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Medical Cannabis On The Verge Of Being Destroyed In Washington


medical marijuana washingtonAction Is Needed In Washington State To Protect Medical Marijuana Patients’ Rights

By Anthony Martinelli, Sensible Washington

Washington State’s House of Representatives, in a borderline repulsive move, has given approval to House Bill 2149, a proposal to effectively gut the state’s current medical cannabis law. The measure was supported primarily by Democrats.

Under this proposal, all collective gardens would be outlawed, in place of a system where only those already registered with the state as recreational cannabis retail outlets can distribute medical cannabis (despite these outlets not being open yet); this would put medical cannabis under the same tax rate as recreational cannabis – 25% at three different levels – which would greatly increase prices.

House Bill 2149 would force all current and future medical cannabis patients to join a mandatory patient registry – putting their name and address on a list – in order to be provided with any legal protection; this is a clear invasion of privacy, and a safety risk given that medical cannabis remains federally outlawed.

The proposal would also – for no legitimate reason – reduce the amount of cannabis a patient can possess from 24 ounces to 3, and the amount of cannabis they can cultivate from 15 plants, to 3.

The measure now moves to the Senate, where its passage would send it to Governor Inslee for consideration.

If you live in Washington State, support medical cannabis, and don’t want a loss of protection for patients, please take a stand against House Bill 2149, and spread awareness about the need to stop its passage!

You can look up your district’s senators by clicking here; please urge them to oppose this unnecessary, unasked for and regressive proposal.


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  1. I wonder why they don’t let nature take its course on amount of dispensaries and future coffeeshops for recreational use. They don’t put up a limit on stores allowed to sell tobacco or alcohol, every store carries those, without being told that there are to many. Should not we decide what is too many simply by not being their customer? Not enough customers, not enough revenues to justify being in business any further. Or is that to simple!

  2. Decriminalization means that I have no recourse to a legal and safe marijuana market. Decriminalization means that I have to know somebody that knows somebody that has weed. Decriminalization means that I still can get fined and harassed. I admit that Washington’s legal model has flaws and desperately needs improvement, and that the medical marijuana regime needs protection. But decriminalization is no answer, it’s just a kinder and gentler form of prohibition.

  3. so my taxes that i pay when i purchase my medicine should be used to fuel a helicopter so they can enforce their “no grow” law? fuck you and the job your parents did on your moral compass.


  5. Let me translate:

    The government is owned by the drug cartels (including big pharma, I assume), so no matter what laws and regulations are put in place, it’s really all about the price.

    In other words, it’s all about money.

    Now, can we discuss why you chose the name RATDOG? Do you have a problem with rats, or is your dog as small as a rat? Or, even more sinister, do you “rat” people out?

  6. Should we create Cannabis Contracts for politicians to sign? Then, post them on the internet, and see what happens next? Will politicians be able to back out of these kinds of public contracts?

    We could add a clause that punishes them if they do back out. Hmm… what would be a suitable punishment for a politician that goes back on his word?

  7. Please supply strain name, growing and curing methods, THC/CBD percentages, and sativa/indica mix.
    Then, I’ll just…



  10. If we can’t find the humor, we MUST create it! If I couldn’t lighten up once in a while I’d shoot myself, fer sher.

  11. The problem with that is since this law is the lovechild of establishment Democrats, the only alternative choice might end up being some foaming-at-the-mouth teatard Republican.

  12. This has been triggered by the state of Washington being told by the U.S. Department of Justice that our system of medical marijuana is “not sustainable” in that it is not properly regulated, which it isn’t. Of course it’s also due to Washington State wanting more money. Holders of a medical marijuana card will not have to pay sales tax.

  13. I love it. That bit about Christian politician, seeing the ODs. I almost laughed myself out of my seizure bed.

  14. We have had term limits in MI for many years. My personal opinion is they do not work and have been the cause of a tremendous amount of unreasonable and silly laws and “attempts to gut any initiatives passed by voters that may conflict with the “moral” values of the legislator” The only ramifications facing a term limited legislator is how much special interest money will they be able to accumulate in a campaign fund.
    My two cents.

  15. Thanks! This story made me so mad, Instead of ranting in anger I thought humor would serve me better. :)

  16. Dude get these arses in one room…and sit em down for a session or 2..I’ll send da bud..

  17. The evidence supporting term limits for politicians continues to mount, and this is a perfect example. It doesn’t make any difference which side of the aisle they’re on–it should be two terms and then back to the the real world they created. If politicians knew for a fact they would have to live with every bill they voted for or against things would be change dramatically in DC, especially the foot dragging on most issues that don’t have any impact on their re-election campaigns.
    The cost for medical cannabis products in dispensaries has become absurdly over priced and is beginning to have an impact on whether or not a legitimate patient can afford it or simply go back to the street for a fraction of the cost and take a chance on the quality.

