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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Worker Goes To Jail For Complying With State Law


jail prison medical marijuana dispensary workerThe marijuana industry is still very new. With so many laws still conflicting with each other, one that works in the industry can never really be sure if their freedom is at risk. It’s extremely hard for those working with cannabis to feel safe, seeing as how even when the Feds say that they’ll back off, they still seem to be raiding dispensaries. There were over a dozen marijuana shops that got raided in Colorado recently and the plant is now legal there. Unfortunately for Robert Duncan, a Bay Area dispensary worker, this situation happened to him first hand.

Duncan, who had previously worked in the television industry, received a job offer from some family friends. Since the job was getting down and dirty in the marijuana business, Duncan was reluctant to accept but finally gave in, after consulting with a lawyer about the risks of working for such a new and somewhat still illegal business. Even the lawyer’s advice was that as long as Duncan complied with the state laws, he would be safe from arrest. With that information, Duncan moved to Los Angeles to work in one of the huge marijuana grow houses, spending up to 80 hours a week tending the gardens and preparing medicine for patient consumption.

Since his experience with marijuana was limited, Duncan had his doubts about the benefits of working in the cannabis business. As most people, he assumed that he would encounter a good amount of people who didn’t really need to smoke but said that they did. But when he met with patients dealing with cancer and other serious illnesses, his attitude began to change. But while Duncan’s attitude improved, a storm was brewing. On October 2011, the grow house was raided even though the operation was following every state law presented by California officials. The Feds didn’t even give Duncan a reason as to why Matthew Davies (Owner of the grow house), the co-owner, and Duncan were all indicted.

Duncan recently surrendered to authorities and will serve a two year sentence for his helping hand in making sick people feel and get better. There are plenty of others that this has happened to as well. People are being wrongly imprisoned for just trying to help their fellow human beings. Hopefully, as the laws get more and more relaxed, the Feds will lay off of marijuana users, both recreational and medicinal. After all, it is just a plant.

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  1. It’s a gift to be simple. What is simple? All human life requires food, water, shelter, and work. Gasoline is being wasted when workers need to drive across town to jobs they hate. Marijuana is now legal in Colorado. This is the North and South all over again. Innocent marijuana users are slaves in non free States here in the U.S. Until marijuana is legal in all the States, the U.S. is not free. However, to ensure freedom, the free States must have a reservation of land. In which the slaves in the non legal marijuana States can leave, and come live and work in the the free States. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Qk6PphUXaNo/Uo__IG5D21I/AAAAAAAAA4o/IWXvLAwgxF4/s1600/sophia,+goddess,+wisdom,+wicca,+wiccan,+witch,+christ,+proverbs,+8,+sophiology,+wise,+lady,+alchemy,+israel,+jew,+jews,+bride,+of,+god,+pope.jpg <— Link to the Colorado freedom reservation base.
    Each family who wishes to escape non smokers' Tyranny, will pack their bags, and a freedom bus must travel to each slave State. They will ride in the buses to the Colorado Marijuana freedom base, and work in the vegetation feilds. They will also pedal bike's with generators to produce electricity. These freed slaves, will not require drivers licenses. Since they work in the feilds next to their rooms. This will decrease Gasoline prices and usage.
    So this idea covers food, water, shelter, and work. And, Guarantees real Freedom in the U.S. If other States choose to be slave States, so be it. However, without offering a reasonable chance for the U.S. smokers to live and work in a Free State, proves the United States is and has always been a Slavery Country.
    Your Servant, Wiccan Pope WiccanPope.com

  2. Nancy Graciela Pippo Ruggeri on

    I am hopeful that since its a non violent offense and the jails are full , that he will be let out early. But what is being done here is wrong! they are forcing people to feel dirty and to sell undercover! DEA knows its days with easy weed cases are coming to an end and they will have to deal with the real drug dealers of meth and opiates!

  3. Kamala Harris California Attorneys General – General Comment Questions or Complaints http://oag.ca.gov/contact/general-comment-question-or-complaint-form
    Kamala Harris Twitter account- @KamalaHarris


    US Senators

    Barbara Boxer

    112 Hart Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510
    (202) 224-3553
    Contact: http://www.boxer.Senate.gov/en/contact/
    Twitter handle – BarbaraBoxer


    Dianne Feinstein

    331 Hart Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510
    (202) 224-3841
    Contact: http://www.feinstein.Senate.gov/public/index.cfm/e-mail-me
    Twitter handle – @DianneFeinstein


    There are too many US Congressmen in Nor Cal for me to even LIST! Please locate YOUR Congress person and contact them over this.

  4. Roger Turner on

    something fishy about this for him to get time in prison illegal things had to happen I do not pretend to know but two years in a California prison is gladiator school really its enough to make you think long and hard about everything you do fear this if you have a brain look into the legal documents and learn from them so others do not make the same mistakes

  5. Was charged and plead to “manufacturing marijuana”. this is beyond my comprehension.

  6. Yeah I’d like to know what kind of charges they got hit with. He got 2 years? Do you even know how shitty it is to be in jail even for 2 weeks?? He is being forced to piss away 2 whole years of his life because he was tending to some flowers. DEA and FED are a criminal cartel, but the people are waking up!

    But I will say, all state and local authorities need to grow some BALLS and start protecting their own people who are following the laws they all voted into power.

  7. Jetdoc said everything I was thinking, especially…why the California courts can’t step up on this? What were the charges?

  8. I know there are organizations out there that help people like this with legal assistance. This is unconscionable and Holder should step in on this. I never read what the charges were? We’re they convicted in Federal or State court? I’m assuming Federal since they were raided by the Feds. Why haven.t the Governor of California, the CA AG, CA US Representatives gone BALLISTIC? I’m going to write EVERY one of them over this and I live in Arizona. This is wrong and WE the people need to speak up over this! PLEASE take the time to write these people. I’ll even do the research and post their e-mail addresses for you. Just write!

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