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Medical Marijuana Now Available In Czech Pharmacies


Czech medical marijuana pharmaciesOn Tuesday, in pharmacies across the Czech Republic, medical marijuana was made available to patients suffering from cancer, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, or psoriasis. Marijuana is available by prescription only, and must be imported from the Netherlands or Israel since a cultivation program is not yet included in the law.

The Czech Senate overwhelmingly voted in favor of a medical marijuana bill earlier this year, and President Vaclav Klaus signed the bill into law on February 15.

The law does not mandate that medical marijuana be covered by health insurance nor does it allow for home cultivation by patients. Regardless, the country has some of the most lenient marijuana laws in Europe. Possession of five or less plants is merely a misdemeanor, and fines for possession of 15 grams or less are on par with parking citations.

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  1. More importantly, not only 15 grams are semi-legal (nobody really gets a ticket anyhow), but also growing 5 plantshas been legalized back in 2009. So most people who could benefit from the medical marijuana bill are already growing their own legally.

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