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Media Outlet Claims Marijuana ‘Kills 30,000 A Year’


Reefer MadnessI just read one of the biggest anti-marijuana propaganda articles in modern times. It was an article published by the Daily Mailwhich estimated that cannabis kills 30,000 people a year in the UK. Admittedly, I’m not from the UK, so I wasn’t sure if this was a joke or if it was real. Sadly, it appears to be a real claim.

According to the article:

“Researchers calculate that if 120,000 deaths are caused among 13 million smokers, the corresponding figure among 3.2 million cannabis smokers would be 30,000. The drug can cause cancer, lung disease and abnormalities associated with serious mental illness.”

Things that I feel should be considered when comparing cigarette smoking to cannabis smoking:

The claims made by the people quoted in the Daily Mail are absolutely false and are nothing short of propaganda. The fact that the Daily Mail would deem such claims newsworthy is unacceptable. Smoking marijuana is not the same as smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes are proven to kill millions of people every year worldwide. Cannabis use has never killed anyone, anywhere, throughout all of history. Those are facts that no one can debate. Shame on you Daily Mail!


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  1. Ah, but… Big Pharma is way behind the times when it comes to cannabis. They will never be able to convince all medical marijuana users to switch to a pill, spray, or whatever. The MMJ movement is too mature and innovative to allow a complete takeover by Big Pharma (hopefully). But this does not negate the fact that Big Pharma is a competitor within the medical cannabis industry (and should be viewed as such).

  2. I live in England, and i can tell you Johnny that the Daily Mail is one of the worst media publishers for propaganda. Their publishings have been a blight on British society for decades, holding political and economic gain over publishing factual stories.
    In fact, the Daily Mail stands out for its blatant misrepresentation of the facts, and not just on cannabis-related issues. Immigration, the BBC, the National Health Service, homosexuals – all have been subjected to its unfair scrutiny, and its rabid style shows little sign of mellowing. And as its online influence becomes ever greater its tendency to distort reality becomes ever more troubling, rarely acknowledging when misleading opinions are incorrectly represented as facts.
    It is solely a middle-market publication firmly catering to the ‘establishment’, with unbridled adoration for all things Royal, scandalous or pop-culture, and an exaggerated fear of Islam, paedophiles, homosexuals, hippies and the European Union, it is unsurprising that the Mail toes the traditional Conservative party line so ardently when it comes to cannabis.

    Now it wouldn’t be fair if i made all these statements without some evidence, so here are some of the classically outrageous and untrue headliners and comments the daily mail has run with in the past:

    “Eight out of ten new mental patients are heavy cannabis users”

    “Just ONE cannabis joint ‘can bring on schizophrenia’ as well as damaging memory.”

    “Skunk cannabis is 25 times stronger”

    “More than 22,000 people were treated last year for cannabis addiction”

    “Britain’s marijuana mafia: Two million users, £6bn worth of trade and 30,000 deaths. A leading author meets the men (and women) feeding the UK’s terrifying addiction”

    “Cocaine, Heroin, LSD and amphetamines all bring devastating consequences but it is no exaggeration to say that cannabis, and in particular hash, its concentrated resin, is the most deadly of them all. It brings a level of
    violence, illness and addiction that to most people would seem barely credible.”

    “Children need good parents much more than retarded homophobes need an
    excuse to whinge”

    “Yes, scientists do some good. But a country run by these arrogant gods or certainty would truly be hell on earth”

    “Women only become good cooks at the age of 55 – that is when they can cook a roast, rescue a meal… and FINALLY boil an egg”

    “Middle class children have better genes than the lower classes”

    “Civil Partnerships “lower house prices”, claims straight man”

    “Jesus, an Illegal Immigrant”

    “German woman” to lecture us on Christmas Day?”

    “Are we ruled by a Gay Mafia?”

    I could go one, there are literally thousands of headlines of a similar ilk. The fact that The Daily Mail paper is allowed to publish some of its headlines is frankly concerning, preying on the follow-the-sheep crowd who are blindly following the poison that this paper publishes.
    Any outside campaign against their false publishings is very welcome!

    And just for a bit of comedy, below is a list of claims made over the years in REAL Daily Mail stories as to things that cause/cure cancer, see what you make of these:

    Things which cure/prevent cancer

    Cloudy apple juice, a Mediterranean diet, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, having had E-coli, apples, peanuts, soya, your blood cells, evening primrose oil, the “energy” from crystals, red wine, breast milk (provided it’s never consumed in public), white bread, a fibre-rich diet, watercress, tea, eating at least 19 portions of vegetables a day.

    Things which cause cancer

    Cloudy apple juice, tea, organic coffee, spicy food, other vegetables, answering machines, cannabis, being tall at 14, being born with a large head, oral sex, swine flu, being fat, being thin, cooking oil, IVF, being female, salt, vaccines (particularly MMR or Swine Flu), ethnic minorities, fizzy drinks, alcohol (but not wine), being poor, crisps, homosexuals, drag queens, biscuits, breakfast cereals, baby food, drugs, WiFi, voting Labour, white bread (see above), water (except when it’s expensive and from a plastic bottle), Energy saving light bulbs, plastic, “chemicals”, Mobile phone masts situated near schools (Masts elsewhere are fine, as are the phones themselves), eating food, wheelie bins (the risk increases the less often they’re emptied), unemployed people, Facebook and of course immigrants.

