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Medical Marijuana Industry Regulation Bills Advance In California


california capital marijuanaWhen it comes to medical marijuana in America, California started it all. California legalized medical marijuana in 1996. Even before medical marijuana became legal in California, there were dispensaries providing access to medicine to patients. But whereas California was once at the forefront of medical marijuana policy, California’s laws have fallen behind. Many other states have codified medical marijuana industry regulations at the state level, but not in California.

The lack of regulations at the state level has led to some headaches. Fortunately, late last week two medical marijuana industry regulation bills, on in each legislative chamber, advanced in California. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

The California Senate and Assembly have passed separate bills that would establish rules on the medical marijuana industry, reviving hope that the state will find a way to push through MMJ regulations this year.

One of the primary differences between the measures involves who will oversee the industry.

The state Senate voted 26-13 in favor of a bill to create a licensing and regulatory framework for every stage of marijuana production and distribution. It would be overseen by a new agency called the Office of Medical Marijuana Regulation that would fall under the Business, Consumer Services Housing Agency.

The state Assembly passed a separate measure by a vote of 62-8 that would spread control and oversight of the industry among several agencies including the governor’s office, the State Board of Equalization, the California Department of Public Health and the state Department of Food and Agriculture.

I would think that having one governing agency would be better. More layers of bureaucracy is rarely a good thing. But each bill is better than what is in place right now, which is nothing. Raids will continue until there are clear rules, and local governments will continue to try to attack safe access as long as state regulations are absent.

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  2. Lawrence Goodwin on

    In 1996, California voters were in fact the first group of voters to pass a medical cannabis initiative in Proposition 215. However, New York state was actually way ahead on the medical cannabis issue–right before the election of President Ronald “Just Say No” Reagan. New York’s voters do not have the luxury of ballot initiatives, being entirely dependent on the state Legislature to decide all legal matters. So it was HUGE when the NY state Legislature, in 1980, became the first public body to pass a “therapeutic research” law advancing the cause of medical cannabis (a similar federal program had also been started in the late 1970s). NY’s law was passed at the behest of a former state lawmaker and New York City councilman named Antonio Olivieri, who actually died in 1980 after a battle with brain cancer. Shame on Mr. Reagan, and every single one of his successors, for prolonging the fraudulent Anti-Marihuana Tyranny, which continues ripping apart the very fabric of our republic in New York and many other states.

  3. Dept. of Ag? That will be interesting…I know for a fact that my county department of Ag (one of two California counties to challenge prop 215 all the way to the United States Supreme Court and be turned away) refuses to certify scales for anybody attached to a dispensary because marijuana is illegal on the federal level. I’d love to hear their reaction to that!

  4. Bongstar420 on

    The complexity is probably to enable cheaters.

    Why don’t we have a single progressive income tax and nothing else?

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