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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Owners Should Embrace Legalization


medical Marijuana Dispensary ownerI just read an article about Arizona medical marijuana dispensary owners who were wary to support marijuana legalization efforts in their state. I was saddened to read an article like that, because I personally believe that marijuana legalization should be supported by everyone. The article I read questioned the motives of the dispensary owner’s opinions, suggesting that the medical marijuana dispensary owners didn’t want recreational outlets competing for their customers.

AZCentral.Com stated in it’s article, “some other dispensary operators said they are concerned about their financial investments and question how legalizing recreational use, which could increase the number of dispensaries, would impact their bottom line.” If that is true, it breaks my heart because medical marijuana dispensary owners should believe in compassion first, and profit second. However, a stance suggested by the article would lead one to believe that some medical marijuana dispensary owners believe it should be the other way around.

What leery medical marijuana dispensary owners should realize is that while there would certainly be more outlets for their customers to go to, there would also be a larger customer base. Right now only certain conditions are approved to participate in medical marijuana programs. But if marijuana was legal, people could use marijuana for medical purposes for any ailment they wanted to. I don’t think that just because marijuana becomes legal that people will stop using dispensaries.

Medical marijuana dispensaries are going to continue to have a medical focus, while recreational outlets will put more emphasis on the social aspect of marijuana use. As long as medical marijuana dispensary owners do a good job, provide a quality service to the patient, and have quality meds on their shelves, they should have nothing to worry about. As long as people are getting arrested for marijuana, people should fight to end marijuana prohibition, whether they own a dispensary or not!


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  1. It’s a problem in this twilight zone stage. We made a big mistake when we passed medical marijuana. We should have capped the price at $50 an ounce. If we had, we would have none of this ‘sellers against legalization’ nonsense.

  2. Might want to take a look at the Arizona petition: http://saferarizona.com/petitioninitiative/

    This is the voter initiative that would be voted on in 2014, not one proposed by MPP for 2016. It is the Marijuana Policy Project that messed people around with the medical marijuana initiative that came up with the 25 mile rule that limited growing and forced patients to dispensaries. I think this is worthwhile for Arizona to pass. Looks a lot like what is being done in Colorado.

  3. The Arizona initiative allows for both personal possession and growing of marijuana. The site for the petition is as follows: http://www.super-tech.com/root/saferarizona.asp?p1=SaferArizona_Petition


    Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Arizona; amending the Constitution of Arizona by adding Article XXXI Marijuana Regulation and Taxation, therewith, providing for the regulation of Marijuana; permitting a voting age person to consume or possess limited amounts of Marijuana; providing for the licensing of cultivation facilities, product manufacturing facilities, testing facilities, and retail stores; permitting local governments to regulate or prohibit such facilities; requiring the legislature to enact an excise tax to be levied upon wholesale sales of Marijuana; requiring half of the revenue raised annually by such tax be credited to Arizona Department of Health Services.

    5. Personal use of Marijuana. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the following acts are not unlawful and shall not be an offense under Arizona law or the law of any Locality within Arizona or be a basis for seizure or forfeiture of assets under Arizona Law for persons of Voting Age:
    (a) Possessing, using, displaying, purchasing, or transporting Marijuana Accessories or two and half (2.5) ounce or less of Marijuana.
    (b) Possessing, growing, processing, or transporting no more than twelve (12) Marijuana plants, and possession of the Marijuana produced by the plants on the premises where the plants were grown, provided that the growing takes place in an enclosed, locked space or in a person’s backyard enclosed by a locally zone approved fence, and is not conducted openly or publicly

  4. Sadly, the world we have is dominated by the “I got mine” mentality. I’m a *strong* advocate for medical cannabis, and yet, when I read stories about the greed some growers and caregivers and dispensary owners display, I’m dumbstruck with anger. I can’t imagine how they go from wanting to help the sick to engorging themselves on profits.
    It’s not good, but at the very least, we know these sorts of “advocates” exist and should be kept out of the conversation about state or national-level full legalization.

  5. How did you arrive at this conclusion? I’m not doubting it, I just would like to confirm the State goal, other then it’s hard to get a license.

  6. If your in a state like Washington you should be afraid because the state goal of the state is to replace the medical side with a state ran monopoly. Where as Colorado recognized the pioneering work and risk that dispensary owners took and rewarded them with exclusive rights to apply for a license first. Washington State is making it all but impossible to get a license unless you are a member of the 1 percent.

  7. Try 280/oz for topshelf at Grasshopper Junction, AZ..Its on the way to Las Vegas. Cultivator owned/Patient operated. !0/gr across the board.

  8. Joe, I support all uses of marijuana including medicinal. What I’m against as an exclusionary “All Use Medical” regime that has a monopoly over the use and access to marijuana and which is also protected by prohibition. I agree with you, medical marijuana is better than nothing. But I would also like to add that medical marijuana is a means to an end, not the end all in itself.

  9. I’ve smoked cannabis without the THC – it’s just like eating parsley (which also happens to be good for you). CBDs should be treated just like an apple a day. Or a vitamin supplement (but better for you).

