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Medical Marijuana Patients File Lawsuit Against Colorado


Colorado MarijuanaThis week has been an interesting one in Colorado to say the least. Yesterday it was announced that the states of Nebraska and Oklahoma are suing the State of Colorado because they don’t like Colorado’s marijuana legalization law. Earlier this week it announced that Colorado approved 8 million dollars worth of marijuana research grants. The announcement of the grants seemed like good news to most people, however, it isn’t sitting well with some Colorado medical marijuana patients. Per The Denver Channel:

Medical marijuana patients are suing the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment over patient fees.

The Patient and Caregiver Rights Litigation Project says the health department wants to illegally use registry application fees to fund new research on medical marijuana.

The details of the patient registry fees are not known at this time other than there is a lawsuit. How it will affect the recently approved grants, if at all, is yet to be seen. With a lawsuit pending from Nebraska and Oklahoma, in addition to the pending lawsuit over patient registry fees, all eyes will be on Colorado to see how these cases play out. It’s a situation worth monitoring for sure.


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  1. Does anyone realize in Colorado the patient is the one screwed over? Our Medical Cannabis was just taken to fill the rec void needed. Ask yourself who tracks the seed to sale? The rfid tags on every plant? Who arrests anyone who is illegal? Well right from the MED they DO NOT ARREST OR CHARGE. They ONLY pass there information on to local law. Now that federal funds to arrest were just banned via US congress/senate vote good luck even getting any more arrests. The fact (I have proof) agents go to normal homes, find extract labs less than 1000 feet from a school, and never charge is a jaw dropper. I know even 9 news in denver caught companies using dirty, moldy wash machines, lab tests show less than half the actual medicine in edibles, etc… The whole 2012-13 year there were not even half a dozen agents to regulate. YET the staff to take cash for fees and all was fully if not over staffed. PLUS to be in the industry you need to have even your college loans paid and no debt. So unless your a 1%’er good luck. No bank gives loans for marijuana, and the state limits how many plants a person can grow even if we have a doctor sign a waiver we need more if we make extracts for edibles. The state will not hire knowledged persons unless they have some law, police, etc background. The state even tells us we can’t have edibles over 100mg… well because of that we told colorado to stick it. When I get sinus pills over the counter I go anywhere. HOWEVER when we all need stronger like sudafed we are told go to the pharmacy…. So why should stronger meds with a medical card be another way? Why does the state say for medical what my limits are when a doctor said otherwise? Simple answer = As long as regulations and fees for it all keep coming in with the pot taxes the state turns a blind eye. When patients cant even get delivery and bedbound people need great waivers yet if not bedbound they expect you to crawl to a dispensary… The state is a joke with people who run things looking the other way because 99% of us don’t have time, money, or lawyers to fight the state. We just assumed we all did not have to when its in Colorado’s constitution and in reality patients lost for the all mighty dollar.

  2. Thanks for the information. As long as medical patients have safe access (close to public trans. etc., chairs for disabled folks etc.) I’m in full agreement, although I strongly believe in the importance of Seattle’s keeping it’s distinctive medical dispensary system intact. There should be a system separate from rec. retailers in my opinion anyway. The term ‘Grey Area” is often used when discussing Seattle’s medical dispensaries. However, Seattle’s dispensaries, even being unregulated are legally in no more of a grey area than the legalization laws approved by four states and D.C. Happy Holidays!

  3. Danny "Goonman" Hassenfaus on

    Nice to see my comment risen from the censorship grave. I celebrate this decision by christening a bong to the 1st amendment and Johnny Green’s hindsight.

  4. Commas and periods and appropriate capitalization are your friends.. I couldn’t make sense of just what you were trying to convey.
    As long as pro cannabis posters continue to misuse the simple constructs of the language the point is lost. It also gives prohibitionists more ammunition in their argument that “potheads” are lazy ignorant wastrels not worth accepting.

  5. David,

    In the Denver area, there are 21+ stores that only sell “recreational” cannabis, Medical Marijuana stores that only sell to those who possess a “red card” (they are actually purple now) and stores that have separate areas for both. I prefer the medical-only stores, both for their environment and the much-lower taxes, but a lot of folks are buying retail. Personally, I think a portion of the taxes the state, counties and cities are collecting on recreational weed should be used to fund much-neglected research, in addition to funds from MMJ applications. We all know it has lots of benefits, but irrefutable research will eventually shut folks like Patrick Kennedy up for good. Happy holidays to you!


