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Medical Marijuana ‘Dabs’ Have Taken Over Southern California


At The High Times Cannabis Cup In Los Angeles, Dabs Were A Fan Favorite

If you are a medical marijuana patient from California, this article will seem like I am just stating the obvious. However, if you are not from the great state of California, chances are you have no idea what ‘dabs’ are. I have been a medical marijuana patient in Oregon for half a decade, and have been consuming marijuana for 18 years, and I had no idea what dabs were until I was hanging out at the WeedMaps headquarters about a month ago.

Barry Blunt from KushSmoke.com and Justin Hartfield of WeedMaps looked very confused when I asked them what dabs were. The best definition for medical marijuana dabs I could find online comes from Buds of Steele (with some additives in parenthesis), which is basically the definition I got from the WeedMaps staff, “any (concentrated) product of a chemical (or organic) extraction being performed on cannabis. Isopropanyl and Butane are the most common solvents used for this process but there are many that will work.” So hash oil, budder, earwax or most any form of concentrated cannabis could be considered a dab. It’s how you smoke it that makes it unique.

I have been smoking hash and kief for years, but always mixed in with my weed. Smoking dabs is way of smoking 100% concentrated cannabis through a specially designed bubbler (or attachment). It almost requires three hands and enough safe space to not light a fire around you with your butane torch (see video below). Yet, dozens of people were zipping around the Cannabis Cup smoking dip after dip of dabs, with no torch burns reported (to our knowledge, lol). All of the best booths at the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup were giving out dab hits for free to event participants. There were lots of people with blunts, joints, pipes, and bongs, but dabs were all the rage.

I think most people in California forget that they are inside the fishbowl, and quite frankly, no one does it on a level like Cali does. Oregon is very advanced in the world of marijuana, and I can’t find anyone up here that is smoking dabs like they are down in California. There was a guy at the WeedMaps booth at the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles named Eric that had brought 15 grams of hash oil to smoke on day 1 alone. People in California have the dab smoking process down so well, that I even saw people walking around with torches smoking dabs while milling through the crowd.

That’s what happens when you have a State that leads the world with marijuana innovation and culture. California was the first state in the country to legalize medical marijuana, and the first to have dispensaries. Combine that with a ‘cutting edge’ minded population and LOTS of people, and you have a recipe for excellence. If you live in an area that does not have a burgeoning dabs industry, just wait, because it’s coming. As with almost anything these days, it has started in California, and the popularity will spread sooner than later.



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  1. Dabs.. God people have their priories in a tangle out west… You guys are on the verge of having no water and all it seems you are concerned about is the next best way to get high. It seems to be solving all your fiscal and infrastructure problems, keep it up!

  2. So many people talking shit.. we are all stoners here right, why isn’t this a fucking peaceful conversation?

  3. u speak about weed but I don’t know anyone that will do a crime while high but dudes that drinks do domestic violence u the same person that approve same sex marriage witch is against the bible don’t judge or be judge

  4. Shawn Dunwoody on

    I’m siding with Kings OG here. What does it say about your mental capacity when you’re fapping over youtube videos?

  5. Rudeness such as you spout here is a sure sign of a low IQ. I’m sorry you’re a mental midget. I, for one, think she’s just FINE.

  6. I’m from LoCal1904, San Diego, and I still love my flowers. I do, however, like to take a couple of dabs after my session to get that full head change. Dabs are a great way to get a nice high if the flowers, the BUDS, aren’t enough for you anymore. Always make sure your wax is vacuum purged to degas it, getting all of the harmful butane out of it. It’s all about the concentrates now. Save your stems, grind em’ up a bit and turn them into kief with a kief box or other screener, giving you concentrated THC. You can then compress the kief and turn it into hash. Happy Four Twenty!

  7. Yeah, make sure your wax is fully vacuum purged of all butane. If it’s not purged properly, the remaining butane is horrible for your lungs. I heard that it makes the walls of your lungs expand to many times greater than normal. So like Wood said, get the high quality waxes, Four Twenty!

