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Medical Marijuana Initiative Filed In Florida For 2016 Election


Florida medical marijuanaProminent attorney John Morgan spearheaded the medical marijuana effort in Florida during the 2014 Election. He almost succeeded, along with the United for Care team, as Amendment 2 lost by just two percent. And to be clear, that wasn’t 48% of the vote, it was 58% of the vote. Florida requires 60% voter approval for a constitutional amendment initiative to pass. The initiative received more votes than any candidate on the same ballot in Florida.

John Morgan, who largely funded the 2014 effort, promised that he would be back for 2016 to try again. Yesterday, he made good on that promise by filing another initiative for 2016. He says that the initiative differs from the last one in four ways, per the Tampa Bay Times:

Morgan said the revised amendment, to be posted later today on the secretary of state’s web site, make four significant changes to the original version:

* Adds clarifying language that the Department of Health must verify parental consent before a doctor proscribes marijuana to a minor

* Clarifies which debilitating conditions are eligible and rules out all non-debilitating conditions

* Clarifies that doctors who proscribe marijuana cannot be arrested for proscribing marijuana but they are not immune to prosecution for negligence or malpractice

* Clarifies that the Department of Health must establish quality standards for caregivers.

John Morgan seems to have learned a lot from his first attempt at legalizing medical marijuana in Florida. The main tweaks that he needs to make, in my opinion and other veteran activists, is not so much with the language of the initiative, as much as with the campaign strategy pursued. This next campaign needs to use medical marijuana patient Cathy Jordan and federal medical marijuana patient Irv Rosenfeld early and often. I would also like to see Robert Platshorn utilized much more than the last campaign, as he can get the senior vote, which is vital to success in Florida in 2016.


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  1. 将它们和世界连接起来,它的作用不仅是控制管道介质的流量,表面应无砂眼;电镀表面应光泽均匀,PLC人才紧缺,LTD热冲击强度(微波炉用)不达标2015.平均出货尺寸增长为0.打铁还得自身硬,谁还愿意种!就记者了解到,国家粮食局在亚太经合组织粮食安全政策伙伴关系机制政府和企业粮食安全与贸易对话会上表示。

  2. Dorn Williamson on

    I lost my sense of smell & my sense of taste from a HEAD-ON CAR CRASH August 29,1987. A friend told me marijuana would “enhance” my ability to TASTE & SMELL…is that true?

  3. Now’s the time to sign the new petition, mail it… just one stamp and a moment of your time can make a difference for many people in Florida. Thank you <3

    John Morgan and United For Care need nearly 700,000 signatures of support by Feb 1, 2016. Here is the petition, Please, PRINT AND SIGN, AND SEND IN, THANK YOU http://d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net/themes/514b50948ed5f02b1e000002/attachments/original/1420837312/Final_Approved_Petition.pdf?1420837312

    Please help and spread the word… thank you (Y) ;)

  4. full legalization would be ideal but given the current legislators in office in Florida now it seems highly unlikely for that to happen and without funding it would be hard to have a petition drive anyway but hopefully in the future. But at least we should get medical by 2016 so that everyone can be covered that’s really needs it

  5. agreed, I thought about moving like I’m sure others have and i agree that we need a medical side and rec side like you said in another comment.

  6. Senior Citizens are the fastest growing group of Medical Marijuana users, and Florida has a large senior citizen population.
    The only reasons that amendment 2 didn’t pass was a gigantic disinformation campaign by the “no on 2” crowd and the failure of the “yes on 2” crowd to get LEAP involved and to focus on the benefits of Medical Marijuana for Cancer patients.

    This weekend, more Americans died from Cancer than were murdered by terrorists on September 11, 2001.
    Every day 1500 Americans die of Cancer — that’s 1/2 a September 11, every day.
    Every single minute an American dies of Cancer.
    And its a horrible way to die.

  7. Yes, I’ve visited Denver and Boulder several times since 2012. Washington and Colorado are two very different states. What works in Colorado/Denver metro won’t necessarily work in Washington/Seattle metro. It was an initial mistake thinking one that one states legalization system could be easily integrated and acceptable to the residents of another. Book-marking this is reading that the city of Detroit, tired of waiting for Lansing to act, is currently opening unregulated medical dispensaries in that city. The federal medical marijuana dispensary protections recently signed into law as part of the national Budget Bill not only strengthened but emboldened the national medical marijuana community. Washington’s legislative session begins tomorrow. Most believe (as do I) that they will punt the dispensary issue once again. It’s just too toxic politically for them. Therefore it will be left to Seattle’s Mayor to address and he gave hopeful signs toward patient rights and access last week. Any medical dispensary crackdown would create a huge backlash. The legislature will likely address a few cannabis issue’s on the recreational side only. They intend to allow recreational grows under the state 502 recreational law, and re-vamping the tax structure to ensure competitiveness with Oregon and Alaska new rec. laws. As for the State regulating Washington’s medical dispensaries, that horse has already left the barn.

