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Medical Marijuana Bill In Indiana Deserves A Hearing


indiana medical marijuanaThere are suffering patients in every state that could possibly benefit from medical marijuana, and Indiana is no exception. That’s why Indiana Senator Karen Tallian (D-District 4) introduced a medical marijuana bill that she is hopeful will get a hearing during the 2015 legislative session. The fight to legalize medical marijuana in Indiana will not be easy, but it’s a cause worth fighting for nonetheless. Per Wish TV:

“I’d rather have decriminalization for everybody. But if I can’t get that, I’m going to start here,” Tallian said, referring to her new bill that would legalize medical marijuana.

The proposal has been filed and she’s waiting to find out if it will get a hearing in the Senate Health Committee.

“I think there’s a lot of compassion for people out there who have cancer, who have seizures, who have a whole variety of medical problems and we ought to not deny them whatever help they can get,” she said.

Right now Senator Tallian is trying to get a hearing in Indiana’s Senate Health Committee. If you live in Indiana, contact your Senators and let them know that you want this to happen. The Chairperson for Indiana’s Senate Health Committee is Senator Patricia Miller. Her contact info is below:

  • 317-232-9489
  • 317-232-9400
  • email: Senator.Miller@iga.in.gov


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  1. Thanks Sen. Tallinn for your efforts!
    The Republicant’s in Indiana control the senate and they will not pass it! They are saying that teen use is up in states like CO and that there isn’t enough study’s on cannabis…all a bunch of bs propaganda and deception!
    Why cant the Hoosiers start a petition to get legalization on the 2016 ballot? Oh…there’s to much money coming from all the big pharma company’s like Lilly and the private prison sectors and a BIG TEABAGGER GOV that plans on running for president and plans on overturning all the states cannabis laws!
    Where is the states NORML? Where are the compassionate care act advocates? Where is the MPP groups? Where are all the advocate groups? I have really looked all over Indiana for advocates and I haven’t seen any other than Sen. Tallian pushing this much needed plant!
    Frustrated here in The Hoosier state! I’m tierd of watching friends, my family, and dying and suffering children not getting to have the benefits from cannabis!
    Damn hypocrites and non-“advocate groups”!
    Atleast we have “The Weed Blog” and Sen. Tallian!

  2. ryan benninghoff on

    it would be amazing for this to happen.. so sick.and tired of people being mistreated and looked down upon because of cannabis.. my brother is 31 yeara old. he has two wonderful kids, my neice.and nephew. my brother has two hairline fractures in his hips and cannot walk nor work. he is on disability and has multiple.prescriptions for narcotics… how can we have oxycntin and morphine and xanex legal medication wise. but cannabis we cant… its a natural organic herb.. i have arthritis and carpoltunnel in bothmy handa and auffer from.chronic migranes almoat everyday. i refuse t take any kind of controlled substances and narcotics.. yes… i am a hoosier… and I SMOKE CANNABIS EVERY SINGLE DAY.. it helps me focus givea me motivation to do more things.. it rida my pain… helps me think of bigger and better ideas.. please we need this

  3. No Hoosier should have to leave their family and their home to obtain this medication in a legal state! Just morally wrong for ANY government to keep it from those who need it.

  4. I live in Indiana and senator Tallian has tried to decriminalize marijuana
    twice now but the bills never even got voted on. Now hopefully she can pull through with this medical bill. I could personally benefit highly from a well regulated medical marijuana system here in Indiana and I know many other people who would as well. Senator tallians bill would set up dispensaries in Indiana and I believe allow patients to possess up to 8 ounces of dried marijuana . Not sure if it would allow home grows but i would be more than happy with dispensaries . Please all my fellow Hoosiers help me in support of Sen. Tallian and her medical marijuana bill here in Indiana ! It’s time we have it it too damnit!!!!!

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