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Medical Marijuana Could Help Treat Sickle Cell Disease


sickle cell marijuanaPeople who suffer from sickle cell disease have to deal with a lot of pain. Patients with sickle cell disease have crescent shaped blood cells, compared to disc shaped blood cells in people who don’t suffer from sickle cell disease. These cells block blood flow, which causes pain, fatigue, and organ damage. I’ve heard people that suffer from sickle cell disease describe the pain as being like nails poking their entire body.

Doctors usually prescribe opiate based pain killers like morphine for sickle cell disease. Opiate prescriptions have a lot of side effects including respiratory issues, damage to organs, and addiction to name a few. Compare that to medical marijuana, which has far less harmful side effects, especially if consumed in food or vapor form. Patients should have the option to choose medical marijuana if they want to. From Minnesota Daily:

School of Dentistry professor and pain expert Donald Simone, who is also working on the research project, said opiates sometimes have “problematic” side effects, such as respiratory depression. And Gupta said patients sometimes receive incorrect dosages of the drugs because their exact amount of pain is unknown.

Medical marijuana is promising for sickle cell patients because it has a pain-relieving effect without as many severe side effects as morphine, Simone said.

Right now researchers in California are teaming up with researchers at the University of Minnesota to find out how medical marijuana can help those suffering from sickle cell disease. Right now, sickle cell patients can get safe access to medical marijuana if they are in California. However, patients in Minnesota will have to wait until the condition is added to the list of approvable conditions in Minnesota, which could take awhile.


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  1. How do I go by filling out the paperwork to get medical Marijuana for my sicklecell

  2. i have sc but i know how bad it can get but we have to keep on fighting for whats right i think this will really help us

  3. Well I’m from Guyana. I’m 22 years of age and I’m a ss person from birth ive started smoking marijuana from the age of 13 and what I find out is That I’m not going in hospital as much as I use to by 85%

  4. Yeah i am like that too ! I have sickle cell as well and i dont ever have an appetite, im so happy you posted this because its so easy to relate. Also being a sickle cell patient and struggling in and out of school i sometimes loose motivation and get depressed and it helps with that too.

  5. If marijiuana helps with the pain of sickle cell, I am wondering also whether magnesium baths would help as magnesium baths also relax. People in hot countries sometimes suffer from sickle cell pains less because of the hot weather dilating the vessels…


  6. I have sickle cell C the disease .. How do u deal with ur pain? Because morphine doesn’t help me anymore.

  7. Darrell Hayes on

    I have SS and ive smoked since a teen im 31 and its always helped the bad part is i live in louisiana and Im a felon now becsuse of being arrested for posession multiple Times i cant wait for This to be recognized nationally

  8. I am a sickle cell patients I was diagnosed at 4 years old. since then I have struggled with pain throughout my life. at about 24 years old I started smoking marijuana not realizing the benefit it was to me. about 8 years ago I became of school teacher. knowing that this would be frowned upon in my profession I stopped smoking marijuana several times over the past 8 years. each time I stopped within one week I ended up in the hospital in a severe pain crisis. I did not make the connection until last week. once again I stopped smoking marijuana and ended up in the hospital in a severe pain crisis I am still in that crisis. I’m unsure what to
    do I do not want to lose my career and I’m not sure how this would affect my teaching career. I do live in California and have easy access to Medical marijuana however I’m afraid to apply for a Medical marijuana card.does anyone have
    any advice?

  9. My husband is a sickle cell patient. He recently had a crisis after more than 4 years!! I helped change his diet and he does smoke marijuana especially when he is in pain. I make tea with the cannabis and he also smokes it for pain relief. People who are not really educated on marijuana usually say that marijuana makes it worse, but I trust my husband’s word. Also hearing it from you guys makes me feel a ton better.

