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Medical Marijuana Legalization Approved By New York Committee


New York Marijuana medical assembly bill 6357Earlier this week New York State’s Assembly Codes Committee, by a vote of 16 to 6, approved Assembly Bill 6357 which would legalize the use, possession and purchase of medical cannabis by qualified patients. The measure passed its initial committee, the Assembly Health Committee, by a 21-4 vote last month.

The legislation, which has an impressive list of over 60 cosponsors, now moves to the Assembly Ways and Means Committee, where its passage would put it up for consideration by the full Assembly. If it passes, which it’s expected to do, it’ll go to the Senate – according to the bill’s sponsor, there’s enough support in the Senate to get it passed. The governor isn’t in support, but has an “open mind“.

Under the proposal, patients and their caregivers would be legally authorized, if they get an authorization from a physician, to possess up to 2.5 ounces of medical cannabis. Patients would obtain their medicine through state-licensed dispensaries.

This legislation would make New York the 20th state to legalize some form of medical marijuana.

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  1. legalize weed on

    I just hope its legal for people with bipolar disorder I have bipolar disorder and marijuana has helped with my bipolar significantly

  2. What then happens to all them people already serving jail time for possession of marijuana ? Do they get left go ?

  3. Should also help the people of NY more happier then too as well as calmer !

  4. nygratefulfred on

    I would love to see Medicinal Marijuana legalized in NY.
    I am 60 now and hope to see this in my lifetime—-

  5. Chedda-cuz-I-ch33ze on

    Pretty much NY is strict as hell on Marijuana, it’s like monkey see monkey do. If a state such as us is willing to legalize MMJ, then the less strict states may follow because someone so against it changed their minds. ya know?

  6. Tony Aroma on

    Would NY be the tipping point? If NY gets mmj, will that mean more than half the population of the US has safe access? If not, it should put us pretty close.

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