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Medical Marijuana in Tennessee Gets A Boost Today


Medical marijuana in Tennessee got a boost today. The House Government Operations Committee reviewed legislation that would legalize marijuana for medicinal uses (see links below). The Committee essentially has three options when they review it; give a ‘negative’ rating and essentially kill the bill, give a ‘neutral’ rating to move the bill forward but without a full endorsement, or a ‘positive’ rating that would be seen as an endorsement. The House Government Operations Committee gave the legislation a ‘neutral’ rating. Although the victory is ‘luke-warm,’ it is a victory nonetheless.

Although Republicans tried to fight hard for a negative rating, Nashville Democrat Gary Odom successfully lobbied to prevent such action. The House Bill’s sponsor, Jeanne Richardson of Memphis, stated “It is a compassionate bill, it is a fair bill. We structured it very tightly so that there won’t be the abuses that have occurred in states like California. I believe those political figures who do not understand that there is such an overwhelming support for medical cannabis are not in touch at all with what the public thinks, and I believe they need to rethink their position.” The next step is having the bills reviewed by the joint Public Health Subcommittee, which is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, March 24.

Senate Bill:

House Bill:


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  1. Tennessee brought Lottery to its people and Lottery is gambling I’ve met quite a few preachers in my time that will tell you gambling is a sin .But to deny a natural remedy to people in need ,over man made garbage with a list of side effects and side effects of the unknowing. With a price tag that could be putting them into a decent home and food on their table makes no since.And the lack of knowledge our medical system has is from the cold drug war that we live in .The marijuana Law it self claims lives Good honest hard working lives not the drug !But the Law it puts sick people in jeopardy it ruins families takes from loved ones .And do Consider anyone that upholds that Law a murderer .They have blood on their hands over what a natural plant while Corporations corrupt our governments . with the trillions of dollars they take in and dish out over man made garbage. and it makes you realize maybe that is why every thing we see laying around us is made in China when you taking also Inspiration from the people and the will to work.So all you politicians go drink your red wine ,your beers while the big game is on YOUR 50 INCH FLAT SCREEN tv smoke your 14 dollar cigar and try to forget about all of the murder and chaos that is going on 10 blocks away from your home and swallow your Ambian so you can fall asleep fast and not have to worry about the sick and dying and suffering in this country.

  2. WHEN Obamas crying about job loss in this country a majority is right under everyones nose……..
    If I had medical marijuana. I could return to work. But mean while im suffering and every one around me has to pitch in and help me out. I suffer from brain injurys and I have tried every medication you can think of and nothing works! Except marijuana which.I tried years back. I have been waiting so long and suffering day in and day out. You can only Imaging how many people cant go to work and hold a steady job in this country. Because they cant get the right medication and it would be less expensive to give them medical marijuana than almost every psychiatric drug on the market. Which our governtment is flushing money down the drain to provide.And from my own experiance made me worse than I was.

  3. I wonder if its possible to contact the joint Public Health Subcommittee, to offer our support to get them to endorse the passage of medical marijuana this year.

  4. 2 days ago in Mississippi, the TN State coroner was arrested for having Marajuana shipped to his hotel room in MS. His arreest was made possible by the shippers having drug sniffing dogs at thier facility. Does that meen that our shippers are going to be working for our government and/or law enforcement? And what if, and hopefully so soon, if marajauna is legalized, is our shippments going to be under constant scruinty?

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