when Reaganites started their yellow journalism campaign). They plastered the TV and newspapers with ads claiming that something like 60% (I’ve forgotten the exact percentage) of fatal car accidents due to a DUI in Alaska were “caused” by people driving while high.

    What they DIDN’T tell you, because they’re lying freaks trying to manipulate weak-minded people like you, is that ONE HUNDRED percent of those fatal accidents were caused by people who blew over the limit for alcohol. EG, each and every one of those accidents had as THE proximate cause DRUNK drivers. Not stoned drivers. They were ALL drunk.

    There is no date on whether or not a single such driver was actually stoned at the time as well, because they quite literally DO NOT test for that.

    As for your slandering of people over 55 using medical marijuana, I am 57. I use medical marijuana all the time. I don’t stumble in to traffic, I don’t drive impaired, I don’t wander around the neighborhood like some kind of crazy person. I don’t believe you have ever witnessed this behavior from ANY medical marijuana user of ANY age, let alone “enough to write a best seller”. A task at which, it is quite clear, you would totally and utterly fail to succeed, even if you DID have interesting things to write about (which you don’t). I know I have never seen this kind of behavior, ever, in over 50 years.

    It could happen. But it certainly doesn’t happen very often. Certainly not often enough for you to make disparaging remarks implying that anyone over 55 who uses cannabis turns into some kind of stumbling dangerous idiot.

    Drunks stumbling around now, that’s quite another matter. I see that all the time, and no, it is not interesting enough to write “a best seller” about because it is so mundane and commonplace among drinkers.

    And anyone on a cell phone, in a car or a pedestrian, is a danger to themselves and traffic.

    But not medical marijuana users, not even those of us who are ancient and doddering. We don’t dodder any more severely just because we medicate, LOL!

  8. OK that all proves you know nothing. There is no such thing as “being too acidic” and even if there were (which there isn’t) it wouldn’t cause bone spurs to grow. Or deposits. Or whatever other made-up thing you’re afraid of. That’s internet nonsense.

  9. This ban will be shot down once it is taken to the state supreme court. The ban directly violates the home growers provision of measure 91 and will be superseded by said provision.
    Prohibitionists are at the very least steadfast in their attempts to stymie progress regardless of whether or not the fight is over.

  10. It’s called prohibition….. They’ll put it to the vote of the people …. Like the taxes …

  11. Robert, I’m pretty busy like most people, and wanted you to have this information, as a matter of courtesy and caring. Since I didn’t hear from you, I thought others might like to see another ‘healing’ option, also. You’re welcome. I don’t hang out on blogs, but responded to a local news story that happened to be on this blog. There is natural help, and I think that is what many on the MJ road are seeking. I’ve just seen too many abuses and am now hearing about some of the consequences, as in traffic accidents. Kajira: It sounds like you have a hard time admitting that after medicinal or recreational use, people impaired with MJ in their system get on the road. Time has a way of revealing the truth. Society seems to swing from one side of the pendulum to the other. Personally, I’m glad that there is better acceptance of the ingredient in Cannabis Oil that heals cancer, etc. It’s past time in this country that people come before Big Pharma, politics and Correction Profits.

  12. If you make a claim you wish to be accepted, the onus is on you to provide the citations.

    However, I read the same study when it was first released, followed by research indicating all the glaring issues with the results. I was hoping you were speaking of a different study, but couldn’t know until you responded. I’ve already drawn my conclusions for this study and will continue to question the validity of the numbers until they determine a way to test for actual impairment.

