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Medical Marijuana Bill Passes Georgia House


georgia medical marijuanaThe Georgia House of Representatives passed a medical marijuana bill yesterday. This is a huge deal. Is the bill perfect? No. Will Georgia’s medical marijuana program be the best in the nation if the senate passes the bill too? Another no. However, it’s far superior than no program at all, and it will at least help some suffering patients if it eventually becomes law, and helping some patients is better than helping no patients, especially in the South where marijuana reform is much harder to pass than in other parts of the country.

“If we can offer the slightest rise, the slightest improvement in the quality of life for these children, these families, I think we’re doing the right thing,” said Representative Nikki Randall. The bill passed the house by a huge margin, 171-4. This is a huge first step for medical marijuana in Georgia, and the South as a whole. I’m hopeful that it will encourage other Southern states to start medical marijuana programs as well.

Even if the Georgia Senate doesn’t pass the medical marijuana bill, at least one other state in the South has a chance to legalize medical marijuana. Florida voters will get the chance this November to decide if they want medical marijuana in their state. No Southern state currently has a medical marijuana program. Hopefully that changes sooner than later.


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  1. It’s not cool at all that you have blanketed this advertising over 4 different threads here on the weed Blog. Very bad form in my opinion.

    While CBD has it’s uses, it works much better when used along with THC and especially from whole plant. Taking the CBD away from the THC would be like splitting up Abbot and Costello. I know it’s “all about the children” but that’s bullshit.

    The upsurgence of companies selling CBD concentrates make me feel, well, icky. The companies are charging crazy, crazy prices, preying on the fears and ignorance of the sick and dying, or the parents of sick kids, and seem like opportunistic parasites, in my opinion. Bring me some homemade Rick Simpson oil. Oh, that’s right…they can’t sell that legally, so these companies pull the CBD out and push this as a cure-all instead.

    I know I’ll catch some shit for this one. I don’t care.

  2. I was the first person in GA to challenge the state with a valid medical marijuana prescription the state was afraid to try me because they could have lost. I am thankful not to be in prison considering I had over 9 pounds. I should have stayed in cali where I was free but sick family brought me back to this knuckle dragging mouth breathing state. My life is on hold because of the current state laws. So I think I have a right to BITCH. I am a martyr and I put my life on the line to give anyone caught with a prescription and weed in GA a fair chance.

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  4. BABY STEPS!!! The fact that anything got passed in the south at all is huge and not something to bitch about. I’m in chronic pain too. I understand the frustration.

  5. It isn’t JUST for children, but the CBD strain is the only thing that will be legal, and that’s the kind that won’t get you high. Seriously though, BABY STEPS. This is the south, and the fact that ANYTHING got passed here is huge.

  6. just legalize it for recreation use, stop the whole medical stuff lol it helps everyone

  7. weed is a plant on

    Yeah its lame how they do that. I hope it isn’t long before that factor is added into the equation. Also, believe it or not, weed helps people with everyday problems as well (insomnia, appetite, anxiousness,).
    At first I just smoked because I love weed but I have more self confidence when I’m high and its changed my overall confidence.

  8. Normal kids with sick parents will suffer a poor quality of life as they grow up around parents with chronic pain. Sick parents and seniors have an equal right to have medical marijuana in GA. Wake up hypocrites!!!!

  9. Chronic Pain on

    Great for the kids, what about the rest of the residents of GA suffered many diseases and chronic pain? How come nobody has compassion for the rest of us. Ga politicians were afraid about the KIDS getting high on medical marijuana, but it is ok for the hypocrites to blitz these kids out on morphine and xanax but god forbid they might get high on marijuana. I really hate GA and the ignorant people that run the local, city and state government.

  10. Isn’t it interesting that the outcry to “save the kids” from marijuana has turned a full circle to the kids being the reason to get medical marijuana passed in some places?

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