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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Closed/Fined In Oregon For ‘Serious Violations’


closed anaheim dispensaries medical marijuanaIf you are an Oregon medical marijuana dispensary operating without a license, or if you are a dispensary that isn’t following the rules, expect to receive heavy fines and/or be shut down altogether. That’s what happened to several medical marijuana dispensaries in Oregon this past week. Admittedly, I don’t have every dispensary licensed establishment memorized. However, there are lots of them that I drive past that I know don’t have a license either by checking the Oregon Health Authority website, or by hearing it straight from the owner’s mouth. I always point out to people that it’s just a matter of time before those types of dispensaries are shutdown, which usually results in some harsh feedback from who I’m talking to.

I don’t personally like dispensaries that try to operate outside of the rules. It took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to get medical marijuana dispensaries legalize in Oregon, and every dispensary that tries to buck the rules puts the whole system in jeopardy by giving the industry a black eye. It’s also not fair for people that are following the rules to have to try to compete on an uneven playing field against dispensaries that are essentially cheating the system. I don’t like prohibition, and I don’t like patients having a harder time finding their medicine, but when there is a legal, regulated system in place, I have no problem with enforcement cracking down on people that are operating outside of a very reasonable framework.

Per Oregon Live:

During an unannounced visit in May to Portland Compassionate Caregivers, state inspectors found 13 violations, including poor record keeping, failing to verify whether customers were valid Oregon medical marijuana cardholders and evidence of on-site cannabis consumption. The state subsequently ordered the dispensary to close.

A second Portland dispensary, Marijuana Dispensaries at 4612 N.E. Sandy Blvd., has been served with a proposed license revocation and civil penalties amounting to $29,500. Its operator could not be reached for comment Friday.

The state also has ordered the closure of nine dispensaries for operating without a license. Burns said the state’s three inspectors scour web sites and publications that advertise dispensaries to track down establishments operating outside of the law.

Unlicensed establishments are subject to a $500 a day civil penalty. The state can impose a $500 fine for each violation at a licensed dispensary.

If you are a member of Oregon’s emerging medical marijuana industry, take note of what happened last week. If you are trying to rely on the old argument that you are ‘not a dispensary,’ yet money walks in and marijuana walks out, it’s only a matter of time before your legal reasoning backfires. If you are a patient in the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program, make sure that you are only supporting medical marijuana dispensaries that follow the rules.


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  1. The medical dispensary I use gives away free cannabis to cancer patient’s every Sunday. There are good people involved in helping the sick too.

  2. I enjoy the Showtime series “Ray Donovan”. This last weeks story line has Jon Voight’s character “Mickey” and a friend planning to rob an LA medical dispensary because it’s an “All cash business”. I do realize this is a fictional story and not real life, however, “Mickey” walks into the dispensary with his friend “Shorty” to case out the medical dispensary they plan to rob, it’s Mickey’s first time ever experience inside a medical marijuana dispensary. So, Mickey’s friend simply say’s to the bud-tender “He’s a first timer”. Whereupon hearing this, the dispensary bud-tender, rather than sell to Shorty, who has a legal California card/ authorization, simply asks Mickey “what he wants”. And commences to sell bud to this murderous felon, no questions asked. Again, fiction, but it’s this type of portrayal coming out of Hollywood that in my opinion clearly sends a terrible message at a time when other much more conservative states (such as Arkansas) are just now taking baby-steps to get Medical Marijuana laws passed in their state. I’ve seen this same story line so many times on so many California set series (SOA, HBO’s Entourage , (no longer in production) etc. etc. I felt the need to say something and see if I’m alone. Please don’t get me wrong. I’m a very strong believer in freedom of expression, especially fictional TV. However, with this right also comes some amount of community responsibility. The concept of stealing from sick medical patients and flaunting State law appears to have been lost on some of Hollywoods screen writer’ s. But not on law enforcement and those opposed to legalization and even medical marijuana. Anyway, just my two cents, Thank you.

  3. They’re not all making above average incomes. I’ve helped one spot get their license and have been to other dispensaries around the state. I think a lot of them start with a big chunk of money backing them. Some of them were definitely black market growers beforehand. But the majority seem to be well-to-do businesspersons with solid backing. But again… they’re not all killing it at the till.

    Having said that… I agree shady spots need to be shut down before they make us all look bad.

  4. I’d like to seem em shut down. It pisses me off the way businesses are assumed to be virtuous. These people are making above average incomes, they should be expected to have nearly perfect compliance. This is especially true since they are easy rules to follow. Why would a business fail to account for its inventory (a common violation with these enterprises)? Such a thing makes no sense unless the operator is either incompetent or cheating (they really do have their inventory accounted for but would rather not have it be official).

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