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Medical Marijuana Advocates Call For New Direction At DEA


dea emails marijuanaSeveral news reports have circulated suggesting that Michele Leonhart, administrator of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), is resigning. Leonhart has been criticized by medical cannabis advocates as well as members of Congress for her unwillingness to adhere to the Obama Administration’s stated policies on medical cannabis. Under Leonhart the DEA led increased raids against medical cannabis dispensaries and cultivators in defiance of guidance from the Department of Justice steering them away from cases that targeted state-legal medical cannabis patients.  The legacy of Leonhart includes opposing sentencing guidelines reforms embraced by the Obama Administration and other law enforcement agencies, working to maintain cannabis’ Schedule I status, and claiming that rising drug war violence in Mexico was a sign of success.  During a notable Congressional oversight hearing in 2012, Leonhart refused to state if she thought crack or heroin were more dangerous than cannabis.  When President Obama stated in a 2014 New York Times interview that he felt cannabis was no more dangerous than alcohol, Leonhart defiantly spoke out against the President.

“Michele Leonhart, a Bush Administration holdover,  has been out of line with this administration’s policies on medical cannabis  and has consistently been a roadblock to the rescheduling cannabis,” said Steph Sherer executive director of Americans for Safe Access. “We encourage to President Obama to pick an administrator that better reflects his stated desire to design policies that reflect the science on medical cannabis  rather than outdated ideologies.”

During Leonhart’s tenure the Obama Administration has spent over an average of $180,000 a day interfering with state medical cannabis programs and conducted over 300 raids against targeting medical cannabis patients and providers. New leadership will give DEA a chance to reallocate its resources away from targeting state-legal medical cannabis programs and the patients that depend on them.

Americans for Safe Access is calling on President Obama to select a replacement to head the DEA who more accurately reflects his views on medical cannabis, who said in a recent interview with CNN’s Sanjay Gupta that medical cannabis “may in fact be appropriate and we should follow the science as opposed to ideology on this issue,” and called for the nation to approach this issue from a “public health model and not just from an incarceration model.”

Further information:

Action Alert: Tell President Obama his next DEA Administrator should match your position on medical cannabis.


What’s The Cost? The Federal War on Patients.


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  1. Mike Nelson on

    I been on Treatment for Hepatitis ‘C’ 11 times in 23 years & Marijuana is the
    ONLY REASON I am still Alive & Now Helping Me Cope with My Terible Side Effects from Harvoni & Pain that has been with Me since I got Sick ! Please get a Petition going to get a New Drug Czar in The U.S. NOW ! Marijuana is Medicine ! If anyone gets a Petition to Recall the Current Czar,Get a Hold of Me,I can Help get some signatures ! MEDICALMIKE
    Peace,Mike Nelson Paradise,Ca. I can be reached on Facebook ???

  2. Lizzard Smith on

    ⭐Thanx. Any information or opinion is welcome, so tell me more, Im 60yo. That a problem? Had HCV for 20 or more years. Getting worse since it we t chronic 12 or so years ago. My wife is burying her younger brother right now, who was perfectly healthy (so we and his MDs thought) and her father two years ago so if I cough she gets panicky about it. But she is too weak to put through another round of Interferon sides because she would have to care for me and some days she needs me More. So any treatment with no side effects is perfect!!! Does it work with all Genotypes? If so its what Im looking for! Now if that backasswards?ogre would quit holding up the system here in New Hampshire and will give us our ID cards and let the dispensary open so my ins. (And the policy says they will) will pay so i get a bag of generic corn chips now and then and a few orange seltzers to wash the grease down! But seriouslythis old fart is gonna check into savoldi and RSO oil! Hey, nothing to lose but the virus, rignt!!!♠

  3. NattyRem420 on

    I also had and I did say HAD Hep c also. I put mine to rest about a year ago with savoldi. I used MJ the entire time and had 0 side effects. In order to qualify for insurance I had to have failed at least two previous attempts of treatment. the first two tries was the same as yours Smith less the side effects simply because I was a MJ user. As for your Hep C Smith i would highly recommend a treatment or RSO oil. I have cured everything from a simple spider bit to a bad case of jaundice. I take a daily dose and haven’t felt sick in years. Im 50 yrs old.

  4. Lizzard Smith on

    I was treatrd once with the Intron-B kit, Riboviran & Intron B iinterferon. Because of side effects I had to quit six months into a one year program. I lost all desire to eat or drink and dehydration was constant and weight loss obvious as well as many other problems. I could sit up, watch TV and smoke tobacco. Now this is where Cannabis use saved my life. A buddy came in and was being funny flipping his Oz. Like a detective. I had been clean and sober for aboout 1 12 years at first I thought it was Cheech & Chong kinda funny annd laffed. Then I’m asking him to smoke one with me. He knew about my sobritey and expressed concern. I told him I’m ät that porn that it just did not matter anymore if I was sober or if I stayed sober it was worth the risk that I would not turn back to alcohol. But I needed something that would give me an appetite give me a desire to drink even if it was just water, even if I could get just a little sugar in my body and a little better Nutrition I might last, the interferon was really making me a mess! I felt like i was injecting myself with some flu virus or poison! And then, in the fifth month the depression started and having had some previous problems with depression they took me off of it rather quickly. And I have not been treated again although there is a new treatment out now there is a simple pill a day and no side effects they say nothin at all so I’m going to go and check I have to see if my genome is right. If it’s not i want another shot at the Interferon. It did make me feel better for years and split my viral load to 12 of what it was. Worth a chance. I hate walking into the bakery and smelling yummys only to feel like lunch is evacuating as you hold it in your throat. Lost 10 friends to this virus. I will not let it take me! But i found part of the survival rate is have ing cannabis, the appetite it gives me is a lifesaver, the desire for fluids, juices & food may have got me through. Next time i start wot wit cannabis! Maybe make whole year! And still, no desire for the vodka! Just one question, is that a month ( as mine came in)’ or is that a whole years worth?

