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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Coming To Maine?


The State of Maine approved medical marijuana more than a decade ago. However, problems with how to distribute the medicine, and funding issues, have stalled implementation efforts. An amendment to the original bill is up for review today at the State legislature, and it could allow a non-profit dispensary system, as well as add approvable conditions (LD 1811, see link). The Health and Human Services Committee is holding a hearing today to review a report from a Governor created task force. The report was originally submitted January 27, 2010, but the task force felt that further review was needed. If approved, medical marijuana program participants would be issued a photo identification card.

The problem in Maine is very similar to the implementation problems in Washington D.C. In D.C. voters approved medical marijuana over a decade ago, but do to funding issues it is just now becoming a reality. This is a prime example of how the legislative process works, and how EVEN AFTER VOTER APPROVAL politicians can use dirty stall tactics to impose their personal beliefs on the implementation process. I picture some conservative A-Hole politician in Maine rubbing his hands after the voters approved medical marijuana, saying to himself ‘they may have won this fight, but there is no way in hell I will ever vote to fund this program.’ Such a tactic has the same effect as a veto, which is not a power that has ever been granted to any legislature; only the Executive Branch of Maine has veto power. You go Maine, don’t take that BS!!



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  1. hello

    I am Jan, a german journalist for public radio (ARD) in LA and currently student at the Maine media workshops. I am doing a film documentary workshop and want to make a piece of 5 min on the legalization issue of medical marijuana.

    I am presently in contact with Jonathan Leavitt from the Maine Marijuana Policy Initiative
    Maine Citizens for Patients Rights. I am looking for a pot grower. How do patients and doctors get their marijuana. I tried to contact some organizations who applied for a licence but could not get hold of anyone.

    Can you help me find some pot growers. To show the other side, can you recommend an opposing politician who has a strong opinion to contrast the pro Cannabis side… There must be plenty in Maine I just dont find any online.

    I am looking to shoot the footage next week monday and tuesday. I know its short notice, but maybe you can help?

    Kind regards

    207 236 2636 ext 210

  2. i am a 17 year old high school student who uses marijuana and is not a criminal in any way.i just enjoy the way it makes me feel, and guess what im not 300 lbs sitting home eatting mcdonals watching tv.im in absolute great heath and feel as if mainers were fooled on voting day by question 5.clearly marijuana is used by a very high pecent of people even not for a medicen and guess what we might be pot heads but the community is eventually going to recieve,probably 95 percent of the money made off of selling pot.oh yea one more thing to add to this,THE U.S IS IN DEBT AND COULD SELL MASS AMOUNTS TO HELP GET OUT OF DEBT.

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