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Medical Marijuana Bill Introduced in Pennsylvania


By Steve Elliott of Toke of the Town

On Thursday, four state senators in Pennsylvania introduced Senate Bill 1003, which would legalize the medicinal use of cannabis in the Keystone State.

According to an unofficial PDF of the bill viewed by Randy LoBasso at PhillyNow (the official bill has not been made public), it would provide for “the medical use of marijuana; and repealing provisions of the law that prohibit and penalize marijuana use.”

The bill’s language contends there are several reasons why this needs to happen now: first of all, modern medical research “has discovered a beneficial use for marijuana in treating or alleviating the pain” or symptoms caused by certain medical conditions. Secondly, 99 percent of all marijuana arrests are made under state, not federal law. And thirdly, 15 other states have already enacted such policies “for the health and welfare benefits of their citizens.”

?Patients must qualify as medical marijuana candidates by getting authorization from a licensed doctor, and must then carry an ID card from the state.

The bill lists conditions such as cancer, glaucoma, HIV, AIDS, treatment that has resulted in seizures, nausea and other “weakening medical conditions” recognized by licensed medical authorities as being treatable with marijuana as applicable under the law.

“A qualifying patient shall not be subject to arrest, prosecution or penalty in any manner, or denied the right or privilege… for the medical use of marijuana, provided that the patient possesses a registry identification card and no more than six marijuana plants and once ounce of usable marijuana,” the bill reads.

“Possession of, or application for, a registry identification card shall not alone constitute probable cause to search a person or property of a person possessing or applying for the… card,” according to the bill.

“A physician shall not be subject to arrest, prosecution or penalty in any manner, or denied any right or privilege… by the State Board of Medicine for providing written certification for the medical use of marijuana to a qualifying patient,” the bill reads.

Similar legislation last year was put on the dreaded “back burner” in the Pennsylvania Legislature.

This year’s bill was introduced by Daylin Leach (D-Montco), Larry Farnese (D-Philadelphia), Jim Ferlo (D-Allegheney/Westmoreland/Armstrong) and Wayne Fontana (D-Allegheney), three of whom introduced the legislation in last year’s session.

About 59 percent of Pennsylvanians support the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes, according to a Quinnipiac Public Opinion poll conducted last year.

Article From Toke of the Town and used with special permission.


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  1. We need this bill to pass. Come on Pa, get on board and get the sick the medicine they need. We keep doing more harm and no good with the current laws. I know anybody that is reading this already knows that mmj would be good for Pa. We need to speak loud so our close munded politicians here us

  2. there is a god, thank you all mighty, im speechless. please let this bill pass. cmon PA ive been having serious stomach and gut pains for about 4 years now. i found that smoking is the only thing that took away the pain without putting me asleep or making me a zombee. after year 1 the doc’s removed my gal bladder due to stones.. doc says youll be good in 6 months maybe a year at most 2 years. well its been 4 years now.. and im still getting sick about twice a week in mornings and i live with the runs (srry). finally this week doc said this is all due to stress. man whats up? we need to get your nerves calmed down. youre only 29. i said well doc.. yeah. im tired of stressing about some weed..the past year or so all i been thinking is. i need to sell my new house. give up my good job. make my wife and kids leave the rest of our large family.. just so i can live happy and grow my own medical marijuana in a state that allows it because i cant afford to keep buying it. doc said well for now i can give you some dexilant and prosaac..
    to get your stomach stright and your nerves under control.. thanx doc

  3. this is something that should have happened long ago! why hasn’t it? too many people associate pot with a negative stigma given by the 60’s hippie movement. politicians say they have the people’s best interest at heart….BULLSHIT!! If that were tbe case, prohibition would never have been repealed! Ever hear of anyone overdose on pot? No, and you probably never will! but go ask an ER technician how many alcohol related cases they treat. the number will astound you!

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