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Medical Marijuana Legislation Moves Forward In Pennsylvania


marijuana medical medicine pennsylvaniaPennsylvania will again consider making medical marijuana legal. The Governor Raymond P. Shafer Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act, or House Bill 1181, was introduced Monday at the State House, and it has since been assigned to the House Health Committee for consideration.

The bill would allow anyone with a debilitating condition such as HIV/AIDS or cancer to use medical marijuana provided they obtain a written recommendation from a doctor with whom they have a “bona-fide doctor-patient relationship.”

The bill also addresses the Department of Health’s role in patient registry and the issuing of identification cards to medical marijuana patients and their primary caregivers.

There is already a Senate companion bill to this (SB 770). If you are a resident of Pennsylvania, please contact your lawmakers and ask them to support medical marijuana legislation.

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  1. Bill Carpenter on

    I totally agree. As a chronic pain patient (spinal cord injury, arthritis, and a few others), there are days when I can barely make it out of bed, Docs solution? A perc every few hours along with methadone (as a long acting pain relief method). Been that way for 5 years now, and most likely it will be there for eternity. I shudder to think what my liver and kidneys look like after all these years of acetaminophen usage…probably doing more damage then good, yet the gov feels I shouldn’t be allowed to consume one of natures crops…one that has shown much less damage, almost the same amount of pain relief, but because Corbett thinks it will turn out like the movie Reefer Madness, my life expectancy gets shorter, and quality of life continues to decrease.

  2. Its about time Pa.! This is the third consecutive year that medical marijuana bills have been introduced in Pa. In 2011 & 2012 they never made it out of comittee for a vote. Hopefully this year will be different but Govenor Corbett has stated in the past that if they made it to his desk he would not sign them. Hopefully he will reconsider this year. If not it could cost him his political career.

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