  8. Yo wtf was that?!?!?!?!?!? First of all, we are talking bout earwax not fucking caveman weed, and second of all you are grimy as fuck, and your bong, i literally use pieces like that as flower vases now. WHO THE FUCK hits rubber grommit bongs anymore???? I haven’t seen a bong like that since the fuckin 90’s homey! Get up on game and get yourself a glass on glass and do something bout that little belly of yours, and maybe you could take that little baby fat from your belly and put it in your chest. LOL! FUCK BITCHES GET MONEY! HAHA!

  9. We have had concentrates in California for at least TEN Years. I remember this stuff called “Frozen Trichromes” from back then. It was like what they call now “Shatter”. There were many other kinds too, sativas and indicas.. It has just lately become more well known. The technology of vaping and dabbing HAS evolved over the years.

  10. Yabba_Dabba_Doo on

    Just wanted to input my 2 cents. I have been a stoner for awhile now in CA. I found out about dabs when I went to a MMJ expo in Anaheim last year. I had never seen nails and dabs before and was completely confused. Then some people showed me what it was about and gave me a couple hits. I was to the moon.

    I think the thing I like most about dabs, is that you smoke less and still get super high. Instead of me sitting around loading bowl after bowl of weed in my bong, or tons of joints and blunts, I can just fire up 1-2 dabs and be good for hours.

    Dabs doesn’t smell as much as let’s say a burning blunt or joint. Yes, it still smells, but it is definitely less conspicuous. Even my lady likes me doing it more, because the whole pad doesn’t smell like weed all the time.

    Basically, I converted my bong, which I was using for flowers and bubble hash, got myself a rig, a nail, and a globe/holder around it, and I am good to go. Ever since I made the conversion, I haven’t gone back to the regular bowl / flowers. Probably about $150 to upgrade my bong to make it work with dabs.

    Now even though this is my preferred set up, this is only for at home since I got some nice glass. For on the go, I been using the MicroG Pen, putting dabs in there, and being able to take it all over the place and have dabs on the go. Also, less suspicious, less smelly, and everyone thinks it’s a E-Cig.

    I still blaze regularly too. It is just I prefer the dabs now. Less smoke is better in my book. Also, gotta be on the lookout for bad wax. I have one trust MMJ club I go to that has super clean wax. Always has a great after taste. But, I have also been to MMJ clubs that are all about “deals” getting more stuff for your money. Watch out, because I have definitely got some nasty ass after taste wax, that I do not recommend. From what I hear, if it has a super shitty taste, that is because the maker is not “purging” correctly and getting rid off ALL the butane. From my understanding, all wax is made with butane, but at the end, it has to be purged and cleaned of impurities. If it tastes bad than the wax maker didn’t do a good job at all.

    Dabs are great.

  11. hey Obama love the comment about weed smoking being a fun activity rather than a contest. although I will have to disagree to some extent because trying to smoke more than everyone else means your just going to end up having the most fun out of your friends. I agree you shouldn’t do it all the time but if you try and do that with your friends then all of you will probably end up stupid and laughing together for a while. I gave a thumbs up on ur comment by the way. just thought id add my 2 cents worth.

  12. That’s right cali budz arw all ways the beat hands down but no one wants to admit there state has just ok budz we grow poundz out of a couple tree’s, all grade A kush : og, sour, grand daddy, master,bubba, everything so we don’t need your tree’s in cali we export

  13. Same shit as “lets see if you can snap this bowl”, you fucking morron from Colorado, cali is the best!!!keep hating on us cause we the best,smoking bomb dabz all day….0x@{{☆’z p.s. we extracting everyrhing..hahahaha

  14. dabaholic860 on

    Hey dumb ass ill go through a quarter a week and my east coast CT smokin mad blunts all day i bought weed bongs that were more than 300 just got on the wax wave 6 months ago i can make a g of oil last two weeks you do the math

  15. Er, why is this news? Even outside California? Hash extracted via a solvent is new? Huh, weird.

    Dabs seem unique if you have zero imagination. Get out some more. It’s just applying heat to hash.