  8. I think it still could be a toss up given the fact that you need 60 percent plus one. That could work for or against us in the upcoming 2016 election because it’s a presidential election year which usually brings out more voters then in this previous year. I agree they definitely need to improve the strategy. More sob stories of patients who live in fear and needed to survive. and try to simply educate people how it works why is beneficial and why it is wrong to hurt people who are just trying to survive on the safest and most effective medicine ever. And in my opinion less John Morgan would be better because he really doesn’t know what he’s talking about in his comments in shenanigans definitely did not help. no offense John if you read this I do appreciate your efforts. You need to hire a spokesperson that knows what they’re talking about and can argue the facts. If you need someone with extensive knowledge I am available.

  9. Well I have actually double residency I live in Florida and in Colorado because I have a child in Florida but want my freedoms at least half the time.Colorado’s dispensary are regulated you are limited to growing a certain amount of cannabis depending on what you expected to sell you can only sell to adults 21 and over. All the plants are tracked by a tag system so that taxes can be accounted for and to keep track of plants and make sure they’re not being sent to other locations around the world. You are limited to the amount that you can buy per day. You’re not allowed to drive under the influence. And all of the dispensary are regulated by the Department of Health and law enforcement. The taxes go to build schools and are used to pay for the regulatory system and any costs incurred. The rest of the money so far at least this year has is going to go back to the residents of Colorado who pay state taxes who may not have to because of the marijuana tax. Different than Florida obviously we don’t have the income tax from the state. So if we did legalize and tax it in Florida it would probably make about five times as many taxes because it has a lot more people. Think of it as a liquor store for marijuana. It’s going to work the same way. It will happen nationwide eventually there’s no reason why it wouldn’t other than greed corruption and people who vote against something that they actually have no clue about. it’s sad to go from one place where people are obviously free and don’t have to worry about being arrested and actually respect cops and then have to come to a place that’s a beautiful place but you have to look behind your shoulder and fear that the people who are hired to protect you are going to ruin your life. Its sad its its ridiculous it sucks for everyone in the state in it undermines authority and makes police jobs more dangerous it makes people hate them for no reason when they are there to protect us. It’s going to happen it should happen this has to end. Anyone who stands in the way is really an idiot or a fascist b**** wants to control people. This policy goes against everything our founding fathers desiged our country to be. It’s unethical to enforce laws like this and it’s unamerican. You are preventing peoples right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Prohibition helps absolutely no one and only hurts Society in whole. Prohibition hurts the economy because it takes good people and causes them to lose a lot of freedoms and prosperity and it trickles down to the people around them who rely on them and it even affect following generations because of the lack of prosperity in that family due to unethical laws.

  10. So do does anyone actually live here in FL, like David said there’s no way anyone would allow an unregulated store in FL so ill pass on going to jail. Scott is surprisingly is the better than Crist overall. F U C K Crist

  11. The Reform Jews have endorsed Medical Cannabis since 2003. The other strands are mostly on board by now as well.

    The one thing we have going for us is that those seniors are a declining part of the population. There will be fewer of the “Refer Madness” generation in 2016.

    And 57.5% of the vote in 2014 is not bad.

  12. I prefer two systems. One medical, one recreational.Here In Washington medical patients have been fighting the state to keep existing medical dispensaries strictly medical. Not “fold” medical into the current I- 502 recreational system, especially in Seattle. Seattle’s Mayor threw his hat into the ring with dispensaries last week. To each there own.

  13. It depends on where you live. Here In the Pacific Northwest, many seniors vote progressive at a higher percentage than do young people. Young voters not voting overall ruined it for Democrats in 2014. Although it should be noted that Democrats won November’s 2014 election by over 20 million votes. Republicans won by living where there’s more vast empty space.

