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Medical Marijuana Bill Filed In Florida Senate


florida capital grand rally in tally medical marijuanaEver since the end of the 2014 Election, I have been hoping to see a meaningful medical marijuana bill filed in the Florida Legislature. Too many people voted for medical marijuana in Florida to ignore the issue any longer. Today as I sat in my cubicle I saw a tweet from United for Care go out, which included a link to a page that stated the following:

BIG news: Republican (!!!) Senator Jeff Brandes has just filed a comprehensive medical marijuana bill in the Florida Senate.

Senate Bill 528 is a very good start and we believe one that would serve as a huge step forward for Florida’s suffering patients and their families.

This bill proves that the massive support we received in the last election – 58% of voters – plus our quick work to bring the petition back for 2016 is getting recognized by reasonable legislators like Senator Brandes.

Help us keep up the pressure on the Senate and House and force them to move this bill forward. Support our petition gathering efforts today by contributing here. 

We thank Senator Brandes, and encourage his colleagues to support this bill.

 We are going to get a good medical marijuana bill passed – whether it’s through the legislature or on the ballot.

This is a big, big deal – but it’s a long way from becoming law. The only way lawmakers are going to pay attention is to demonstrate the power of the 3.3 million voters that already voted in favor of medical marijuana.  Please contribute to our 2016 petition drive here.  

Thank you to those of you that have contributed already.  We appreciate your continued support.

– Elias Egozi
State Director
United for Care

For a brief analysis of the bill, I instantly looked at Robert Platshorn’s Facebook page. I value his opinion more than most because he lives in Florida, knows more about marijuana than most people, and has a great mind when it comes to politics. Below is what he posted on his Facebook page:

New bill filed by Republican Senator Jeff Brandes. Actually not too bad. Not great, but covers most patients needs. Tough licensing requirements for growers. Limits caregivers to one patient, unless several patients are family members or live in same care facility. Caregivers, dispensary workers, growers etc must pass background check. If nothing better is filed, this will do for a start. Let’s wait till we see Clemens bill.

I’d be very curious to find out what the mood is among Florida lawmakers right now. Medical marijuana is more popular than most, if not all, of the lawmakers in Florida right now, and I’d expect people to jump on the bandwagon, because after all, isn’t that what politics is really about? However it gets done, whoever submits the bill, whatever it takes to get the safe access that patients deserve and need in Florida.


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  1. I have been on meds for chronic serious depression most of my life and 2 years a new diagnosis of CML leukemia same week I lost my husband of 31 years. I know my body and I know what works and what doesn’t. A Dr. almost killed me on the drug Sprycell. I am allergic but I had to take myself off it as she Dr. was only interested in results of remission. I developed 2 plural effusions, water on the left lungs/3/4 of my left lung was collapsed for months. Then suddenly her nurse pa said you need this out ASAP or your lung can stay that way. Well ..that day was hell I felt like a sprinkler at least 5 punctures. the blood taken rushed in and out of three facilities for X-ray blood then the drain of the fluid. If I could have spoke afterward I would have found the tech that drained it out so fast my body with a machine was in shock. Imagine a balloon shrunk for months dried at the bottom. Then has been blown back up too quickly you hear the pops and can feel the mess going on inside your your body. All this guy was thinking of was his next patient and was in a hurry. You don’t get what we go through at all the blood tests by idiots who yes the same day of this I got one who was shoving a needle in my forearm I counted 5 times I wanted to say stop it and get someone who knows what they are doing but. remember I suffer from depression, I am passive and could hardly breath. I fight wanting to live everyday which they don’t care about it. The only thing that makes me happy is pot I can only get street pot as it is not legal in Fl. I am miserable each day. But sometimes I feel like my old self dancing around putting music on with my dogs. What helps not the pill mill drugs from Dr… Pot yes it helps and I don’t do it every day. If I could I would. Other than that .. I want to move to a state where it is legal for my health and yes sanity. People always say what about what could happen if passed. ( my retired cop brother in law) I know what would happen depression will go down. I had been on anti depressants for 30 years I know they suck. You give up a sex life with your mate as it ends it pretty much. Nausea from them read people don’t judge as you would not walk a mile in my shoes. Think 30 years….+ I know I had it as a child looking back. Stop trying to make it a bad thing. Regulate it like everything else. My goodness. My husband died before it was legal here. But I did honor his wish to be cremated and use a bong as ashes container. The place even gave it to me free when they saw what it was being used for. Best wishes to all. Be kind to one another you have know Idea what they have been through or still going through. Taking Gleevec sometimes for the CML. It makes me nauseated.

  2. it’s not bad, better than amendment 2. Has list of how license breakdown and so forth but cultivation/processing licenses can be up to 100,000 and up to 10,000 for a retail store lic, way to high and they require a lot of liability insurance which is BS

  3. Sadly this is just another attempt by the Florida legislature to try and prevent passage in 2016. The pulled the same shit last year with the CBD bill. I said last year that come election time they would try to tell voters we didn’t need Amendment 2 because we already have CBD for children. the 58% vote scared the hell out of them and they know in 2016 that number will pass. I can bet this bill will either get passed but without the language of the 2014 bill and if/when it does, they will drag their feet just like Nevada and other states have done. My fear is their hope that even delaying implementation will give them a defense come the 2016 election by telling voters we don’t need it because they are working on it. And sadly, Florida voters will be stupid and fall for it.

    2016 would have been smart to push for full legalization and home grows because voter turn out will be much higher and the people would not need to rely on handpick winners from the state legislature on who gets to make millions as the selected growers.

  4. This is a great step forward. If you’ve ever had a friend, family member or loved one who’s had Cancer you know how important this is. Please do everything you can to get this bill to be as general and unrestricted, and passed as quickly as possible, and keep on calling, emailing and writing members of government in Tallahassee and in Washington DC. On behalf of Cancer patients, their Physicians, and Cancer Researchers, everywhere — Thanks!!!!

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