  16. barackobama on

    This dude is a fucking moron, all of you who do this are. Who are you impressing? What is the point of smoking bud? I always thought it was to chill or have fun and laugh or for medical reasons, but when did it turn into look how much i can smoke? This is as stupid as guys doing shots. These are the guys that have helped the establishment keep the drug wars going, this is how the public see’s all pot smokers. Bet money these guys think they are anti-establishment not realizing they are their number 1 spokespeople for the drug war and demonization of marijuana. They also prove they have been programmed by the establishment media….only a bunch of programmed sheep would turn getting high into a fucking competition.

  17. lakelandgirl on

    We call “dabs” honey oil. It is very smooth and not harsh at all :)

  18. Commander_Dabs on

    You can’t hold it that long you fucken idiot. His fucken lungs might collapse. Madgweedo is a beast!

  19. TheSammySpecial on

    I don’t know why anyone is debating on the ‘best’ way to smoke marijuana. Chill out, as long as we all get high, who cares how it gets done? :)

  20. penispenispenispenispenispenis on

    yeah if he actually held it in for a bit it would have been exponentially more potent

  21. agreeimundo? on

    8 seconds will absorb almost everything in the lungfull but yeah it peaks at about 3 seconds

  22. correctimundo on

    okay thats just stupid. That would mean if you held your breath underwater you would run out of oxygen immediately.

  23. SanOtoBOulder represent on

    Gotta disagree with you bro. I was born in Cali and have had my med card in both states. Had dabs for the first time here four years ago. except back then it was “earwax” hits on a skillet. I do love the cali outdoor buds tho :)

  24. If it means I can smoke somewhere public (like before the cinema etc) I will do it. Also, weed in europe can be expensive (especially Ireland!) so smoking pure weed is not economical. I wait for the day it’s legal in all countries so I can simply use a portable vapouriser!

  25. Johnny oneye on

    shit my folks moved to LI I was all over Stonybrook campus!
    I spent some high school in those dorms!
    30 yrs ago! but stonybrook U has that reputation!
    best place to start!

  26. Johnny oneye on

    you must be old like me !its the rave here in LA (kids)
    I cant find the video but this guy dabbed his ciggerette than put a jar over it and sucked in the smoke! old oldskool

  27. Marijuana is a very healthy food if taken as an edible, not smoked. It is a gentle and safe way to handle pain. There is a great $2.99 e-book on medical marijuana: MARIJUANA – Guide to Buying, Growing, Harvesting, and Making Medical Marijuana Oil and Delicious Candies to Treat Pain and Ailments by Mary Bendis, Second Edition. This book has great recipes for easy marijuana oil, delicious Cannabis Chocolates, and tasty Dragon Teeth Mints.

  28. errlmcdaberson on

    haha this is so far from the truth been dabbing here in the Midwest for at least 4 years now Denver was the city on the forefront.

  29. Lotsa dabs going around Canada. There is a popular online store selling it. Just ask some friends about hash oil/marjarine/budder instead of dabs … I haven’t heard the word ‘dabs’ used to describe them yet. I guess it depends who your friends are … -_-

  30. Johnny Green, you are super wrong. Colorado started the whole dabbing trend – I’ve lived in both places as a patient, and have to say that Colorado has by far the most extensive industry in the nation. Better prices, too.

  31. I made a bunch of BHO and have been mixing with weed or hitting straight off screens. It is totally super potent and I get baked major. My question is: If I buy a special bong or attachment for dubs… will it be way way way better ?