  14. Too many seniors, Jewish and not, are just too closed minded to see the light. Thus seniors are largely conservatives and republicans, the two groups who ruined it for us in 2014

  15. I am curious what debilitating conditions will be allowed and who will get thrown to the lions to get this amendment approved

  16. Have you ever been to Colorado?and visited the dispensary or the retail stores? I know I have I’m a Colorado native and medical marijuana patient. dispensary or retail stores will sell medical and recreational strains not that there really is much of a difference and that you couldn’t use high thc strains for medical use you can. the strain that you would consume depends on your disability and what you’re using it to treat. in my opinion there is no such thing as recreational marijuana in the first place. It’s simply that most people who use it you lose it in some therapeutic away whether or not you want to call a recreational is up to you. I believe that cannabis should be considered a phyto nutrient providerthat could benefit everyone in some form. I think in order to have an opinion its best to know what you’re talking about in order to refrain from spreading unscientific propaganda and creating more harm and more crime and more violence then you would prevent by keeping it illegal.marijuana is safer than alcohol why can’t adults use a safer alternative without any legal implications why does the state need to babysit us?it’s all about control sheriff’s want to keep it illegal because its job security. And pharmaceutical companies want to keep it illegal because it will replace a good portion of their harmful treatments and medications that they extort people with. full legalization is the only way to get a grip on controlling marijuana in the first place and keeping it out of the hands of children. I did not drink until I was 21 with the exception of a couple of times where I was able to buy it from someone who was willing break the law. if you want to reduce crime and take money out of cartels and gangs hands and put it into law abiding entreprenuers and put money into the economy in some way through taxing it and actually getting control of it I say legalize and tax it. it should have never been made illegal in the first place and in my opinion is unconstitutional to assault kidnap and extort people possibly enslave them over a plant that has hurt no one. The individual who gets caught and arrested and forced to do jail time and likely have to pay fines lose their license lose their job lose their home won’t be able to get a home or a job or financial assistance her school.not to mention the other people who are close to the individual who lose a parent or lose a spouse or are affected because of the situation and their victims of the situation. There was a case in Colorado where is the legaladmitted to the court did they use marijuana medically had their kids taken away from them and the foster parents killed the kid.this has to end it’s a war against Americans against our selves. And there’s more victims to there’s countless situations where people who have no drugs or anything on them get assaulted and have to go through searches and get harassed and have to deal with all this crap for no reason whatsoever.I don’t think that anyone who is a pro prohibition could ever have a solid argument a logical argument to keep harming people in this manner that’s ridiculous

  17. With your Governor (and his drug testing CEO spouse), find enough brave souls with some cash willing to open medical dispensaries, ( once a medical law is passed). Read the article in this very blog about what the brave souls in Detroit are doing, (opening unregulated medical dispensaries). Follow Detroit, California and Washington’s lead. Rinse, repeat.

  18. First, no offense personally but your Governors a Dick. I still can’t believe he was re-elected over Crist. Scott’s wife is a big player in the employee drug testing industry which is a big growth industry in the South akin to the prison industry. Demographically it would make sense to do medical first. States now trying to marry recreational and medical are having problems because neither side is happy with the outcome. Recreational store owners will resent the taxes they have to pay. The end up hating the customers . Medical’s the way to go. An article on the Weed Blog today explains how Detroit is opening unregulated dispensaries muh like exist here in Washington and California. The State would love to eliminate them. But we live in far more liberal states were any marijuana crackdown at all, even on unregulated state dispensaries is sconsidered way too politically toxic to push very hard. Whatever happens., will Scott sign a medical or rec. bill ? My niece lives in West Palm and she doubts he would. Good luck!

  19. You’d actually might be better off sticking with medical only. Recreational stores to date are primarily interested in stocking only a few strains. Those that get people the highest, not get people feeling better and well.. Once revenue starts flowing in, and if it’s much higher than had been anticipated, the state starts getting enormous pressure from recreational store owner’s who want no competition. Even from sick medical patients. Store owner’s hire lobbyist’s to help them eliminate politically any remaining state independent medical dispensaries. The end result being patients accustomed to having safe medical acess for over 17 years (as in Washington for example) find they are being forced into the tourist traps to buy their medicine. This causes quite a bit of anger and discourse. Two systems are better and if I had to personally pick one to be first, it would be medical. To each their own.

  20. Everyone is also forgetting 2016 is an election year. Lots of young people go vote on election years.

  21. We should be the first state to try. Do both and see what happens. What I am talking about in my previous comment is if it is too restrictive and people who need it won’t be able to have access then it’s pointless. I did read it and it does list some specific debilitating conditions but still leaves some wiggle room to be able to give access to anyone that can convince their doctor that cannabis is safer or more effective than a current medication. Similar wording that already exists with the Jenks vs. Florida court doctrine giving doctors the right to recommend any controlled substance if deemed safer or more beneficial than other medications or treatments. This is basically just semantics allowing people to feel safe from being assaulted,kidnapped, extorted, or enslaved by our government. and it will set up a regulatory system for allowing and enforcing Medical Marijuana Growing and dispensary.technically you could already get a doctor’s recommendation and become legal to grow and use medically but currently there is nothing stopping law enforcement from harassing you in assaulting you or stealing your stuff or kidnapping you.

