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Medical Marijuana Patients Face Another Attempt To Take Away Child


dea kids children medical marijuanaWhen Child Protective Services removed Baby Bree from her mother’s arms in 2013 due to prejudice against medical marijuana patients, it made national news. Now a pair of Personal Protection Orders threatens to deny Maria Green access to her child from a previous marriage- and the perceived threat again surrounds the medically-recommended and state approved use of medicinal marijuana.

The Petitioner claims that Maria and her current husband Steve are “ringleaders of a small separatist group within the Michigan Medical Marijuana Community,” apparently because of their involvement with the national marijuana rights organization The Human Solution. Also cited: asking for court support from the community has resulted in “threats” and the Petitioner is intimidated.

The Greens successfully fought off an attempt to deny them custody of their child Brielle Green, known internationally as Baby Bree, by Child Protective Services. Many people were unaware that while that case was being fought there was another custody battle being waged over the parenting rights surrounding a seven-year old boy, Maria’s son from a previous marriage with Ronnie Ferguson of Davison.

Ferguson is the Petitioner; the parents are still engaged in that custody battle, which is being waged in Judge Beebe’s courtroom in the same building where the Green’s latest hearing will be heard.

The PPO filing has temporarily prevented Maria from exercising her visitation rights. Ferguson filed Motions for Ex Parte PPOs against both adult Greens on Feb. 12, 2014; 4th District Judge Thomas Wilson denied the request on the 13th. On the 17th Ferguson filed two new petitions and that filing resulted in a pair of court hearings in Jackson on Thursday, February 27.

To justify the PPOs, Ferguson filed on the 12th a detailed listing of what he considers reasons for the Greens to be restrained from being in his presence. Ferguson said those observers attending previous hearings insulted him. He claims Steve and Maria “believe themselves to be the spokespersons for the medical marijuana community at large,” and that the couple is “delusional.” In social media postings Ferguson admits to Steve, “I know you’re a good Dad, and I respect You for that.”

The public is encouraged to attend the hearing for Steve. The Green family discourages any contact between members of the medical marijuana community and Ferguson or his representatives, especially near the Courthouse.

Judicial Hearing: Judge Beebe’s court, 312 S. Jackson Street, Jackson 10:30 am

PPO Hearing: Judge Wilson’s Court, 4th Floor, 312 S. Jackson Street, Jackson 2pm

Source: TheCompassionChronicles.Com


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  1. No prob you’re welcome…have fun! Food donation @ door lets you in for $5. Spread the joy :)

  2. We’ve got our share of WACKOS, trust me. But some of the stuff was really unfairly covered by the media. I quit working for a party when they really started going WACKO. I registered as a Libertarian about 4 yrs ago. When our legislature was more concerned about Transgendered people using Public Restrooms than they were about the 2000-3000 Child Abuse complaints that went uninvestigated by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. This resulted in the deaths of at least 3 children. So we’ve got our share of WACKOS but I wouldn’t say it’s worse than anywhere else. We just get a lot of attention whenever we do anything.

  3. You thought,, I mean you had to really think about it, just kidding
    Florida is so screwed up that the head of the screw is stripped and it cant be removed.

  4. AZ is a big mess on ALL frontiers to FREEDOM eh Jet? bunch of Racist Hypocrites and Bureaucraps. Ridiculousness rules

  5. CPS in Arizona was ABOLISHED by the Governor about 45 days ago. That department was a TRAVESTY and too many children were DYING in Foster homes because CPS wouldn’t even investigate a claim for several months. By that time the child was already dead. Our wonderful Sheriff Joe Arpaios office had over 3000 claims that they NEVER even investigated. They shoved them aside and at least 2 of those children showed up dead because of it. She’s instituting a new department with NEW people in charge of the agency.

  6. Here in New Mexico, that doesn’t seem to be the case. There have been some recent cases where it appears that CPS has no power whatsoever. Underfunded, understaffed, high turn-over — CPS is really a mess everywhere.

    I know I wouldn’t be able to do that job. But, it appears that there are not many people who can. Very sad.

  7. …and now, almost 1 year after our return we still deal with issues from the emotional trauma they put my baby through. But, after we won our battle, we have never had to deal with them again.

  8. I had my almost 2 year old daughter kidnapped from me by cps and bounced around from house to house for the next 2 years of her life (she was removed 10 days before her 2nd birthday and returned 1 month after her 4th birthday!) over a medical marijuana issue in Oregon. We fought for 2 years for our daughter back, even “random” UAs 2 or sometimes 3 times a week, all the while our rights were completely ignored. Finally after them having to fire 2 cps caseworkers, and running out of “hoops” for us to jump through, they had no choice but to return her, they fought to keep her, because every child in foster care and adopted out by them is more money (government funding) in their fancy little pockets!

  9. Robert Dewayne King on

    CPS in all states seem to feel that they are “Above the law” when it comes to their actions concerning childern and their families !

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