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Medical Marijuana And Florida Veterans

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I received the following e-mail from the Florida medical marijuana campaign:

We talk to a lot of veterans in this campaign.  Some have come to us because of major injuries they sustained, and are supporting medical marijuana because of how it has alleviated pain.

Others – old and young – have PTSD from combat situations – and find that marijuana keeps their mind steady and reduces the number of incidents. (It should be noted that PTSD is one of the conditions explicitly mentioned in the petition.)

There are many ways to honor veterans, and these brave and hard working men and women unquestionably deserve our thanks. But our veterans – as much as anyone – also deserve treatment options for their conditions.

We are scrambling to get medical marijuana on the ballot to make sure veterans and other Floridians with debilitating conditions get access to the medicine they need.

Please help us honor veterans by giving them more than thanks – lets give them freedom from arrest or imprisonment for treating their conditions. Contribute here – and John Morgan will multiply that donation by 9.

On behalf of United for Care, we thank all the men and women who have served our country – and are proud to work on your behalf on this issue.


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  1. I would like to know one question,Can you tell me why if we Veterans in Florida fought side by side with a Veteran from a State were Medical Marijuana is legal why is the Veteran from the MMJ legal State allowed to have Marijuana be prescribed by a civilian doctor and that Veteran is allowed to use that Marijuana as part of his or her pain management program along with his other medications without losing his pain management benefits? In any other State where MMJ is not legal we would lose our pain management benefits if we tested positive on a drug test for using Marijuana. This “Treatment by Geography” must end.
    the next time you see a Veteran don’t say thanks for your service say ” Sorry you live in Florida”

  2. Marine Corps** lol
    Sorry had to. I agree. I wish I could get my meds from a private doc. My life would be better

  3. I am a Marine Corp Veteran and I have to say that Connecticut wrote the medical marijuana laws in such a way that I do feel protected from discrimination but I get my pain meds from a private doctor and not from the VA. I feel very fortunate especially when I read about other Veterans who are suffering needlessly. Medical marijuana is the key to living with PTSD and the sooner every veteran has that choice, the sooner the suicide rate for Veterans can begin to decline.

  4. It would be very nice As a marine corps veteran to have this option legally, but instead I have to risk so much to get a little relief from physical and mental pain, as well as the anxiety and hyper-alert. It helps so much I just wonder how someone living their own life feels they have any place to TELL ME it’s bad and I’m not allowed to do it. Guess what else is bad? Killing, we still send ourselves and children to go do it. Why? Because it’s necessary sometimes. Of course since the dawn of time people have always tried to forcing G-pop to conform to however they believe and in most cases have fought wars or just killed in order to “get their way”. Spoiled ass self righteous American citizens (in damn near all cases) with a feeling of self entitlement (regardless of them never served their country in any way other than to take free benefits) somehow think they have the right to condemn another American to a life of pain whether physical or mental, worst part is if you go against their “believes/views” then your hit with jail and of course money to the government for what?? It’s bullshit. To the other American citizens, thanks for having our back on this issue!!!

  5. saynotohypocrisy on

    Yes, it’s totally insane MMJ is still an issue.
    The same people who go on and on about how much they love freedom and how much they love vets are stabbing vets and freedom in the back.

  6. I am an old Florida vet who is highly annoyed at the lack of home grow…this state has dragged its feet on the crappy cbd laws it passed and nobody is getting any…this new bill has NO HOME GROW and dispensary prices will be prohibitive for people like me not to mention
    even if it does pass it will no doubt be a fight to get the right wing buffoons in Tallahassee to get it moving in any kind of decent manner..
    let these people know that lack of home grow is BS and must be fixed…like yesterday…

  7. God bless everyone working on this. Our nation’s Veterans put their lives on the line for America and for the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that are the founding precepts of our country. We owe them the best medical care we can provide, and that includes the right for them to use Medical Marijuana. President Obama needs to get personally involved in this issue. America’s Veterans need his help and he owes it to them as commander in chief of our nation’s armed forces. Every American Veteran who needs Medical Marijuana deserves the right to have safe, legal, access to it. Every. Single. One.

  8. Closet Warrior on

    I can’t believe this is even an issue. It blows my mind that combat wounded veterans should even have to ask for mmj after proven to help PTSD, alleviate pain and help stop night terrors for better sleep and the list goes on and on. Come on Jeb you old dick, help our life force have a better quality of life.

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