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Medical Marijuana Protest Scheduled In Sacramento Nov 9th


protestorsCalifornia medical cannabis patients are rallying in Sacramento on Nov. 9 against the recent attack on the medical marijuana community.

The protest website states that “federal efforts to shut down licensed dispensaries in California is a full-frontal attack by the Obama Administration.” Organizers at Americans For Safe Access are urging patients to take a stand at this peaceful protest saying, “cutting of safe access for patients pushes those patients into an illicit market to obtain their medicine.”

Organizers also urge patients to flood the White House hotline to “tell Obama to stop wasting federal enforcement resources on medical marijuana” and to “make sure that marijuana is the number one thing the President hears about.”

Several Sacramento area advocates have stepped up to offer support for patients coming in from out of the area. Offers of RV parking, camping areas, spare rooms, floor space for sleeping and cooked meals can be arranged to assist YOU in being a part of this peaceful protest event. To connect with this assitance or offer help for traveling patients, please contact Courtney@SafeAccessNow.org.

What: Rally to Protect Patient Rights – Peaceful Protest In Sacramento

When/Where: Nov. 9, 12pm-11:30pm at U.S. Attorneys Office, 501 I St., Sacramento.

Info: Go to www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=123815351058353&ref=ts.


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  1. Thank you! Your story brought a tear to my eye. It’s good to know people like you are still out there actually caring about your fellow humans and striving to do “the right thing.” I’ve never met you, but I love you. Thanks again for all that you do.

  2. As the owner of the nation’s longest standing, licensed dispensary, since 1997, I have been:

    1) attacked by Federal civil lawsuits since 1998 (10 years & 43 hearings defending our Permit)
    2) the IRS removed all our business tax deductions on March 1st, after 15 years of filing,
    3) threatened my landlord on Sept 29th with prosecution unless he evicts us
    4) threatened my landlord’s bank on Oct 4th with prosecution unless they evict us
    5) threatened to pull the federal charter of our bank branch so I lost all 9 of our accounts, this week.

    After 15 years of perfect compliance with all State and local laws, being licensed, strictly regulated, zoned for medical cannabis,and audited several times, we are the perfect test case for standing up for State’s Rights and the Constitution. The Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana has the support of the community, all our local political bodies, the State and a huge team of lawyers. We are fighting back! There will be something released to the public very soon.

    In the meantime, we are surviving! More info is at at http://www.cbcmarin.com

    We are STILL SERVING OUR COLLECTIVE MEMBERS no matter what. For 15 years, we have stabilized an entire population of patients, many of whom were supposed to have died 10+ years ago.

    This is the only family I have, and I will never desert them.

    If they lock me up, then the Club will continue without me.
    It is a matter of medical truth, our lives and our deaths.
    Since the stakes for us are the highest, we will win.


    Lynnette Mont-eton Shaw

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