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Medical Marijuana Bill Will Be Introduced Next Year In Alabama


Alabama marijuanaby Patrick McCreless

Before Rep. K.L. Brown’s sister succumbed to breast cancer 25 years ago, she used medicinal marijuana to ease her suffering.

Brown now wants legislation to provide similar relief to other chronically ill Alabama patients.

A Republican of Jacksonville, Brown said Friday that he will sponsor a bill during the 2012 legislative session to legalize medicinal marijuana in Alabama.

“My sister used it very successfully to control her nausea and pain,” Brown said. “I think the time has come for the state to consider medical marijuana.”

Brown said he expects to pre-file the bill by November. Brown added he had already met with state health department officials to discuss their potential role in providing medicinal marijuana if the bill is passed and will soon meet with other lawmakers to discuss the legislation.

“I think we’ve got a lot of citizens with Parkinson’s Disease, with cancer, with HIV … we’ve got a lot of people who could benefit from pain control,” Brown said.

Brown emphasized, however, that the bill was in no way part of a larger effort to decriminalize marijuana completely in the state.

“This is not a recreational marijuana legalizing bill at all,” Brown said. “It’s strictly for medicinal purposes and will be closely monitored by the health department and law enforcement.”

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  1. sick states who allow this, we have a war on drugs and we elect to go against it.. sick or no sick if you allow to have this who else would you contribute this too..we are one sick society and america is going down the tubes, alabama, you dont allow gambling you dont have shit to do for the folks in the state but then you allow this bullcrap!

  2. I have mulitple issues with my heart. I also have high blood pressure, COPD and Emphysema. I have dire chest pain and cannot breathe sometimes when my blood pressure rages out of control and some days I eat an entire bottle of nitro tablets (sometimes 5 -6 bottles per week) to keep my blood pressure down which helps take the increasingly UNBEARABLE pain and symptoms of what I believe are a heart attack away. (Heart issues are a bad genetic problem with my family). I cannot even walk without my legs giving out from exaustion and that is just from one room to the other due to my health issues, some of which are undiagnosed because we lost our health insurance and I cannot go back to the doctor until it kicks back on in March. My point is this. I had a friend give me a couple joints and yes, I did smoke them over a time span of 1 week, (I had not smoked pot in approximately 25 years). When I smoked them, I didnt have to take any nitro, I had no breathing problems and I had ENERGY! I was able to walk around and do things I would not have been able to do before. Also, I was more attentive to my children and spent more quality time with them because I was feeling so much better. I didnt get short with them because I was feeling good, not sick as usual. I am not a pot smoker and I do not use drugs but on ocassion I will have a drink on the weekends when the kids are spending the night with their Grandparents. I am now a firm believer that marijuana is a miracle drug. I wish it could be legalized so poeple like me and others could find relief for their health. This includes mental health as well because a mom in pain or anyone in pain for that matter is not really able to function at their full capacity, not like they should, or want to that is. I started looking up this bill after hearing it on the news the other day and I became very excited. I can get any medication I need from my doctor for anything I need it for like Xanax, etc, but I dont want to take it because I do not want to be high or not remember certain events that happen. (XANAX makes me blackout and I have memory loss when I take it). I have not taken Xanax for over 2 years for this reason alone and I have prescriptions for it. I feel that for me personally, marijuana is the perfect medication for me because I have seen firsthand that it works! Not only for my heart issues, blood pressure, COPD, etc, but also my mental health as well. If they do not pass this bill then it for one reason and one reason only. They make too much money on fines, etc when someone gets busted for having it. The police depts dont want it legalized because that will cut into their federal funding packages and incentives. I mean think about how much money tax payers would save if they didnt have to hire as many national guards, etc to take helecopters up and search thousands of acres of land, day in and out and also the hours we as taxpayers have to foot the bill. The manpower needed would not be as high for such operations if it was legalized and I believe that is one of the issues that is really at hand. It is not the fact that they dont want us to have it but the fact is that many who oppose it are afraid of losing their jobs. Now when you think about it, alcohol has done more damage than any drug out there but states and government allow it. They control its distribution but look how well thats is going. It is the number one problem as far as car accidents and many health issues, including deaths. Marijuana is a safe alternative to drinking as well. I beleieve that is marijuana was legalized that many poeple would stop drinking. Many people only drink because they want to relax, escape, feel better, whatever. I find myself rambling so I am going to end it with this. If anyone in congress or the state is reading this please do us a favor, (those of us who need it medically) please pass this bill. Alabama is suffering enough with debt. Passing this bill would not only help get the state out of the gutter but it would help with public schools (my children are attending private Christian school) and also the crime rate. There would also be less arrests percentages because people are buying and using illegally. Those people who need it for medical reasons would not be arrested, be sitting in jail, thus less money being spent by the taxpayers. If you really care about alabama citizens who really find this plant to be effective in helpong them deal with pain and other issues, please pass this bill so we can live more comfortable, pain free lives. Thank you.

  3. look everbody you cant say marijuana is even a drug its not a narcotic its related with class A narcotics which is crazy there is more people in prison over drug charges then there is murderers rapist, all the above but marijuana is nothing but a natural growing plant, nobody has died from marijuna that i know of and if we legalize this bill in alabama it will be the best thing that happen in awhile its a major cash crop booming monay for schools fixers on roads new books for schools maybe even new schools it will reduce crime, think about it there no chemicals added to marijuna unles you add just trust me we should all pass this bill plus i think everybody needs it would calm the world off a lil bit..

  4. Thanks for your efforts. Please get it passed this year of 2012. I want use it until legal and a Dr. says. I’d like to see if that helped my failed back surgery better than percocet. Anyways for those who need it more than I, I pray 2012 it’s passed.

  5. I have twin daughters aged 14 years and they have a rare genetic skin cindition called Epidermolsis Bullosa. It is ultimately going to cause their death. My wife and I are at our wits end with treatment for pain, itching and nutrition. EB is where the skin just comes off with the slightest of friction, leaving open wounds that require complete body bandaging and constantly battling infection.
    One girl is on a feeding tube the other will be soon. They have no will to live like this, we need help. I think that medical use of marijuana will improve their quality of life. Our physicians under the table agree.
    What can I do tohelp this bill pass. I don’t want t see my girls suffer. The pain is too great. They are on hydrocodone, oxicodone, dilaudid and methadone to reduce the pain. Also they take valium to calm them. I think cannibis may help.

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