  32. Jonnybgood4206996 on

    For u idiots thats sayin he isnt holding the smoke in …. Smoke was already in his lungs after first dab he was holdin it in for a good 15 sec till last dab was burned so really hes a beast son for not coughin his ass off … But if i take a percacet i can smoke a pound in one hit and not cough so he was prolly on sumthin lol

  33. The Truth Preacher on

    Lol Colorado is the top state for weed hands down. We started the dab tradition over here. Try taking a hit at this high altitude, LEGALLY

  34. Really though; there are morons in my neck of the woods, ^^ this guy would fit in nicely. Why are you hating on these people; they love weed just like you do. Based on a brief overview of this article and a 5th grade intelligence I’ve gathered that they’re not smoking run of the mill commercial blunt weed. Do you put 50 bud in your blunts everytime? Seems to me that they’re taking California chronic, mixing it with some agent, and avoiding burning and tainting their pipes by heating it with a hot nail. Seems like a heller idea and I’m gonna try it with this fresh bag of 50 bud. Enjoy your blunts Bay Boy! (Or girl, what kinda name is Pez?) #RantOff

  35. Michael Romero on

    Shit I still like fresh picked tops of the plant when pruning :) out door crops. Tulsa Tops.

  36. blunts are the worst waste of weed since the dutch began mixing tobacco in their joints.

    for gods sake, smoke a cig if u want tobacco, dont pollute good medicine with poison!

  37. In quality cannabis oil there are no hydrocarbons which are the things that you get from burning any plant material that are known to cause cancer and be toxic, now I know that cannabis itself would never cause cancer or anything like that but we all know burning a plant and inhaling it is rough on the lungs this is a way to get the cannabinoids from the plant that you would be burning off the plant matter and then vaporizer or dab it by itself, thus avoiding all the hydrocarbons and tar you would inhale if you were smoking the plant. The resin in hash oil pipes is just hash oil, you can’t say that about your pipe or bong or whatever. It takes 1 hit instead of multiple hits which is also another way it’s less stressful on the lungs and it requires such a small amount it’s very practical cost wise as well. It’s a safer, more efficient, and cleaner method than “smokin blunts”…that’s old news man get with the times.

  38. Kansas City is dabbing strong we all know what that shits about haha it isn’t just southern california, all the headshops here are filling up with more and more nail pieces and everyone knows what they are for.

  39. I just dabbed some jack herer and Obama wax! I’m reborn as a stoner after almost 20 years of blazin! Dabs changed my life!!!

  40. No cough motherfucka! The face of the dude sitting next to him is priceless, brain is clearly melted.

    I agree with just smoking though, I only smoke socially once in a while and will pull a nice little glass bubbler out of the freezer. Besides that a oneie is good enough for me and my insomnia and anxiety.

  41. you wouldn’t need so MUCH ‘dab’ if it was Pure in the first place. Might wanna try another resource, so you wouldn’t have to do SOOO much…Bay Area is KING!

  42. just smoke weed. why in the hell would you want to buy a 300 dollar bong, waste hella butane, spend dumbass money on the “dabs” (which i think is a stupid name to begin with) just to get a little higher? im from the Bay Area, we smoke mad blunts, thats it, thats all, smoke weed, get high. i feel like they can put out any “new” way of getting high and capitalize it and market the shit out of it cuz stoners are always looking for the next cool thing, like the dude in the video thinkin hes cool cuz he smoked a fat hit of weed. cmon man, why cant we all just get high on weed and shut the hell up about it?

  43. I don’t know where in AA you stay, but we obviously need to hangout. I’ve not seen anyone dabbing around here, myself included.

  44. ha, you would have to cut off a lot of air for it to actually affect you more… also pedro is right it’s been researched that holdin it in extra adds no extra effect because you absorb most of the thc in a couple of seconds

  45. Seems like a lot of work to smoke. I assume the effects are much greater than simply smoking bud?

  46. We’ve got dabs going strong now up in Seattle. And we even have o2 hash made with liquid oxygen, that is mostly what I smoke that and sometimes the smokable ‘pure gold’

  47. Holdin it in is a myth and does not get you higher and causes greater damage to your lungs.

  48. Aweh mann looks so good ! We dont have dabs in Canada yet. Atleats not where I’m from. Gotte get me some !

  49. I must comment on the film…what a waste of medicine! One “dab” will do ya! I sound like a “Jerry-Curl” commercial ;)
    If that kid held that hit in for more then 3 seconds he would have had a much greater effect. Kids these days..

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