  5. As someone with Hep. C, I know exactly where your coming from. I treated twice. Once with the old Mono 48 weeks and than with the Peg & Riba for 70 weeks and a total of almost tree years of life to an oblivious state. If it was not for MMJ I would have never made it (refused AD’s). I am somewhat stable now, but the toxicity of those meds took a drastic toll on my body. MMJ helps me get through the day. All with a wink and nod from my Doctors here in Florida-uh.
    If this was Europe, it would not even be an issue. Hang in there.

  6. Lizzard Smith on

    Fire that harpy and let her work for KBR where she belongs. it is time to get rid of people who can only live by their ideology and ignore the law, the science and even the President! Her and all her followers should show up, get their last check and pink slip. They proved Cartel money and orders are their boss not the American people. Bet she would have been history years ago if she stood for legalization. Her leadership in the dope war has caused the murder of thousands of Mexican citizens and we will never know how many Americans may have been saved or at least had some comfort. My Hep C could use some now! Leonhart has blood on her hands and is unfit for her job! Yet she laughs about it and plans the next bust of a dispensary or some sap in a wheelchair so they don’t have to chase them very far to turn good people into felons. New Hampshire is listed as a medpot state but not one ID card is even printed, (no cannabis without it) not one dispensary is opened, not one joint issued. With chronic pain and chronic Hep C I’ll probably be dead before the DA who is hanging it all up closes his Bible full of $100 bookmarks from big pharma and the Cartels. New England isn’t as liberal and reasonable as the press makes it sound. And its not for a lack of trying, the Governor heard us, the state house heard us and a single dweeb who thinks the world is only 4000 years old and Jesus killed the dinosaurs so we would have gas and leibenstram. We can’t vote him out,we called for resignation or firing but ears are deaf and the Governor can only do so much alone against the big bucks and guns of law enforcement. May all our gods and the voices of the atheist get through so we can get what little has been promised and make such idiots see total legalization/taxation is the only way to solve this problem once and for all. Oh, and the state runs the liquor stores so they have distribution all set up. It would be so simple but last I heard they would rather ugly up my mountains with Casinos. No corruption here, huh? Cartel money talks, the sick get sicker, the alcoholics get drunk and we get squat. Tell the truth, expose the corruption and maybe it will die in the sunlight. Leonhart? Somebody throw a shot of cheap vodka on her and maybe the will melt! Atleast it will wash off a little of the blood of innocents she is dripping on us!

  7. Yes, feeling good is actually essential to being healed. The much misunderstood and maligned euphoric high is a key contributor to staying healthy and comforting you if you are sick so that the body/mind can heal.

  8. The day is coming when it will be widely seen that the prohibition of cannabis was one of the greatest crimes against humanity of the modern era. The countless number of needless, early and painful deaths suffered because millions of sick and suffering people were denied access to the quintessential and true medicine.

    The war against cannabis is worse than a crime, it is a sin (that which hinders and denies) against healing and life.

  9. Agreed. But what about recreational users? Medpot patients have a right to paliative care but it seems rec users are classed as lazy and therefore should no be considered legitimate. What we’re saying is that feeling good is not considered legitimate but alleviating pain is.

  10. Screw the DEA yet another over funded dead head government org that needs to fade away. .. all they do us cost us millions a week wasted money that could be more wisely spent on rehab and not prison, people become addicts in prison, they don’t get cured and a vast majority are in there for minor marijuana infractions that should not exist.

  11. ĐΣFΣCŦΣĐ on

    We must end the war on Americans. Make yourself a person who stood on the right side of history ! Ending a war that has wasted trillions without one moment of success. Ending this war is rational! DEA proven to be corrupted and evil! They are not protectors, but in fact worriers for self worth and hatred.

    Vice is addiction — Personal hope is community! Lets show the world it takes freedom and love, to end the war on drugs. You can’t change the world with force, it comes from love and understanding.

    Cannabis is proven to help millions time and time again! We, as a nation said enough with this war on Cannabis! Enough with DEA killing innocents. Enough ripping families apart over a plant that is safer than water.

    World using Cannabis since the dawn of time. The bible used Cannabis in anointing oils. Cannabis was used JFK — MLK. Some of the greatest man and women used Cannabis. Kings and Queens used Cannabis. So lets step out of the racist and corrupted law from 1930s and step into the now 2015. End this war and proclaim individual freedom.

  12. PhDScientist on

    During the civil rights era, many years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, used the phrase “The fierce urgency of now” when referring to the need to immediately end the injustice brought on by segregation and the right for all Americans to have equal rights, regardless of the color of their skin. President Kennedy realized that need to immediately change the laws to ensure equal rights had risen to the level of a moral imperative. We face a similar situation with regards to Medical Marijuana and the rights of America’s Cancer patients, the rights of American children with seizure disorders, the rights of American veterans with PTSD, the rights of Americans suffering from Chronic pain and the right of every other American who needs Medical Marijuana to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. A person who is suffering or even worse, dying, because they are being denied Medical Marijuana when it can help them, heal them or save their life is having their most basic human rights violated. It is immoral to leave Marijuana illegal for medical purposes for even one second longer. Its one of the most important moral issues of our time. President Obama needs to personally intervene, just as President Kennedy did, to protect Americans most basic rights.

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