  18. Satire is a dying art form. Everyone embraces the butthurt immediately. Thank you for keeping the flame alive.

  19. Or perhaps the sales tax is different from that 75% tax that people are talking about. These articles don’t always make these things as clear as they should.

  20. You should be happy that your Govt. is at least attempting to address the issue.. we Kiwis in NZ, still live under the regime of Zero-tolerance. The last time a bill came before our parliament (2009) it was defeated at 1st reading, by 72% against, The majority were just spouting the usual reefer-madness nonsense (polls at the time showed 70%+ supported it). A law was passed recently, to allow ‘Sativex’ (pharmaceutical extract) to be approved by the Govt. minister for chronic pain etc. I understand that about FOUR prescriptions are currently approved, in a nation of 4million. “Kia Kaha”

  21. Earl-butch Rhodes on

    I would say find out who supports this and next election VOTE THEM OUT.They are just greedy not caring about people.

  22. secret idiot, sorry but I been trying to OD on pot for 46 years no luck yet, could you send me some of yours?

  23. it,s all about protection for the black market the government is owned by the drug cartels they need no minimum age and crackdowns to prop up the price

  24. When marijuana was first legalized proponents told us that when the stores opened that medical marijuana would fade away (presumably because it was fake). Since then those same powers have seen medical marijuana as a threat to the tax structure they foresee for recreational marijuana; with all the money going to the state. This is dishonest, short-sighted and shows that our elected officials have no respect for the will of the people. What a wonderful message to send to one’s constituency. It also lacks courage as it blames possible federal action as a reason for the enactment. It also ignores the simple fact that cannabis is a plant that grows in temperate zones and that the black market will continue to be available because the legislature has enabled it by spitting in the face of it’s suffering citizens.

  25. I think we may perhaps need to talk to Wa. State officials in terms of what is important to them, taxes, and I502 implementation.. This is my correspondence with senators, the Wa, Dept of Health and WSLCB today. I know many of you will not agree with regulation and/or taxation but we are going to have to compromise somewhere!

    Honorable Senator,

    I am writing you today regarding Washington’s Medical Marijuana law and impending changes. The proposed changes may have extreme economic and other impacts that may not be being considered and must be for the sake of the successful implementation of I502.

    There are over 200 collectives/dispensaries in Washington state. Each one employs between one and 20 people and supports 20 to 60 farmers of medical marijuana. This equates to thousands of people who’s money currently flows into and supports our economy, and who are supporting themselves without the help of any government aid.

    The gain in tax revenue from I502 recreational stores will not match the economic impact of putting all these people out of work. Many of these people will end up needing state financial and other aid when they are forced to close down their livelihood

    Furthermore, and this is incredibly important to the success of Washington States Recreational Marijuana implementation, closing theses collective/dispensaries will drive thousands of people into the black market where they will undercut the I502 recreational market price.

    I502 recreational marijuana will sell for about 10. to 12 dollars a gram. The black market can sell for 5. to 10. per gram. Who is going to go buy marijuana in the state licensed stores for 12. per gram when they can go to the people they have always gone to for 5. to 8. dollars per gram?

    The solution is to have two separate markets; Medical and Recreational. We already have a good law for medical and with a bit of amending/tweaking we can make this work for everyone, especially the state coffers. If we just tax and regulate the existing medical businesses instead of shutting down what are already viable businesses, the state makes even more money and is not CREATING a black market. It just does not make sense to shut down viable, productive, tax producing businesses.

    We do not need to take such drastic measures as shutting down all dispensaries right now, let’s take a couple of years to see how the I502 implementation works out and how it can exist side by side with medical.

    Please remember that Medical patients have to go to a doctor every year and pay an average of 100. dollars for their medical authorization, many people will not do that when they can go to an I502 recreational store, so recreational stores will have plenty of business if medical dispensaries are allowed to stay in business.