  22. Thanks Jetdoc and I have no doubt about that! I’ve been wanting to get out of the south for a very long time now. Every time we visit out west the people collectively seem to be more intelligent and definitely more friendly. Oregon or bust!!

  23. Thank you Nathaniel. We appreciate that! I hope in my lifetime cannabis will be classified appropriately, legalized and then the country will be a happier place to live in!

  24. this is why it didn’t past last time, you want blind people to take a big bite of MJ instead of a little spoon full. Name a state that went straight to legal… don’t worry there isn’t one

  25. Cancer patients should not have to wait until 2016 and beyond to obtain their Rick Simpson Oil, when a majority of Florida residents already believe they should be able to.

  26. The great orange state almost went green this last election cycle. I hope this time there is enough motivated folks out there [58% voted yes so you have to believe there are just a few more around that are going to make this thing happen] to push this thing forward. There are plenty of patients in Florida who could benefit from this wonderful, non habit forming, extremely safe, medicine.

  27. Uh huh. Your comment was enormous, and the butt-hurt vibes were so strong, I didn’t bother reading past the first volley of cheap excuses. If you did manage to slip in a little bit of crow-eating, it was buried underneath several hundred words worth of your wounded pride. I knew from the start that the burden of looking up who voted as well as their historical political affiliations *was on you* — but I looked them all up, anyway. I made it so very easy for you, but you still threw another tantrum.

    Scott, honestly, I’ve officially lost interest in this cute little farce. The reason I’ve been needling you for months is that you ARE a blind puppet. A liberal puppet, but still a puppet. I don’t care if you vote the same way I do because you’re doing it for the WRONG reasons. You DO fanatically defend Liberals, no matter what, because you feel you must justify your vote, retroactively — that’s not true!

    If you voted for someone who did something (or failed to do something) inexcusable, you should be the FIRST person to get upset about it because that was the person YOU sent to office. But that’s not what you do. You worry about feeling embarrassed if/when a conservative throws it in your face. So you vainly mount a defense of someone or something that you should NOT be defending, not because it was right, but because you have to defend YOUR vote. You make it personal. You turn it into some competition. And the means by which you wage the competition demonstrates one thing: you don’t care about policy, you care if your side wins, period. So you engage in every fallacy under the sun — sometimes defending people you didn’t even vote for — because they bat for your team. The next time you bring up the Patriot Act, abortion, or anything else outside the purview of cannabis, specifically, or the drug war more generally on *this* blog, repeat these words: “I’m off-topic.” Repeat them to yourself over and over and over.

    I am a liberal. Always have been. Never voted Republican in my life. When Paul Broun ran unopposed in 2012, I was one of several thousand people who wrote in “Charles Darwin.” In 2014, I voted for Jason Carter, Michelle Nunn, and in 2012 I voted for Obama a 2nd time.

    The reason I’ve never taken your bait is because, like all DNC puppets (and GOP puppets), when you get on a subject you’re uncomfortable defending, you switch topics. Or you do a straw man. Or move the goal posts. Or mount some BS topicality argument. Or you simply avoid the topic, entirely. And when you get called on it, you debase yourself with ad hominem. Honestly, you’re the worst Liberal I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting because you argue like the very people you despise. No kidding, only conservative trolls pull the shit you pull because on a multitude of subjects that don’t belong on this blog, they don’t enjoy the benefits of facts and intellectually consistent reasoning.

    Even though I consistently vote Democrat, I don’t HATE Republicans like you do, nor do I blindly worship Democrats. That’s the most important fundamental difference between us that I’ve been dragging you towards, kicking and screaming, for months.

    The 2nd-most important difference between us is that I hold the people I voted for to a higher standard than just *slightly* better than the person they defeated. But like I’ve been saying over and over and over and over for MONTHS: slightly better than shitty isn’t good enough, *especially* when they’re currently IN office. That’s why I don’t run around like a jackass mounting fallacious defenses of Liberal lawmakers who piss me off — I’m not a puppet.

    The reason I’m telling you this NOW instead of months ago is that I’ve lost respect for you, so the game has no more entertainment value. Feel free to be a partisan hack for the rest of your sad, pathetic life. But don’t expect me to let it slide simply because we vote the same way. I’m going to be throwing the shortcomings of liberals in your face for the rest of the time you curse this blog with your cyber-stalking simply because I know you’re incapable of processing it. Your conduct on the most recent Obama article proves you can’t help yourself, and the attitude you took with Johnny proves you’re not an advocate, just a vain political junky looking for a fix.

