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Medical Marijuana Booth Shut Out Of Union Street Fair


Union Street FestivalAlcohol is legal, but you won’t be seeing any of it this weekend at the now-dry Union Street Fair. Medical marijuana, too, is legal, but you won’t be seeing any evidence of that, either. Not after the promoter handling the Cow Hollow street fete, Steven Restivo Event Services, denied entry to a promotional booth run by Medithrive, a Mission District medical cannabis dispensary.

“We are not interested in having you at any of our events — no more need to apply to our shows,” Restivo wrote in an e-mail to Stephen Rechif, Medithrive’s dispensary manager. “That is 100 percent my decision.”

Medithrive has successfully run booths at other street fairs, including the Haight Street festival — without issue, Rechif says. And booths aren’t cheap. Medithrive wrote $1,000 checks to Restivo to reserve booths, but they were returned — uncashed.

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