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Medical Marijuana in New York


It’s a great day to be a medical marijuana fan in New York. The New York State Senate Health Committee passed S. 4041-B, (NY Senate’s medical marijuana bill) earlier today. Although the same bill died in last year’s session, this time around things look much more promising. The Assembly’s version of the bill, A. 9016, passed earlier this year and is waiting to be heard in the Assembly Codes Committee (see link). Final passage of these bills is likely in my opinion for a few reasons:

1. New Jersey passed medical marijuana legislation, so why not New York? It seems only logical.

2. The only reason that it stalled last year was because of Senate leadership wrangling. There is less distractions this year, and momentum is building. The assembly passed bills in 2007 and 2008, and it passed in the Senate in 2009 for the first time. 2010 could be the year that it all culminates

3. Even a majority of New York State Republicans (55%) support medical marijuana, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released earlier this month. The poll found that 71% of New Yorkers support medical marijuana overall.

4. New York is looking for money anywhere they can get. According to New York State’s Division of Budget, there is going to be an estimated $8.2 billion shortfall for the 2010-2011 budget period. Although I think it would be impossible for medical marijuana to raise that much in tax revenue, even in New York State, it is a good argument to use to get politicians to approve the legislation!

From here more details will be figured out by the committees in each chamber, and final bills will be drafted and presented to the Assembly and Senate floors for a vote (which I predict will be a yes vote in both chambers), then to a reconciliation committee, and then on to Governor Paterson. This process could take several months, but if all goes well, it will be worth the wait!!



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  1. James Draudt on

    I am in Chronic Pain, A Army Vet who is on Morphine, Lortab More Morphine, oxycodone and valium and am very depressed to say the least. Ive been o0n this garbage for years now ( it does help) but want to get o0ff the Morphines, oxy and perhaps use the medical marijuana in a tea form. I am a child of the LIVING GOD and JESUS created this plant for our use but not to smoke it. It I believe would help me inm many way’s so lets get up to date and follow GOD.
    YOU MADE HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGES LEGAL which is against GOD’S LAWS but when GOD CREATED THIS PLANT AND TOLD ADAM THAT ALL SEED BEARING PLANTS WERE FOR OUR CONSUMPTION and yet you make this illegal, where is the Justice of GODS word ? please legalize the Medical use of this plant

  2. Donald Nicholson on

    Major step forward the Empire State to catch up with other states that have already come to their senses!

    Like the Honorable Mr. Schwarzenegger said once, “That is not a drug. It’s a leaf…”

    City and Federal money is better served arresting and prosecuting child molesters…leave mother nature alone.

  3. phh Cali ruined it for people who really are in need They give it out there to anyone witha pulse U hippies act like u really care about the people who need it but in reality u just want it for ur own selfish reason If thats not the case it wouldnt be completely abused in Cali And in NY not one republican will ever vote for it

  4. i think its time for a debate. We’ve come this far, and its been a year since Arnold announced a debate.

    Tax + regulate it it medical dispensarys. Medicine Man! Sean Connery 1992!

    One state will legalize it, thats were that ends, all 49 will have some sort of regulation however for medical purposes, NOT recreational!!!!!!!!!!!

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