    So do me and everyone else on this blog you’ve offended a big favor, and just piss off. You’re not entertaining anymore, just obnoxious and self-serving, which has gotten tired. Go darken the Huffington Post with your political hackery — they actually encourage it, there.

  28. Well, I live in Florida and have for most of my 60 years. But, even if it were to pass in 2016 there would be roadblocks at every turn. That’s just the way it is in the south and the northeast for that matter. Look at the hard time New Hampshire is having at getting dispensaries up and running and that was voted in 2013. Like Rick Scott here in Fl. their Governor Maggie Hassan is dead set against it so….
    No matter, my wife and I will be moving to the beautiful state of Oregon where I know I can live out the rest of my lifetime in bliss. Can’t wait!! Have vacationed out west numerous times and always wanted to move out there. I wish all of you Floridians good luck. You are going to need it.

  29. It should pass this time around, as long as people get off their collective butts and vote for it.

  30. I agree, Johnny – and think strategy should be changed more so than the “clarifications”. I’m sure they’ve done their polling of people who voted against mmj to see what bothered people the most to come up with these revisions, and I guess those steps have worked in other states, (such as my own), but the education efforts are the most important, IMHO. They did a fabulous job in getting 58% of the vote in the last round, and I suspect they will succeed in 2016 if they keep on educating the public.

  31. I kept my word. I admitted I was wrong, and I congratulated all the members of the Anchorage Assembly who voted against Dumbowski.

    The fact that you didn’t read the part where I kept my word doesn’t mean I didn’t.

    “everything you say is worth shit.”

    I think you’re a great guy and a reasonable, thoughtful person who adds much to the discussions here.

    And, again… you admit that the liberal political philosophy is the one that should be more accepting of medicinal weed than the conservative one.

    Oh how I would love to play poker with you. So many tells… so little time.

  32. What I find interesting is that anything from a man who doesn’t keep his word is worth, precisely, shit.

    And you don’t keep your word. Which means everything you say is worth shit.

  33. “I understand old people and self-identified Conservatives voting No, but the Liberals?”

    I wonder what percent of these 62% of old people are liberals?

    Some liberals are more moderate than others, just as some conservatives are more moderate than some. And many liberals are authoritarian, just as many conservatives are libertarian.

    But the answer to your question is that, surprise (!), some old folks are self-described liberals. And old folks are the problem in FL when it comes to votes like this, as you so aptly pointed out.

    Add in the fact that many unions members, like cops and prison guards, especially in a state on the front lines of the drug war like FL, depend on the revenue from the drug war for their livelihoods.

    Here, this is kind of dated now, but you can see that only 32% of the silent Generation (born from 25-45) supported legalization in 2013. And only half of boomers. So, obviously, some of those folks are liberal, and in FL, especially, a bigger percentage of liberals are old.


    I do find it interesting, though, that you admit that the liberal political philosophy is the one that should be more accepting of medicinal weed than the conservative one.

  34. Sadly, I think you’re right. A man named Robert Platshorn had been on a “Silver Tour” of Florida for years, educating seniors about the advantages of medical cannabis across the state. Unfortunately, if a certain article I read is to be believed, he was significantly underutilized by the Amendment 2 campaign, along with other prominent Florida advocates, such as Cathie Jordan. I believe that’s why the exit polling for Amendment 2 had 62% of Seniors voting No.

    I still can’t wrap my head around why 20% of self-identified Liberals voted No, however. Voting No on medical cannabis doesn’t sound very Liberal at all. What’s worse is that, if just a fraction (less than a third) of the self-identified Liberals who voted No had gone the other way, 2 would have passed. I understand old people and self-identified Conservatives voting No, but the Liberals? Really?

  35. I would like to know what are the debilitating conditions listed?cannabis is good for many many medical uses if it restricts any sort of medical use I’m voting against it. Why aren’t they trying to just legalize marijuana? Why take baby steps?the government could tax and regulate it keeping it out of the hands of children reducing crime instantly reducing incarceration rates instantly and taking money out of the hands of cartels and gangs.

  36. It will pass in 2016, especially with the revisions and the one group of voters – those over 65 – will have less say and the groups that are in favor will have more voters …..

    It will probably pass with a 67-68 percent majority, I suspect ……

    And we still have the possibility of a Federal rescheduling before 2016, never know!

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