  10. Excellent post. With the exception that a collective cannot accept donation from a non card holder. With that said, I as a medical collective member I fully support full Legalization, I think everyone needs to know the awesome power of Cannabis. More people will heal if they have no fear. Isn’t that the goal? Cannabis is not only a great medicine to treat illnesses effectively with minimum side effects, but used as protein, and a dietary supplement, to activate the endo-cannabonoid system, will result in preventive medicinal uses. It can be used in raw form with zero psychoactive effects for those who just don’t like getting “High” and be receiving what I think is the best way to fully utilize the cannabonoids in acid form.

  11. As someone who first started in medical marijuana advocacy, I support you and your position. It *IS* indeed preposterous that medical marijuana patients would fight legalization efforts in their states.

    However, I think the main reason they fight back is that they may not be having their voices represented, or their needs being advocated for in the legalization schemes. There are some things that make sense, such as any card-carrying MMJ patient being exempt from paying sales tax for their cannabis. That’s great! Also, higher plant counts for their own personal grow is another consideration that should be factored in.

    With all that said, any MMJ patient or advocate that acts like a hoarder and says, “this is *my* medicine!” in a selfish manner is being absolutely ridiculous in my view. We will only see better things as we push towards legalization, INCLUDING scientific studies conducted for illnesses! It would be counter-productive for long-term victory to prevent all of us from getting to that goal.

    Any advocate that is telling patients otherwise are at best, very short-sighted, and at worst, misleading people and fuckin’ it all up for everyone.

  12. You should be able to do so. A law that is proposed without that option is not worth supporting, in my opinion. Here in Colorado, we get to grow 6; I think that number should be increased to 12, personally. More variety for diverse genetics, plus I believe it provides an adequate amount of medicine for medical patients (especially if they have more success in their treatment regiment if they use concentrates.)

  13. Another reason “medical” dispensaries are against re-legalization is they don’t want to do real work. Charging black-market prices is like picking up gold off the ground.

    After the dust settles on re-legalization, average quality marijuana will sell for around $50 an ounce, plus taxes.

    At those realistic prices, these “entrepreneurs” will actually have to work to arrive at a good profit.

  14. How many dispensary owners opposed prop 19 in California? How many of those have since been promptly shut down by the Fed? Hate to say, “I told ya so.”

  15. And that’s the way it SHOULD be… Give them a 2 year “Exclusive Rights” to open the FIRST Retail outlets. Before opening it up to the General public. I don’t know WHY they’d be AGAINST that?

  16. Not true in Colorado. Many of the reputable, professionally-run dispensaries are actively gearing up for recreational sales – in fact, only existing licensed MMJ stores can open a legal retail store in Denver for the next year or two. It’s a huge investment to scale up, and full of risks, but the returns could be amazing.

  17. I want to see it legal for recreational or any use the user wishes to use it for, and I want to see it legal to be grown at home for personal use. I want to grow my own, I want to know how it is grown, I want to know it is chemical free, I want to know it is pest free. I do not think I should have to purchase it from a dispensary, I want to make these choices for myself.

  18. After reading this, I will no longer fight for any more medical marijuana initiatives. If it’s not all adult use legalization initiatuve, then I’m not interested. I’m sick and tired of siding with medical marijuana advocates only to get stabbed in the back again and again. I fight for their rights and they turn around and try to take away mine. That’s BS!! The medical marijuana “caregiver” group in Maine has fought legalization. Same with many medical marijuana groups in Washington and California.
    I’ll be damned if I’ll live under a medical marijuana apartheid regime, where you are either forced to have a medical card and have to justify a medical condition. Or, if you don’t have a card and you’re not a grower, then you are forced to buy on the black market and also be subject to legal sanctions. Hell no!
    These so-called activists have a choice, you either stand with cannabis freedom and the right for ALL adults to consume cannabis legally for whatever reason, or you are with the criminal gangs, the black marketers, the DEA, and the drug warrior fascists. There is no neutral grand. No medical marijuana advocate that is against adult use legalization is going to make me a second class citizen. I will fight you, just like I fight all other prohibitionist scum.

  19. Why would the dispensaries NOT want Marijuana legalized?

    Under a medical marijuana scheme, theyre limited to ONLY medical marijuana patients and the few recreational users that find a way to jump through the hoops. (VERY SMALL CUSTOMER BASE).

    Under a full legalization scheme, any adult over 21 who wants marijuana will be allowed to buy it from them. (HUGE CUSTOMER BASE).

    They would make WAYYY MORE MONEY if it was fully legalized!

  20. They are obviously nothing but “legal drug pushers” and I would not be a bit surprised to see the “money men” behind these dispensaries..Of course they don’t want it legalized!!!!

  21. It is true out here in Az… They even have a lawyer to help stop care givers and at home cultivators… They are totally against compassion clubs! If You live within 25 miles of a dispensary then You can’t grow so Your forced to purchase from a dispensary regardless if they have the strain You need! Did I mention their prices! $350 an Ounce!

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