    Thank you in advance for your consideration, Leslie Peeples

  26. Parents of that little girl say she no longer has any seizures at all… all thanks to a plant that unbelievably some people still say is bad for your health and dangerous

  27. I am definitely no fan of Mr. Martinelli, but I do agree that this piece of legislation is atrocious.

  28. It’s also worth nothing that there’s a limit on the number of recreational cannabis retail outlets in washington, only like 20 in Seattle, so this will clearly NOT match the demand for medical cannabis. There are like 150 “dispensaries” in Seattle alone, and most of them do good businesses. 20 stores will be far from enough.

  29. If there is a buck or billions to be made in this count the fucking government of the crooked USA in on it…it goes back as far as the Nixon days and the heroin and cocaine that was brought in with the CIAs help…money money money is all they care about,, and its easy to get and gain when you have the ability to bring it in by the ship loads from the cartels as did the government,,, so sick of the crooked apes in the USA system…

  30. Democrats and Republicans are the same. Boot licking statists who have sold their souls to the highest bidder.

  31. Vincent Nibblin on

    And ate 4 large pizzas, 2 philly cheese steaks, 3 racks of ribs, 5 orders of onion rings, then went to double chin palace chinese buffet, grabbed a kfc dinner for 20 to go, 5 dozen krispy kremes, and a 5 5 gallon tub of ice cream from sams!

  32. Mrs. naturalist on

    I’m sorry but NOBODY has overdosed on marijuana!! You can ask and read the many articles from people who tried to prove you could and still to this day THERE IS NO SUCH RECORD. GOD put marijuana on this beautiful earth for a reason! they even talk about it in the BIBLE. If you don’t believe me maybe you should read it! Don’t knock it till.you try it! Just ask Dr. Gupta! Or the 5 year old little girl who has epilepsy and went from having 300 seizures a WEEK to just 2-3 a month after taking MEDICINAL MARIJUANA!!! Don’t believe it? By all means read the article. As a Christian SPREAD LOVE, NOT HATE what business do you have being on this website if you don’t believe in medical marijuana? Stop doing the devils bidding just sayin…..

  33. Started at 3years old buy stealing my first joints from my teenage cousins, 38years old and a half ounce a day latter and yet here I stand.talk about blasphemy….

  34. I cannot believe how many people actually believed you. Wait…. yes I can. How utterly sad. v.v I’m cracking up to keep from crying.

  35. If the doctor deems it necessary someone can possess up to 8 ounces under HB 2149, still only 1/3rd of the current limit. Also, forcing patients to join a mandatory registry, claiming they’re committing a federally illegal act, is ridiculous. It’s also ridiculous to place a 75% tax on medical cannabis, when prices are already high. The Liquor Control Board is also a terrible venue for the distribution of medical cannabis licenses.

    No matter how you slice it, this is an awful bill!

  36. F.U.D. Fear. Uncertainty. Deception. That’s what this article is. If you doctor deems it necessary you can have and grow the same amount of cannabis. THe only thing going away are the greedy, unregulated collectives that are currently profit based, by and large untaxed and fully raping people by taxing cannabis 300-400%. This will stop that. The collectives ruined MMJ by funneling in state cannabis to other states, buying out of state greenhouse and outdoor cannabis, not paying taxes, compensating workers in cannabis, paying workers under the table, failing to register their business, opening more shops on some streets than Starbucks (6 on my street and only 3 starbux), opening shops next to schools, the list goes on. Collectives, the blood is on your hands.

  37. Thanks, I knew there would be 1 sharp knife in the drawer, Just having a little fun! Alright children you can all calm down now, got to burn a fattie

  38. You are a fucking moron. No one has ever died from cannabis overdose. Back up your claims. Provide proof since you claim the media isn’t doing it.

  39. People can’t overdose from pot.. I tested this theory on myself. Three friends and myself consumed one pound of medical grade in less than five hours. There were no breaks and the bud was consumed from all devises possible. We all remember being ultra blitzed and seeing minor trails before passing out… but we all woke up four to six hours later feeling fresh.. then I went to work

  40. I think your FULL OF SHIT!!!, Secret Savior, NOT possible to OD on cannabis… marijuana mafia, where do you people come up with this shit???? You sir or madam are a dumb ass!!!

  41. This law is protects cannabis users from overdose by limiting how much dope they can have. As a christian politician here in Washington I know about the many people who have died from a marijuana overdose, It has been kept out of the mainstream media because the marijuana mafia is controlling the state. This law is to protect people from themselves. One day all of you will thank me. In Jesus name. Amen

  42. all a bunch of bullshit greed!!!!! stop trying to profit of the sick, and help them and not make it impossible for the pep that need it. god fuck the guv greedy fucks help the sick

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