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Report: Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Boost Hiring 90% At End Of 2014


marijuana jobsThe marijuana industry is growing rapidly, both medical and recreational. The growth of the industry has led to increased hiring by marijuana companies, especially at dispensaries. According to a report, the last quarter of 2014 saw medical marijuana dispensaries increase their hiring rate by 90%. Per Weed Hire:

Top 4 Biggest Increases in Jobs Demand since Q3 2014 (please see accompanying infograph)
1)      Dispensary Jobs -            90% Growth
2)      Medical Jobs –                 70% Growth
3)      Administrative Jobs -      65% Growth
4)      Sales Jobs –                      56% Growth

Top 6 Jobs Functions Most in Demand  
1)      Administrative
2)      Sales
3)      Dispensaries
4)      Medical
5)      Marketing
6)      Manufacturing/Grow/Edibles

These statistics demonstrate the industry is still very early in development.  The lack of banking support as well as the delays in issuance of licenses and approvals at the state level is likely to also play a role in how fast these organizations can grow.  It is important to note however that industry analysts believe that approximately 10,000 jobs in marijuana already exist in Colorado.  Thousands more will be coming in the follow-on states of Washington, Oregon, & Alaska.

Below is the accompanying infograph, courtesy of Weed Hire:

2014 fourth quarter marijuana jobs



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  1. Apparently, the very people who shaped and created the underground marijuana industry in Alaska are not welcome in the upcoming Green Rush. 13 years of experience does not matter to them because I got snitched on by my kid’s Grandmother for a “crime” that is no longer a crime. To add insult to injury, I fulfilled all of my obligations to the State. Just so I find out that McDonalds doesn’t want me and a budding industry is only available to newbies that have put absolutely no time, energy, or conviction into said industry. I bleed for my beliefs, I served time in jail to do what I believed in. Myself and many others like me are the pioneers of this business and are getting pushed to the side by people that didn’t have the conviction or dedication to fight for what they believe in. That’s whats happening in Alaska. The real soldiers are not eligible for these fantastic jobs. SMH

  2. This is PRECISELY what we have been trying to tell our government leaders in the South. No place in the country needs jobs worse than these states. It’s time our politicians started dismissing hype and paying attention to FACTS.

  3. There is not a state in the U.S. that could not use an extra 10,000 jobs. Plus all of the other jobs that this would create.

  4. And ALL those jobs are likely to all end shortly if the legislature has their way this session.

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