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Medical Marijuana Bill Introduced In Florida Legislature


Florida medical marijuanaYesterday, Florida Representative Matt Gaetz (R) introduced legislation to allow individuals to use medical marijuana containing very low levels of THC. The Speaker of the House is willing to let the bill move through his chamberIf you live in Floridaplease email your lawmakers and ask them to support this very limited, yet compassionate, bill.

House Bill 843 would amend the definition of cannabis in the Florida Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act to exclude marijuana that is both less than 0.5% THC and more than 15% CBD. Marijuana high in CBD has been found to be very effective at controlling seizures.

While HB 843 would dramatically improve the well-being of patients with catastrophic seizure conditionsit would also leave many other patients behind. Possessing and using marijuana with higher amounts of THC will continue to be a criminal offense. Many patients in the 20 states and Washington, D.C. (which have comprehensive medical marijuana programs), including patients with multiple sclerosis, cancer, and ALS, find relief from marijuana containing more than THC than HB 843 allows.

Florida voters will have a chance to approve medical marijuana this year as well, following the qualification of a ballot initiative last week.

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  1. Yes!! Let US choose the strength. Damn Florida & Gov’t continue trying to run our lives!! Stay out of it and listen to the people!!!

  2. I understand your anger, but there are people like myself from the South that are on your side.

  3. I have smoked cigarettes for 55 years. an I will fight you over my last cig. but I can smoke a joint an not smoke another one for a week. an that don’t bother me. an I cant stop smoking cig.the gov. don’t help much all they give me is patches. that don’t work for me. thank you

  4. If this is the best that can be squeezed out of that legislature then let it be so. Let’s not forget that Florida voters will have the same chance Colorado voters got to make it legal across the board in November, and we should take what we can get now – where’s the harm in that?

  5. If this is the bests that can be squeezed out of that legislature then let it be so. Let’s not forget that Florida voters will have the same chance Colorado voters got to make it legal across the board in November, and we should take what we can get now – where’s the harm in that?

  6. “The only nice thing about being imperfect is the joy it brings to others.” Doug Larson, brainyquote

  7. “Wisdom is the quality that keeps you from getting into situations where you need it.” Doug Larson, brainyquote

  8. FL Legislature is at odds with the Supreme Court ruling and are trying their best to water down the proposed MMJ bill. Are these people not paying attention to 85% of Florida voters? How do the Governor and Attorney General expect to survive politically after blatantly ignoring the wishes of a majority of their constituents?

  9. HerbalHobgoblin on

    “This can unequivocally prove the medical application of MMJ.is real.” The research and our tax dollars that the U.S. government used to get U.S. Patent 6630507 in 2001 already proved that on a national level. This Bill is nothing more than pandering using sick children during an election year. We are more than capable of dealing with the WHOLE issue for all that need it. Most Republicans and quite a few Democrats were dead set against it up until they realized the momentum the movement had gained. How about we show people who use sick children to get votes where they belong. Enough of Politicians dictating how we should live. Why exactly in this day and age of technology connecting us are we letting so few people control so much?

  10. “My people were homesteading in Colorado before Emancipation.” Pam Grier, brainyquote.com

  11. I don’t think you understand what’s going on here. Yes we do care about children. that really is what this whole fight is about we want a world where all of us get what we need, medical canabis includes cbd rich, low thc med as well as very high thc med, if anything you are the one who is being disingenuous, the whole mmj issue is not about getting high, it’s about quality of life for everyone. Don’t tell me what it’s like. You don’t know what it’s like. To take so much morphine for pain and still have pain, to watch my dad who lives in agony. To be accused of being a drug addict. To never know if he will come home or be put in jail for a plant that hasn’t killed anyone. My dad was hit by a drunk driver, and.has five fused disk in his lower back and three in his neck, implants, leg pain, headaches, father has constipation so bad he has to give himself a colonic every three days, because of the meds he has to take. With mm, he wouldn’t have to take any of that or the injection laxative that’s eating up his body. If you think it’s tough to be a parent of a sick child,try being a child of a sick parent. I am 18 and this happened when I was 6, it’s like watching him get worse and worse every year, I have seen him on mm, and its the only time he is happy. I have preyed for a long time for this vote and victory will come, now is not the time for concessions. The reason this jerk is proposing this is an admission of their failure to do something deceit to begin with. Why have they been so deaf to our wishes and to the truth for so long. Marijuana is a medicine, so people abuse it, people get drunk and kill people and ruin other people’s lives and that’s legal ? WTF, my dad never drives while intoxicated and is very happy and fun to be with when he is so called high

