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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Raided By DEA In San Diego


san diego asaThree Dispensaries Raided by DEA in San Diego

On Wednesday, January 11 at exactly 4:20pm in the afternoon, three legal medical marijuana dispensaries in the City of San Diego were raided by the cross jurisdictional narcotic task force (NTF) of San Diego County. The locations attacked include; California’s Best Meds on University Ave, Golden West in North Park, and San Diego Organic Wellness Association in Pacific Beach.


Armed with guns, rifles, and battering rams, dozens of masked NTF gunmen rushed into the medical facilities, breaking down doors, windows, and forcing all the patients inside to the floor.

The raids were a coordinated effort between Bonnie Dumanis the San Diego District Attorney and Laura Duffy the US Attorney assigned to this region. San Diego Police Department (SDPD), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department all participated in executing the raids.


This recent eradication effort began on October 7th, when Laura Duffy along with three other US Attorneys announced in Sacramento that they would be targeting and eradicating all access to medical marijuana in the State.


After the press conference in October hundreds of letters were sent to landlords threatening them with asset forfeiture proceedings if they did not immediately evict their dispensary tenants. Many landlords complied and forced dozens of legitimate businesses in the City to shutter their doors, while many decided to stand behind their tenants and fight against this illegal attempt to seize their property.


Prior to the announcement, the public was convinced the Obama Administration would not be using Department of Justice resources to circumvent state law on this issue and an overwhelming majority were pleased to see patients enjoying safe, reliable, and local access to their doctor recommended medicine.


The announcement came as a shock to the entire community and left 500,000+ medical marijuana patients in the state who legally use cannabis to treat serious and in many cases terminal conditions in disarray, in fear of prosecution, and wondering where they will be getting their medicine if their local dispensaries are closed.


At the same time as the Feds were stepping up their attack, the San Diego City Attorney’s Office also join in on the eradication effort by filing over eighty lawsuits against dispensaries in the City. The lawsuits alleged that all facilities in San Diego were illegal because they were operating without a business license. The City’s lawsuits came after all dispensaries in the City applied and were denied a business license as well as due process under the law.


As word of the Wednesday raid spread, the community jumped into action. Within minutes the County wide Americans for Safe Access (ASA) raid alert system was activated and raid response teams dispatched to all three dispensaries.


At California’s Best Meds, activists arrived armed with video cameras, protest signs, and began to document the attack against patients. Media outlets were also notified and quickly arrived at the scene.

At least twenty activists, concerned citizens, and patients stood outside of California’s Best Meds and chanted “DEA Go Away”, as well as shouted through the doors statements for the employees and patients being detained to hear about their rights.


After repeated requests and pleas with the NTF Agents to see their clients, attorneys for the dispensaries were denied access and prevented from going inside the facility to witness the interrogation.


Several hours into the raid patients in tears, one by one, were released from the facilities. Medical records, medicine, computers, and other property was confiscated and packaged by the NTF agents into DEA evidence boxes and hauled off.

By: Eugene Davidovich


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  1. Sum people really need their meds u dicks! Its jus weed! Go raid a crack house or a meth lab y mess with tha helpless weed smokers? Raiding dispenseries is not winning the war on drugs you guys need to do your jobs and find real drugs. Im a medical marijuana patient legally. Where do i get my meds now? The mexicans down the street? You guys r wrong and only in time will u realize u guys are not being american. Land of the free? Not as it seems. More like land of the no work or weed. So get locked up or die.

  2. And hey Obama, how about a refund for my tax dollars that you used when San Diego Police dept. were used for unlawful raids against legitimate California dispensaries. Guess who I WON’T be voting for this coming election.

  3. So when we, the people of the SOVEREIGN state of California, voted to allow medical cannabis… that was just for show? Democracy my a$$. Our government constantly oversteps their authority and has no respect for the law. What’s the point of holding elections and passing propositions when just one person with power can arrest us over something they know nothing about. Bonnie and Laura, can go to hell.
    CAL BEST MEDS was my place for my medicine. Now where am I supposed to go? Guess, I’ll have to go back to the black market.

  4. This Is A Huge Violation Of State Rights. Hopefully A Huge LawSutie Will happen. This Is All On Video.
    Now San Diego Gets No Tax $$ From The Sales, A Huge Very Costly Law Suite And The Cartels Get The Extra Sales.

    Also It May Be illegial For Any Offical To Not Provide Thier ID.

    The Clear Violaion Of State Rights Is Not Good And is In Total Violation Of The Law.

  5. California police are breaking the law in aiding the DEA. I would say that civil rights are being violated and organized resistance is warranted under customs and mores of American culture. When one man fought back while cops invaded his home in Utah, public sentiment was firmly on the side of the home owner.

    I think the time is fast approaching when fighting the hell back will be morally acceptable.

  6. kill therm when they break in and rob you. kill them when they kidnap you. PROTECT yourself!!

  7. Esoteric Knowledge on

    Time to grow up kids. Only cowards are afraid of plants. Be confident that Laura Duffy and DEA are not your God, and do not possess the God-like power to illegalize plants, it is a lie.

  8. I think it would be safe to say that Chap Guzman (Sinaloa Cartel Leader, Forbes list of billionaires) will be voting for the Obama Administration in the next election. Why might you ask, well, lets start off with fast and furious, where the DOJ and the Administration allowed 2600 weapons to be sold to various drug trafficking organizations through out Mexico. One of which was used to murder a CBP officer on the U.S. doing his job. Then comes the AG’s directive to shut down legal marijuana dispensaries. Makes sense, right, you don’t want the cartels to have legal competition in the U.S., this would hurt Chapos profit margin. So, we have supplied the illegal cartels with weapons to kill each other and U.S. border patrol officers and we have eliminated the legal channels for procuring marijuana. To round out this administrations comedic efforts, we have Napolitanos office directive to allow strawbuyers to purchase homes, Otay Ranch, Carmel Valley, Poway, Eastlake, with cartel cash as investments for the purposes of being able to track the money, of which they have not been able to.

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