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Medford Revoking Business Licenses Of Medical Marijuana Facilities In City Limits


medford oregon medical marijuanaSafe access to medical marijuana in Oregon got a boost when the Legislature passed HB 3460, permitting medical marijuana facilities to operate within the state. Apparently the City of Medford didn’t follow the legislative session this year. See the message below sent to me by Moms for Marijuana:

It has recently come to our attention that the City of Medford has started revoking business licenses of Medical Marijuana Facilities in Medford City limits!! They are also Denying applications for New businesses that have anything to do with Cannabis! Clearly this isn’t acceptable! Action is required both in person and on-line. Please read!!

The City is saying that the businesses do not comply with Federal Law, despite the recent memo from the Attorney General backing up WA and CO’s new laws that allow cannabis, giving hope to cannabis reformers everywhere. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/29/eric-holder-marijuana-washington-colorado-doj_n_3837034.html This memo has even prompted the OR to consider farming Industrial Hemp as the voters voted it through many years ago but didn’t implement due to the conflict. http://www.oregonlive.com/politics/index.ssf/2013/09/us_rep_earl_blumenauer_urges_o.html

The City also doesn’t seem to be considering that soon Medical Marijuana Facilities will be fully legal under OR state law ( http://www.oregon.gov/oha/Pages/medicalmarijuanadispensaries.aspx ) and that that means they will be aloud to operate. Or are they considering that? Are they trying to send a message to the patients that they do not wish to help ease suffering with a State implemented program that the voters enacted? We need find out their intention and urge them to Stop trying to drive our medicine out of the valley! They are not only hurting patients, but the economy as well if they ban our Safe Access Points.

Please urge the City of Medford to reinstate the recent revocations and to Approve further applications for Medical Marijuana Facilities, not drive them away!

You can e-mail the City Manager’s Office with comment:
citymanager@ci.medford.or.us Also PLEASE SHOW UP on 10/17/13 at 12pm with testimony for the Medford City Council. This is not on the agenda to our knowledge but there will be time for public in-put (Per City Recorder). Please be prepared that this *could* get carried over to the 7pm meeting that evening. Your participation is requested as much as possible. http://www.ci.medford.or.us/Page.asp?NavID=218

Please be prepared to tell the City Council that we demand that they reinstate business licenses for us to continue to Safely get our medication! Also let them know that it is Not OK for them to make these decisions with out public in-put and that this goes against laws that were voted on by the people of OR! Please come well prepared with facts and research!

We need a Large show of support, so please share this event and make sure to come to Council Chambers, City Hall, 411 West 8th Street, Medford, Thursday at 12pm! It is time to stand up and tell the city of Medford and MADGE that Medical cannabis is Not illegal under state law and to leave Safe Access Alone!

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  1. Cities do not enforce federal law. The feds do that….If a city has a problem with someone violating a federal law, I believe the protocol is to notify the feds. They are blowing shit out of their asses. At this point, if I were a vendor in Medford, I would hold these people’s feet to the fire. I don’t believe the feds would support them if these establishments are not pushing hundreds of lbs/year.

  2. AlcoholKillsBraincells on

    This article needs some editing, but other than that, good on ya.

    (hint: ‘that that’ sounds awkward… and ‘aloud’ / ‘allowed’)

  3. No, it is our opponents that will kick and scream (and bite and chew), but hopefully that’s just a sign of their desperation. It sure sounds like it…

  4. The city of Medford should be sued over this. Where are all you sharp ganja-loving lawyers,anyway?

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