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Medical Marijuana Dispensary May Lose Licenses Due To Embellished Resume


Massachusetts medical marijuana senate bill sb 1031Embellishing on a resume, or flat out lying on a resume, is a job strategy that is as old as time. Almost everyone has done it at one point or another. Rather than list that you flipped burgers after high school, you likely put that you were in the ‘culinary industry.’ Rather than list that you barely graduated high school due to partying and skipping class, you tack on an honor society or two and some extra curricular activities that you barely even know what they are.

It sounds like a person that received approval to run two medical marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts lied on his application, which is resulting in his applications being held up, and possibly terminated altogether. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

Kevin Fisher, executive director of New England Treatment Access,was found to have submitted false information in the company’s application documents for the licenses - first by a screening firm working with the state and then by The Boston Globe.

Fisher reportedly claimed he received a bachelor’s degree from Youngstown State University, when the college had no record of him graduating. The Globe also reported that Fisher claimed he’d studied for two years at Miami University in Ohio, but the school said Fisher dropped out after just one year.

Mr. Fisher should have known that the application was going to be heavily vetted, not just by the State of Massachusetts but also by the media. Getting a dispensary license in Massachusetts was not easy, and it’s going to be lame for patients if the dispensary licenses get rejected because safe access in Massachusetts is going to be hard enough to obtain. I personally don’t think that someone’s college transcript and graduation date should determine whether or not they are qualified to operate a medical marijuana dispensary.


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  1. Karen Ferguson on

    >>>> I personally don’t think that someone’s college transcript and graduation date should determine whether or not they are qualified to operate a medical marijuana dispensary.<<<< What a magnanimous & benevolent stance! I have to agree. It's too bad he had to embellish, yet, quite understandable. As an educator for many years, there as always the propensity to cheat by some, those nervous, under pressure, or someone who just didn't want to be there. I taught health, so it didn't behoove me to shame, blame them, & create chaos but to set them straight. I encouraged group work and had open book tests. Memorizing is overrated. I hope they cut this chap some flack: it's not illegal not to graduate. But to fudge it is an act of desperation. Who knows what this persons experience is, his background: my degree would have rendered me useless opening a dispensary. The mc movement has a lot of aspects: one of them is healing and soothing…so let's do just that. Peace.

  2. There is a lot of things that should not be a part of an application for a marijuana stores. Drug convictions for 1 . Or other felonies. I would work for a felon, and I would hire a felon. If that person can pay me if I work for him, or if I feel like he is doing everything in his power to never offend again.i have been in the latter situation and been out of prison 20 plus years and it still affects any job prospects.

  3. I’m sorry,but if we have to wait longer to get decent people into the ‘industry’ here thats fine . I know many of us here in Ma. have been disgusted by the goings on here. So far this should be 13 of the first 20 approvals to be recalled/rejected ( and only because we had to take it to the governor)and if they lose their 1/2 million dollar ‘industry’ buy-in thats fine with me too.It makes me bristle when former politicians,prosecutors,and life long “i hate weed.what? its legal now? Well -I-gotta-get-me-some-of-that!’s” buy their way into something they don’t even know about or believe in. We dont need greedy liars selling medicine.We need people who have worked with it their whole lives,even illegally, to handle it not a former prosecutor who put over 10,000 people in jail for marijuana related crimes.I think maybe west coasters have become a little jaded in this regard.You guys actually got to get in to your industries as they happened, for the rest of the country, unless we can redirect legalization efforts to mirror those in Oregon, its going to be anybody but who we want growing/selling/and handling our medicine buying their way in to a industry they dont even believe in and could care less about.I dont want to help or support those people,i have sick people to care for. They deserve compassionate interests not corporate ones.
    If these 13 candidates are such wonderful people we desperately need then why did they all have to lie,omit critical information on their applications that they know would have resulted in a rejection( it was stated beforehand that ANY missing info would result in disqualification) , attempt to circumvent the regulations by technical manipulation of information, or blatant and obvious violate the regulations or rules of application.
    Of course we don’t want to hold back the process, but if this is what were gonna get, then we are better off waiting till 2016 for some real change-Oregon style legalization!

  4. A degree should not be needed but you can’t falsify applications. If you want this to be taken seriously and want the support of the public, you can’t lie and embellish on an application. This guy LIED. He claimed to have a degree which he did not earn and we all know he probably thought lying about having a degree would somehow make him seem more favorable in procuring a license. If the guy was willing to falsify his application and deceive the public and the law, what’s to say he wouldn’t sell to minors? If you are dishonest in one area, chances are you are dishonest in other areas. It sucks for those patients but I am also sure the patients would rather buy from someone honest rather than someone who is willing to be dishonest no matter what the reason.

  5. justmyopinion on

    The college transcript and graduation date might not be necessary to determine someone’s legitimacy, but HONESTY is. If you can’t operate legally, it’s just one more stoner trying to get high. If you can operate AND be a real entrepreneur, the community needs you.

  6. I agree that transcripts and specific graduation dates should not be qualifiers for a dispensary license. I do believe that lying on the application has to be a dis-qualifier. There is too much at stake to allow some lying clown to screw up the works for his own personal gain.

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