  13. Robert: The AMA would scrape spurs out, and cause more problems with scar tissue. I was too acidic and started getting rheumatoid deposits on a finger, which was painful. The body puts out the ‘fire’ by robbing bones and teeth of calcium. What’s left are little spurs or deposits that press on our nerves or deterioration. “Well, we could scrape it out, but it would just come back and you’d have scar tissue.” =MD. So, I took some bioavailable calcium from various sources including dicalcium phosphate, sustained release vitamin C as it not only detoxes but is essential for collagen formation, alfalfa and a good joint health complex and it is long gone. Our food is our medicine, and medicine is food, but sometimes we are depleted because of our soil, life or lifestyle. For me, systemic Candida was a problem. The DNA of Candida is cancer. The fungal friends crave sugar. Coffee, processed food, sugar and the wrong carbs, medication, stress, etc. acidify us and imbalance the gut flora because they feed the bad guys.
    For multiple stories to heal discs and bone spurs, you can check out Google, but here are two sources. I’m particular about how I spend money for supplements. At 61, I’ve done enough trial and error to know what works and what is a waste of time, energy and money. For those who are looking for the cause and rebuilding your own body: (Please don’t think this is some marketing ploy…lol) I dropship to my friends at my price. I keep it simple. If and when a month’s volume is enough, I get a bonus which helps pay for my own supplements. It rewards the time I take to educate, but my reward is seeing people heal and live. I’m always willing to help anyone. Take what you like, as they say in AA/NA and leave the rest. For the distrustful, you can get your stuff elsewhere. I’ve had to explore natural alternatives to heal from cancer and then Lyme if I wanted to stay around. Diet, exercise, colon and parasite cleansing to detox. Music, massage, contributing to others. I don’t drink, smoke, drug, medicate or have inside pets…or participate in harmful religions that shun other spiritual beliefs. I try not to infringe on others, but I’m most likely to confront when I think I hear BS based on my own experience. I am only one grain of sand, perfectly valuable, but imperfect like everyone. I believe in ‘First do no harm.’ I’m currently working on patience.
    My single profile defining statement: “I should be able to refer you to mentor any young person for a better, more hopeful world.”

  14. Robert, if you send me your email, I”ll send you information and cases of what others have done successfully.

  15. I can give you an address where you too can view what happens when people are smoking pot at ages 55 and over, and you can form your own opinion. While it’s true not everyone is erratic upon withdrawal and use, I could write a bestseller about what I’ve seen. I am totally supportive of the healing power of Cannabis oil for cancer, etc. and pot being used for increasing appetite for Cancer patients. I’ve had friends who smoke for pain control vs. opiates, and it isn’t my life or pain, so I support their free choice vs. criminalizing and feeding the Corrections industry. One friend did get a strange Sarcoma near his knee, but then, he also smokes ciggs. and is prone to tumors. Personally, I am more interested in treating the cause of pain vs. the symptoms. I’ve always been more curious though about healing vs. ‘treatment’. There is a narrow window of validity to me, and a benefit vs. liability to look at in the area of personal responsibility and any drug/medication use. I’ve put my research hours in building the immune and body, like understanding bone spurs and how they press on nerves to cause pain, etc. and how to naturally address them. Someone once said all death is a suicide. I think that is a bit overreaching, but the choices we make daily either make and keep us healthy, or not. Information is a key part of that.
    Keith: I hoped you could understand my point about my dead Oncologist without me stating it.

  16. Your dead oncologist didn’t know what he was talking about. The fact that he passed out Twinkies to people just goes to show he did not know what he was talking about (or doing, for that matter…). Thanks, again, for clarifying!

  17. “Some of the most unhealthy, erratic people I’ve ever seen”….that, my dear, is a ridiculous statement. You do not know what you are talking about, and when you say things like that, it lets everyone know you don’t know what you are talking about! Thanks for clarifying that!

  18. “their agenda clearly showed the ordinances were being considered, yet not a single person showed up to make comments regarding the ban. Not one.” likely because they know they’ll be arrested shortly after commenting or because they were working 16 hour days trimming, apathy got nothing to do with it.

  19. jasen joseph hylbert on

    Those who stand in the way of a complete repeal of cannabis prohibition across the entire planet are terrorists and should be treated as such.