    (You may notice some appear in both categories, that because they often
    claim one thing causes cancer then a decade later says it can help
    prevent it)

  3. retarded author, sad editorial, poor choice of content by the Daily Mail..now known as the daily JUNK mail. bent all around SO badly that the paper won’t accept comments. absolutely bent and retarded…

  4. Legalizing pot would take money out of the hands of a criminal element alright: Big Pharma. They are now frantically moving to take it over. Corporatism does not allow for control of the means of production by the people. Legality will come when Big Pharma is ready.

  5. is “the Daily Mail” similar to “the weekly world news” or “the national enquirer”?? both of which are, of course, complete rubbish!

  6. it doesn’t cause mental illness and i am no expert, just an observer. i am still laughing at the absurdity of the article and the thoughts expressed. like i visited an asylum.

  7. hahahahahahahahahaa!!! that is fcking hilarious! reminds me of patrick kennedy’s minion doctor who propagates lies about cannabis all the time as if this isn’t 2013 and as if we don’t have mounds of evidence that disproves every lie ever created about this plant in order for the cabal in power to make more and more money while killing the planet and all of us, including them (irony). the oil of the plant cures cancer. you can vape it and it actually is proven scientifically to help your lungs. and saying it causes mental illness is just beyond the pale. its like saying the sky is orange not blue not matter what you think you see. it actually aids people with ptsd and other mental issues. it is a bringer of calm and focus. psychedelics are used in patient therapy to relieve everything from heroine addiction to ptsd to depression, etc. there are so many plants and herbs on this planet made specifically to enlighten you, to open up your inner journey so you can better navigate this thing we call life. not to abuse. cannabis is so miraculous in so many ways, as well as hemp, that it will save this planet, and us. the daily mail can kiss all of our asses. it is so obvious that one would think it is april fools day.

  8. hi guys, im in the uk and yes we build are spliffs with tobacco. it has alot to do with cost! here in the uk we pay £20 for between 1.3 to 2.3grams per deal. depending which dealer u go to! also the weight is affected also by how dried out it is too. as a lot of dealers here are impatient and sell their weed not fully dried and never cured!!

  9. I know someone who reads People magazine, so I kinda know how you feel. But I guess trash can be entertaining at times, no? I read the Huffington Post when I’m bored… :-)

  10. I had the funniest visual of you, with your right arm raised in the air and pointing at this tabloid… It’s trash, I say, it’s trash! I guess it would be funnier if you could see inside my head…

  11. One of the benefits of a problem with short term memory is that you are guaranteed to learn something new every day (even if you’re learning it for the second time). :-)

  12. You cannot compare all of the toxins you get when you smoke cigarettes to what you are exposed to with cannabis smoke.

    And WTF does this mean? “The drug can cause… abnormalities associated with serious mental illness.” I’ve never read that cannabis could CAUSE mental illness, which is what this is essentially saying. And that is not possible. (However, since I am not a doctor, it would be nice if a medical expert chimed in on this.)

  13. Joshua Rozenberg

    Monday 14 October 2013 07.42 EDT

    Jump to comments (24)

    The European court of
    human rights said the confusion between costs and compensation was one
    example of how a distorted picture of the court’s decisions and work was
    put forward. Photograph: Johanna Leguerre/AFP

    The European court of human rights has accused British newspapers, including the Daily Mail, of publishing “seriously misleading” reports.

  14. This is a re-hashed story. It was brought up a couple of years ago somewhere in Briton. Pretty cool that I can still remember it since us pot smokers all have CRS. lol

  15. In my experience pot smokers in the UK adulterate their weed with tobacco. Cannabis isn’t doing any of those things mentioned; the tobacco they’re smoking along with it does. Some of these anti-cannabis authors are just throwing blurbs off the top without making the effort to research a subject they obviously don’t know much about.

  16. “I’ve always been a Daily Mail reader. I prefer it to a newspaper”
    ~ Oscar Wilde on The Daily Mail.

    This newspaper is a joke, and it looks like it has been for a very long time. Tabloid trash. No worries…coming from them it’s probably an endorsement for pot.

  17. They’re using a mathematical equation as a smear campaign, marijuana has directly resulted in 0 deaths, worldwide, historically, indirectly..(e.g turf wars, or even, high an fell out a window) is anyone’s guess… Alcohol, direct result 66,000 per year in the u.k alone… Not drink driving, drunk fighting, just drinking to much for your liver… If marijuana was legalised it would take the money out of the hands of a ‘criminal element’ and simultaneously boost economic growth overnight.. Politicians should seriously consider un-biased, logical observations. There are even degrees of legality, such as licence or medical prescription that could be looked at… The authority in the u.k needs to take the blinkers off…

  18. Immortal Illumined on

    the greatest plant in the universe is almost free, LET FREEDOM RING

    they can say what they want…just a matter of time now, from 0 states to half the country

    Ride On Us! Love and Freedom

  19. I live in scotland and my girlfriend reads thie dailymail website all the bloody time its full of falsifacation and its pretty daunting to see such a read paper spout lies all over itself.

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