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  7. The fee’s are seen by many in the medical marijuana community as being emblematic of Colorado’s decision to force medical patients into what were once stand alone medical marijuana dispensaries. Now having no alternative but to purchase their medicine in heavily commercialized, often crowded recreational stores. All of this happened quickly with little to no input from the actual medical patient’s themselves. I believe Colorado made a mistake when it took this one size fits all approach in dispensing cannabis to it’s medical patients, with the result explained in the article above. Many extremely ill medical patients resent having to wait with party-goer’s and retailer’s, most of whom have limited to no medical knowledge as compared to what these patients had available to them prior to the Nov 2012 election. Thankfully, Seattle”s
    stand alone medical dispensaries still do exist. In fact they are mutually excluded from having any interaction with the state run 502 rec. stores. Washington’s medical dispensaries, which remain unregulated (by WA. state) have become easy target’s and whipping boy’s for mistakes made by the 502 rec. stores The 502’s make erroneous claims that they are somehow unable to compete with dispensaries (untrue). that the medical dispensary products, not tested in state sanctioned lab’s, are somehow inferior to what the 502’s offer (untrue, plus, the med’ D’s offer many more products)). They blame everything but the current Flu season on the medical dispensaries. The truth is that most rec.502’s suffer from self inflicted wounds and incompetent bumbling. However, medical patients (myself included) know the difference. We know that Seattle’s medical marijuana dispensaries have true, proven value and benefits to offer medical patients. The Washington State legislature needs to look beyond it’s state’s tax coffer’s when it comes to people’s health and illness. It’s really not so complicated unless they choose to make it so. A little more foresight and a little less greed can go a long way. Happy Holiday’s.

  8. Why should a 68 year old lady confined to a wheelchair (or her care-giver) be forced to purchase medicine from non-medical, recreational facilities? This either/or approach is what’s lies at the heart of the problem. lt didn’t have to be this way.

  9. Absolutely correct. The medical chickens have come home to roost. Those who believed medical marijuana’s existence to be a farce, an excuse to implement full recreational legalization, apparently never sat down and talked to the patients.

  10. I’ll answer your query. From what I can determine, this is a privately owned and operated business. You’re only allowed in at their pleasure, not the other way around amigo. Happy Holidays.

  11. Colorado’s medical dispensary patients were thrown to the curb in 2012. This is why Washington’s medical marijuana community isn’t going quietly away. If the state legislature decides to “fold” Washington’s existing medical dispensaries into the 502 rec. store system, ( regulated or not), or worse, tries to eliminate them altogether, I can see the same happening here.

  12. I should clarify that lodos is not 24 hour, I do not remember where he said it was located, but it seems he said it was not too far away from downtown Denver..

  13. Good grief. We pay a nominal fee to the state annually, certainly only a tiny fraction of our “medication” budget, to the state of Colorado. In return, we have (mostly) easy, legal access to superb cannabis that is minimally taxed, yet these folks are whining about a portion of those fees being used for medical cannabis research, which is long overdue, thanks to the feds making research difficult or impossible. I, for one, am more than happy to pay a few extra bucks annually to fund important research on this plant. Maybe these people would like to try being an MMJ patient in Texas?

  14. One reason to pay a fee is to get a large discount at the cannabis stores, hash is expensive, with a discount, it would be almost affordable, i think you are right on the excessive taxation though, but lets face it, it is a start, and it is better than prohibition and incarceration, be glad you do not live in Bloomington indiana where there are no stores, just pill mills and dun dens, oh and last time i talked with folks at lodo meds on wazee in Denver, they told me there is a 24 hour store there, that it just opened around 4 months ago…

  15. I’ve always felt the “patient fees” in Colorado
    were a scam anyways. Why do I need permission from the nanny state to medicate
    myself with a plant if I so choose? Excessive taxation has always been used as
    a weapon by prohibitionists dating back to King George and now the obscene
    beermeister Hickenlooper regime. As well as creating cannabis blue laws–not
    allowing stores to remain open for reasonable lengths of time (how about a
    twenty-four hour cannabis store, for starters!) I had more to say on this subject
    but have been officially censored by the coward who runs this site, or was
    vaporized by the North Koreans.

    (Addenda: A note not receiving a “your comment
    has been blocked, please click this link” message. Johnny Green, the ostensible
    human rights activist who runs this site has suppressed my comments for, uh, what exactly? I would love to know. Why not publically tell the world why. Censoring someone’s First Amendment rights, especially on a subject such as discussed on this blog is
    a bona fide outrage. “Johnny Green”, has suppressed my ideas. Gonna be hard to
    look yourself in a mirror from now on. You’ve taken that first step–the
    cognitive dissidence is gonna be a bitch… System error: “your mind has been
    blocked by your own hypocrisy, please click on this link because we’re too
    small minded and cowardly to handle the freedom of speech of someone else.”
    Seriously, I’ve gotta scratch my head on this one, Green or should I say Grinch)

  16. Danny "Goonman" Hassenfaus on

    I think the whole “patient fees” thing has largely been a scam from the get go anyway. Forget the question as to why I should need permission from a doctor to use whatever medicine I want to use as long as I’m not harming anyone else. The whole “cannabis as plutonium” model is ridiculous and it’s shameful that people went along with it to begin with. There should be far fewer regulations on it’s use.( For example, why can’t buy cannabis after 8 pm in Denver?? Are you really going to tell me there is a social danger is being averted by creating blue laws like this? And why can’t I say “bong” in a head shop?? Is that like shouting fire in a crowded movie theatre? Magic words. Taboo words.)
    Excessive taxation is an act of sabotage,and that’s exactly what has happened in Colorado. The prohibs wanted this and knew what they were doing it was used as an economic weapon. Hold a seance and ask the American colonials. The original Boston Tea Party was over such unjust and obnoxious taxation by King George.

  17. We went over this in an earlier article. If you did not know this lawsuit was coming, you weren’t keeping up on the current events regarding legal marijuana, medicinal or otherwise.

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