  20. 1. “Dissenting opinions are welcome, insults and personal attacks are discouraged and hate speech will not be tolerated.” ?? My dead Oncologist (died of oral cancer) used to pass out Twinkies to his patients, as a rebellion to the idea that sugar didn’t promote Cancer. He did admit, however, that the hour class on Nutrition that the Med. Doctors got was something he was not interested in.
    2. Studies and results of any drug use may not be welcome, and the consequences of behavior not owned, but the mortuary business and grief produced by ‘any’ alcohol/drug use combined with driving is simply fact. Kajira: Anyone can Google and decide for themselves, if they choose to know. ie: http://seattle.cbslocal.com/2014/02/04/study-fatal-car-crashes-involving-marijuana-have-tripled/
    This study involved 11 years and testing the blood for all substances.
    Not only did I find a list of articles on deadly accidents involving marijuana levels, but a friend shared that the Seattle Police Chief reported auto accidents have tripled since the Marijuana laws have changed. I initially didn’t share this, as studies and facts are plentiful.
    3. Because one person’s Asthma or RAD isn’t triggered, doesn’t mean that is the reality for others. One view is solitary, and can be seen as narcissistic if no one else’s experience is considered. In Texas, smoking in a car with a child is against the law, for instance, as the child’s rights and health are considered. Not just the ‘adult’.
    4. A deadly pedestrian accident does not bring blood testing, unless the Police in Portland choose to order a Warrant. I have witnessed an elderly man run over in a crosswalk on Christmas Eve by a young girl, and know that her blood alcohol level wasn’t tested. The 40+ mph ‘hit’ of a young man on SE Division also did not produce any testing. That may seem okay for you, until it’s you or your loved ones. I merely brought it to your attention. It’s a bummer knowing that our choices can harm and kill others, but guilt or knowledge sometimes helps us grow up.
    5. Beyond my personal experience and months in court as a landlord which caused considerable financial consequences, again, anyone that chooses to know, can look up the type of damage pot smoke and growing odors (mold, electrical fires and damage, etc.) can do to a residence. I don’t want to write you a novel. Just know that I kindly shared a dose of reality. Appreciated or not. Guilt seemed to produce some aggression.
    6. Relationships and time left after work and just ‘surviving’ are stressed enough. Some just don’t understand what the consequences are in not being present. I think our children deserve better protection and examples. Obviously, innocent victims on the road do also. Since I don’t use alcohol or drugs or meds, don’t even have aspirin, tylenol or Ibuprofen, even with experiencing the hell of Lyme Disease, I cannot comment on driving under the influence of anything personally, except I know that I cannot afford a loss of judgment. Like taking my time and energy to give a balanced view or a hit of reality, unwelcome to some as it may be. We each are responsible to contribute to this world to make it a better place, or be in a position to be the ‘example’ and warning to others.

  21. there are great qualified citizens in Oregon…. the younger activist generation has great Veteran leaders who give a shite about their community and want to make positive changes and move beyond the American Slave Trade with the for-profit prison industry…..

  22. Of course methford want to keep the meth flowing so they have people to arrest and keep the cartels happy

  23. B Gallucci Gallucci on

    Pamela Cohen you are so wrong and backwards you have no idea how stupid you sound. Using MMJ in no way makes one “check out” like you do with your alcohol or prescription drugs. It is fact, that one is more likely to die or kill some one on perscription drugs.
    Walking around a neighborhood that has weed growing in it is as likely to give you an Asthmatic reaction as your neighbors dog. less likely actually. I have had Asthma all my life i would know.
    And what on earth are talking about 48% thc… people are walking around half high?
    Please show a link to this as i have no idea what your saying.
    Property damage? Again where is the proof? I have a home i rent and ever time some one moves out the house is fucked up. People fuck up rentals drugs or no drugs thats what the deposit for. Please keep your thumbs from typing stuff your face cant back up..

    The fact is marijuana can be harmful just like pills and alcohol the 1 major difference people are not dieing on weed just the other 2. Go back to college or just read up on the facts.
    Has links to us government statistics

  24. Spare us the phony nightmare scenarios. I personally don’t see where pot prohibition has made stronger families or neighborhoods. Freedom isn’t free? Does that mean that we all have to conform to your twisted worldview before we can be “free”? You are full of B.S.

  25. Pamela Twinkie on

    ” I saw a pedestrian get struck by a car at 40+ mph and learned that there’s no blood testing protocol for that, in Portland. What else can go wrong in the country?”

    What the hell does this even mean? Can anyone translate white trash babble?

  26. I’ll second Denny’s comment, I first enjoyed Cannabis in 1965, still do, and support RE-Legalization 100%. It isn’t about age.It’s a Moral issue.

