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Medical And Recreational Cannabis Users Uniting Against Obama


Oakland Cannabis Rally 2012Medical and Recreational Cannabis Users Stand United Against Obama

President Obama was met last Monday in Oakland with a crowd composed of well over 800 furious cannabis activists, patients, and people who are simply fed up with Obama’s continuous war on people who choice to use cannabis for medical or recreational purposes. People don’t often get the chance to see the President in person in Oakland, but they definitely knew how to take advantage of his fundraising pit stop to give him a piece of their mind.

The debate between medical and recreational cannabis users was put to rest on Monday in light of the Federal government’s recent decision to go after Harborside Health Center, which paid $1.1 million in taxes to the state of California last year, and also happens to be the ideal model for a legitimate medical cannabis dispensary operating within the bounds of California law. The important thing to remember is that recreational cannabis users don’t want the government to take away patients’ medicine just as medicinal users don’t want to see recreational users go to jail.

As a young activist who got involved with the drug policy reform movement four years ago, I’ve heard my fair share of bickering back and forth regarding how we should be taking on the government and all of their failed federal policies and laws, but rarely is there a consensus. There has always been tension between the medical and recreational cannabis communities, which to my knowledge has yet to result in anything positive or productive for either side. The rally was the dawning of a new era of activists that have caught sight of a common goal, to tell Obama to keep the federal government out of state implemented laws! The consensus was quite simple: These are our states and our laws, and we refuse to let ANYONE tell us differently.

We are at a historical turning point in cannabis law reform in the United States, and we are sick and tired of arguing amongst ourselves. Instead, all cannabis users are now standing united to send Obama a loud and clear message; that we will not continue be ignored! It is clear that we are at the tipping point of having a major shift in cannabis laws: Washington, Oregon and Colorado all have cannabis legalization on the 2012 ballot.

Whether you are a medical patient fighting for the right to use one of the safest most effective medicines in the world, or you simply prefer to use cannabis at the end of a long work day instead of drinking alcohol, you can agree that Obama MUST be held accountable for his actions against all cannabis users. Too many people are in jail, too much taxpayer money is being wasted, too many patients are suffering, and too many people are fed up with Obama’s lack of action when it comes to the illogical cannabis laws that exist in this country.

Please be sure to sign and share Harborside’s Change.org petition telling Obama to fight crime, not cannabis!

Article from National Cannabis Coalition and republished with special permission


About Author

Sam Chapman has dedicated the last seven years of his life to leadership, activism, progressive legal reform, and social media. He has been a crucial member of the End Prohibition Again Campaign, Students for a Sensible Drug Policy, as well as a strategic framer for Occupy Eugene. Beyond drug policy reform, Chapman has served as the Associated Students of the University of Oregon Campaign Manager, College Outreach Coordinator for the Measure 74 Campaign, and currently runs a social justice organization, the Interpretive Framing Group. Chapman’s expertise also includes his ability to develop diverse networks of people through the power of social media. Chapman seeks to challenge outdated status quos and policies through his public speaking, leadership, and social media skills.


  1. Westcoastsun on

    Give Obama a chance and he will decriminalize weed during his second term, if re-elected.
    Think about it…

    Obama’s marijuana strategy seems obvious. Obama can not be radical during his first term because his #1 priority is to get elected to a second term as President. Obama must be seen to be tough during his first term, then during his second term he can honestly say, “I tried the tough approach during the last four years but now I’ve seen that the war on drugs does not work for marijuana, so I’m relaxing the laws during my second term.”

    Obama will make radical changes to the marijuana laws if he is re-elected to a second term. That’s the strategy any politician would use if he was pro-pot, but wanted to be re-elected as a two term president.

  2. ColleenMcCool on

    It is morally bankrupt to punish nonviolent adults for making a safer
    health choice, cannabis or marijuana, compared to other legal
    medicinal/social drugs. Regulate cannabis like alcohol and tobacco or
    just reclassify it, as the herbal supplement it is scientifically! The
    people believe in self-government and self-medication.

  3. This sucks, Obama is bad on this issue, but he is the only hope legalization has. Paul can’t get elected, lets be honest, and Mitt is militantly against weed. It sucks because I firmly believe Obama is listening to a wiseman who once said, the best way to get rid of a bad law is to enforce it strictly. But if that’s true, he can’t tell us, and has to put up with us being p.o.’d at him.

  4. nygratefulfred on

    Barack Obummer is like a traitor to the Medical Marijuana and Legalization movements.He allows the Feds to trample states rights and keeps morons like Gill Kerlikowske and Michele Leonhart who are totally out of touch and pushing bought and paid for agendas in positions where their ignorance of facts and their ignoring of states rights to hurt a lot of people.

  5. Burlwood Barry on

    cannabis is *the* defining issue of our time, especially in the U.S. and
    especially this November with the presidential election coming up. of
    course both the major candidates are equally negligent when it comes to
    heeding peer-reviewed scientific evidence on the vast medicinal
    qualities of cannabis, but my point is that the issue of cannabis will
    only keep growing exponentially and keep taking over headline news,
    spotlighting more clearly than ever the divide between common everyday
    people like us who just want to get high and/or improve our health
    without hurting anyone, and the tyranny from egomaniacal death-lusting
    psychopaths who are somehow still in office illegitimately. in the final
    outcome, the people’s will is what survives, not the tyranny. i don’t
    care what international treaties any given country is a party to; bad
    law is bad law and should be repealed or at least ignored. i’m seriously
    thinking of moving to Oregon if OCTA passes. cannabis is *the* issue of
    our time. i think it might gain more ground than the global warming
    issue which is already bigger than big. peace and love to all, even to
    zombies. smoke ’em if you got ’em! <3

  6. And they’re uniting with… his name should rhyme with shmon shpaul.. The only guy running who has been saying the war on drugs is a farce since before there was a war on drugs. The guy who hasn’t changed positions in 30 years. Just saying, it’s all too easy to complain about the king, it’s to hard to get behind a grass roots campaign. There’s a guy out there though who’s kicking some ass even as a Constitutionalist Republican/Liberal. Fox news hates him BECAUSE HE’S NOT CORRUPTED which means us normal (not NORML) folks should love him. Ron Paul 2012! Youtube him Yes he’s still running.

  7. I’m glad there was so many people that showed up to show Obama that this issue really does matter to the MAJORITY of americans. If I had a lot of $$$$ I would create a superPAC called CanniPAC or something like that to lobby congress to change cannabis from schedule 1 to schedule 4 or something like that. I really don’t think any number of petitions or marches are going to have an effect at the federal level. Sadly I think the time has come where politicans care purely about $$$$$$ and getting reelected rather than the people they are supposed to be representing.

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