  12. terrytwotoker420 on

    [They can go to bed, seize and wake up dead] wake up dead wtf!!! i bet you work for sam!! getting on here and spreading your lies

  13. Vincent Nibblin on

    What about all the sick adults, i am all for kids getting their cbd oil, what baffles me is people are freaked out about the notion of kids getting high on medical marijuana but they have no problem with dosing these kids on morphine and xanax to control their seizures, see what I am getting at? WTF!!!!!?

  14. terrytwotoker420 on

    people like you first say we can’t let the kids get there hands on weed it’s bad for them and they’ll go jump out a window. then when you see a way to stop all the people that need it like people with ms or cancer and other things. now you say o it’s all about the kids we must pass this bad bill that will limit people how may need thc to help them. i’m all for the kids and adults. go plant a weed plant and save to world!!!! free the south

  15. I am somewhat taken aback by these posts. This is all about the children (read the bill) that may not see the next day or even make it to their teen years. Each birthday is a blessing for the parent. Some seize hundreds of times a week. They can go to bed, seize and wake up dead. I have seen this first hand as a responder, it grippes the heart.
    If any of you have placed a lifeless child in the back of a police car and speed to the nearest hospital, knowing full well that it is in vain, watch the E R Doc’s still trying. then and only then you can argue with me.
    No matter what game is in play here in FL., don’t try to block this with adult why you and not me. We have been playing the dark Home Depot parking lot pharmacist for so long, some for over 40 years. The parents of these kids should not forced to move their lives to save their child. This is a bi-partisan bill, both R’s and D’s are on board and for it. The same legislation is taking place in other non-MMJ states. Forget about the politics and back door B S. Save the children, we can take care of ourselves for a little longer, they can not. This can unequivocally prove the medical application of MMJ.is real. Look at my tag, google it and see what it means and what I deal with. I can wait a little longer, my life has been full. Let these kids have theirs. Our day will come shortly..
    Plant a flower for these kids and not place a rock on another grave… Peace

  16. Just out of the blue, it is not hard to see change coming and it scares their alcoholic assets to death, no deal, don’t settle for low grade canabis, we need to free the weed because we have medical need. Big pharmaceutical had a chance to make real meds and they choose profits not helping people. Mmj is the best med and yes big pharmaceutical is going to have to swallow the red pill of truth and get by with what ever profits they can or cannot make, republican assailed,tea party jerks

  17. Maybe I’m being paranoid, but the supporters of that bill don’t seem like friends of medical marijuana, I smell a rat (maybe)….
    If that bill passes legislation, before November voting on the FLA. Constitutional amendment, opponents can argue in the weeks before election, that they ALREADY have a medical pot law in Florida ( set up very limitedly). No need for voters to get out and vote yes on the amendment . Sneaky !

  18. All people of florida regardless of medical condition deserve the right to choose whatever strain of medical marijuana that will help their respective medical condition. To only allow people suffering from seizures access to medical marijuana while ignoring those with conditions that high thc strains will help is unfair, I hope this bogus bill is changed before it is passed

  19. Sick of the south on

    This kind of bullshit is all you can expect from the idiot morons that run the south. I have a tumor on my spine and have chronic pain, high thc strains work great great for pain as I found out when I lived in CA. Florida will hand out oxycodone like candy but god forbid people that they give people a safe and harmless option to big pharma. Fuck all of you! I will be moving back to a state with real freedom to take control of my health. FUCK THE SOUTH!!!!!!!

  20. Terrytwotoker420 on

    they have found another way to keep the southern people down! all over the south they r trying to pass this cbd oils. if they do we will never get anything passed again. people want to smoke weed now!!!!! veto them all out!! free the south!!!!!

  21. cant florida just legalize mmj in its natural form thc and all always a bunch physcological nonsense of it is a herb im sure FLA LAWMAKERS WILL GET THEIR $$$$ GEEZ TIME TO MOVE TO COLO. WHERE THEY RESPECT THEIR CITIZEN WISHES :(

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