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Medical Marijuana Petition Unopposed At Florida Supreme Court


Florida medical marijuanaI received the following message from the Florida medical marijuana campaign:

Our opponents have decided NOT to contest United for Care’s 2016 petition at the Florida Supreme Court.  As you may recall, United for Care won approval of the 2014 petition despite strong opposition by Attorney General Bondi’s office, as well as the Florida Medical Association, Chamber of Commerce, Florida Sheriffs Association and others.

NONE of these groups filed opposition this time!

While this could mean a speedier approval by the Supreme Court, it is at least a tacit acknowledgment by Attorney General Bondi that this petition is likely to satisfy the Court.

The 2016 petition was changed (from the 2014 version) to clarify some points, particularly as it relates to parental consent and the process in which people can become caregivers.  It also makes explicitly clear what the Supreme Court found was implied in the 2014 version: that medical marijuana could only be recommended to people with serious, debilitating conditions.

Though the court will still need to approve the petition, it appears the most significant obstacle to getting on the ballot will be obtaining enough validated petitions.  To that end, we need each of you to go here, fill out the form, download and sign the petition, and mail it in.  

Please also encourage your friends and family to do the same, by forwarding this email and sharing the petition link (http://www.unitedforcare.org/petition) on Facebook and Twitter.


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  1. Arizona has a working program and our average temperature year round is 72°! It don’t get no better than that! ?

  2. I hear u on that legalization thing!! But I don’t do cold to well!!! And thanks for the good vibes :)

  3. Good luck my friend! But you should move to a State, even temporarily if necessary, that already has a working program! Don’t wait on legislation to change!

  4. AZ’s gonna pass recreational in 2016. We’ve already got medical! The weather’s better here anyway! ?

  5. I am optimistic that the bill will be past and medical marijuana will become law of the land in Florida. Having said that I will not hold my breath that in 2016 I will be able to light up and relieve my pain. Knowing the politicians and the way things get done, look at the Charlotte’s Web Bill, it will be work as usual and it will be another two more years before anything is done. The only good thing the politicians like is the money generated in taxes. The bad thing is the money they will lose from the pharmaceutical personal bonuses. The police don’t like for the simple reason that there will be less people to throw in jail so less money, less jobs. Like I said “I am an optimist” but moving to Colorado is more in the future every day.

  6. I love reading updates like this! As a young #Cancer patient here in Fl I am really looking forward to this. It’s sad how alot of people judge or come to conclusions about something that can be so helpful. Specially for someone like me. I crossed the ocean just to come here to Fl from PR to get better medical treatment and have opciones due to the rareness of my #Cancer. Legalization of #Cannabis here would make not only my life a lot less painful but the lives of many others!!

  7. Thank you sarijuana, We believe we are in the dark ages, and a new dawn is upon us. Florida will tip the east coast. Two to three crops per year.
    North fl is dry and cool in winter months
    Water is over a abundant. We should lead the world in solar, green bio energy.

    We love your web site

  8. I have a real soft spot for Florida and your medical cannabis legislation, and I wish you the best!

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