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Medical Marijuana Bills Filed In Florida House And Senate


Florida medical marijuanaAdvocates in Florida received some encouraging news as lawmakers filed bills in both chambers to bring medical marijuana to the Sunshine State.

House Joint Resolution 353 and Senate Joint Resolution 1028 propose that the question of allowing marijuana for medical use should appear on the 2012 ballot as a statewide referendum, according to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. If approved by at least 60 percent of the voters, the state constitution would be amended.

It’s the second year in a row that legislation has been filed. Last year the effort stalled out in committee.

Executive Director of The Florida Cannabis Action Network, Jodi James, said, “This is the first time since 1978 that cannabis advocates will have a sustained presence in the Legislature.”

The legislature comes back from winter break tomorrow, and even though neither of the resolutions are on the schedule for a hearing, The Florida Cannabis Action Network say they are pleased that they are in the legislature for a second year in a row. James says the group is also planning on petitioning the Governor, Rick Scott, to ask him to urge the legislature to pass a bill that would bypass the constitutional amendment process and just allow sick people in his state to have access to medical marijuana.

For more information on that effort, you can visit thier website, FLdecides.org. Florida NORML is holding a benefit concert to help raise funds for the effort on February 19th in Fort Lauderdale that will be hosting dozens of musical acts and informational speakers.


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  1. I helped open a medical marajuana dispencery in Seattle Washing. The nmail comcern wes the tax issues. If you remember back in the day when booz was outlawed until the feds found out taxing the booz would bring a ton of money to the goverment. I truly feel that if M.M.J. was taxed, and all other legal standards were followed, the goverment would have no reason to fight the issues at hand. There are several issues as well as the almighty dollor. The dispensary made more than $60,000 in the first month and this was tax free because no taxes were put into place. Florida has many people both young and old that yould that would help with many medical issues.. Before you dismiss the vote think of the good tha it would do for the people that truly need this kind of treatment… Marajuana has more good than bad treatment issues………………

  2. Floridians – If you haven’t told your Legislative Representatives you support this legislation they will not know. You can voice your opinion with the following actions:

    Sign the petition to permit a floor debate on the Joint Resolutions for Medicinal Use of Cannabis at http://signon.org/sign/?florida-medicinal-use.

    Read, sign and send the letter to Committee Leadership requesting they hold a Hearing at http://?takeaction.realreformact.co?m/p/dia/action/public/??action_KEY=6917.

    Read, sign and send a letter to your representatives to encourage your representative and senator to educate themselves on the issue and co-sponsor the Resolution at http://?takeaction.realreformact.co?m/p/dia/action/public/??action_KEY=6895.

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