  10. I am a Sickle cell patient With the type SS I smoke marijuana when I feel myself about to go into a crisis and it immediately takes the pain away and when I come Down off of my high I dont have any negative side effects

  11. Im 16yo with sickle cell i smoke marijuanna because i dont ever have an appetite but when i smoke i love to eat weed helps me

  12. Cannabis is God’s … Mother/Father Nature’s gift to their children.We need to stop disrespecting such a miracle plant.What makes me want to puke the most is the fact that the President and all the members of Congress and the Senate can now walk the streets of Wash D C smoking a joint legally while I, who live in Florida could get arrested and send to jail for doing the same shit……..Ain’t that some shiggidy shit ?

  13. I am sickle cell patient with type SS and I have come to find that marijuana helps immensely with my pain and preventing me from having crisis’. I don’t get pain very often, but when I do, I usually end up in the hospital for a couple of days. Lately I have been smoking marijuana and it has actually prevented a full on crisis from happening. I had been out in the rain and cold waiting for the bus and could feel myself getting sick and having pain crisis start. When I went home I smoked some marijuana and the pain not only ceased but I was able to go back to what I was doing in my routine without any problems. Even when the marijuana wore off I didn’t have any pain or negative side effects. I usually take ibuprofen, hydrocodone, or Tylenol to help with the pain and it takes either a while to work or it doesn’t work cause I end up not taking enough. These meds help with the pain but doesn’t prevent or make the pain any easier to deal with once I have taken them. I am pro medical marijuana for sickle cell patients.

  14. I am a sickle cell patient. I have found that smoking marijuana actually helps me in a lot of ways. At night i get a lot of knee pain especially in the cold, but if I smoke some marijuana during the day I don’t feel that pain at night. i have also calculated that marijuana keeps me away from the crisis i usually get. Which I love because when i get a crisis I spend more than a month in the hospital and then it takes me about another month and a half to regain my strength, weight and abilities. I am from Massachusetts and i am looking to get my medical marijuana patient card as soon as possible.

  15. Purple.monique on

    Hey my sickel cell sister sorry you have to go thur too I hate it but we have to got thur it.. As long as you be strong you will be fine.. God got us in his hands even tho I don’t see nobody trying to really help us out with our sickel cell crisis I had a doctor tell me all sickle cell people’s want is pain meds.. And I flipped out..

  16. i’m doing research and am sorry to read this. I know this is 5 months past however, i am an authorized distributor of CBD oil (cannibidiol extracted from the cannabis plant) and you are why I am in this business. I believe in what it can do for so many people. it is legal and available for purchase. by smoking – you are not getting the same potency as you will get from ingesting the oil. please get as much information on the oil or more importantly Rick Simpson oil and try it immediately.

  17. As a sickle cell patient I find that Ms. Jane numbs me up to where the pain is tolerable. There have been many night when I’m in so much pain I can barely keep a sheet on my body but after a bit of her… I’m breathing normally, I can move slightly, and sometimes I don’t feel the pain at all. I have the morphine pills the tylenol3 the ibuprofen lortabs but it got to the piloint where those pill were messing me upore than this. I say if a SC patient want to do it for PAIN RELIEF, not recreational use, let them have it. I guess it all depends on how that person was taught. I was told that it was bad for me at a young age but as I told my so far thats the best relief I can find and he’s OK with it. Again its all up to the patient.

  18. Purple.monique on

    I have sickle cell and I be in pain not all the time but most of the time.. And as I just read the things that wrote I feel some of this is wrong.. I have had sickle cell all my life my mother found out I had it when I was 2months old or younger.. But as I grow with this sickness I found somethings help.. Like pain killers of different kind.. And I started using marijuana when I was 12years old to help wit my pain.. And come to find out with using pain killers and using marijuana it helps with the pain it do wonders.. Just like now 8/22/2014 @ 11:30am in Bradenton florida I am in bad pain now I have no pain killer and no marjiuana I am sitting here writing this and crying cause I can’t deal with the pain.. So I called my doctor nothing.. So now I have to go to the hospital.. But marijuana helps out with my sickle cell pain and it relax me to where my pain is not fully gone but I can take the pain… But using pain killers and marijuana helps with the pain wonderfully..

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