  27. Don’t make the mistake we made here in Washington state , be sure Adults will have the freedom to grow a plant.

  28. Time to kick out a few council persons.

    ” it’s our job to implement the vision voted on by the majority of the people.”,,,,,thank you council Bearnsen, at least someone get’s it.

  29. Please cite the study regarding Seattle and the 48% increase in THC levels (and fatal collisions). I’d like to review the data and learn what other substances were checked.


  30. Recently read that Seattle has experienced a 48% increase in THC blood levels, half over the limit with deadly traffic accidents. Slow reaction time and bad judgment is harming innocent people. I personally don’t see where pot smoking and ‘checking out’ will make stronger families or neighborhoods. Pot smoking or growing should not violate other’s rights to clean air. Landlords can experience expensive property damage with pot use and growing. Even a walk in a neighborhood any more can harm those with asthma or other reactive airway problems. I remember the 55+ neighborhood I walked through. Clouds of cigg smoke were bad enough. Then came ‘medical’ marijuana. Some of the most unhealthy, erratic people I’ve ever seen. I saw a pedestrian get struck by a car at 40+ mph and learned that there’s no blood testing protocol for that, in Portland. What else can go wrong in the country? Oh yes. The Senate just passed a bill that all Vets will have mandatory vaccinations. Freedom isn’t free.

  31. Wrong and insensitive–I’m sneaking up on 70, so don’t pull the age argument because it isn’t valid.

  32. Wondering about a minority dictating to a voting majority in a democracy. Voter approved state and federal laws should be enforced by the federal and state governments’ executive branch. Towns and counties who don’t agree with a voter decision do NOT have the right to dictate to the state. This ends up with a low income, vet patient who is not even allowed to grow their own medicine as outlined by state law even though they are a medical marijuana patient. They can’t get their medicine from Walgreens and they can’t afford to pay $10 a gram at a dispensary for medicine they can grow for pennies, legally at home.

  33. Rape case clearance is down since the War On Drugs.
    Murder case clearance is down since the War On Drugs.
    Robbery case clearance is down since the War On Drugs.

    I could cite more.

  34. ah the pious Prohibition profiteers….. guess Medford needs a change in their leadership….. time to run on the platform that … “Cannabis use is neither a sin or vice and those elected officials who continue to support this old racist law need to be sent to the dung heap of history” Veterans for Compassionate Care supports the rights of all adults to garden and grow their own cannabis for personal use. http://www.veteransforcompassionatecare.org

  35. We will see this same thing happen in California if the Parker initiative is passed in Nov 2016. There will (effectively) be local growing bans, because local agencies will place such onerous requirements on “allowing” citizens to grow Cannabis that many cannot comply and the rest won’t bother.

    The leaders (those in power) in many communities continue to hold strongly to a “not in my back yard” philosophy when it comes to the acceptance of the possession and use of Cannabis. They will enforce their view of what they thing the communities should have – despite the will of the voters.

    California voters need to read the initiatives carefully and think through the consequences for consumers when considering which initiative(s) to vote for. Not all of them are consumer-friendly.

  36. Once again that eeeee-vee-ill merrywanna has hypnotized good people and turned them into criminals. There’s no doubt that but for the existence of cannabis that the culprits in the cases mentioned in the article would have instead been singing in the church choir on Sundays, working as a full time volunteers at the soup kitchen feeding the hungry, and helping diminutive, elderly women negotiate busy traffic intersections in their spare time. There’s no doubt whatever that were it not for merrywanna that there would be no crime in our society!

  37. Small scale indoor medical grows too?? Screw that. I’d just break out the carbon filters again, keep my mouth shut and have my attorney’s contact info readily handy. These type of small grows don’t hurt anybody and if my lawyer is going to be the guy that proves that, that’s fine too.

  38. stellarvoyager on

    Yet Medford and the surrounding area are one of the biggest weed growing regions in the state. You’d think the people there would elect people who would respect their way of life.

  39. Its a retirement city…they represent the “older” demographic.

    Its all about their local power ;)

  40. To the best of my knowledge, local bans of residential personal grows are illegal under measure 91. If so, a lawsuit should be filed against the city ASAP to get this ordinance repealed and restore the citizens’ rights under measure 91.

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